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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    our hearts were ringing; lethy, diplomats
    "Please thank Aten for watching the little ones," Lilliana says appreciatively.

    This is her first diplomatic visit without Wolfbane or Lepis and she finds herself grateful that Lethy agreed to accompany her. A solo visit isn't something she finds herself ready for yet. The pair have traveled through Taiga's redwoods, crossed the river into Hyaline and then trekked past her mountainous landscape. They had continued on until the trail that Lepis had instructed her to take turned north and they skirted alongside Pangea, the sandstone kingdom looming in the background with its mountains and deep crevices. Her head turns slightly away from Lethy, studying these unknown parts of Beqanna and trying to imagine what it might have all looked before the Reckoning. 

    Realizing how her nerves have made her quiet, Lilliana turns her attention back to her traveling companion and smiles warmly to Lethy. "How are Owin and Popinjay? And your youngest?" she asks. Popinjay was a hard one to miss in Taiga. She was often running around with Celina, the two made quite an audacious pair. Lilli loved the way that Taiga echoed with the laughter and antics of foals about. It seemed to wake the redwoods out of its eerie lull. The arrival of Lethy's youngest had been a warm welcome when she realized that it had made stoic Aten a father. It suited him, she thought, as much as motherhood suited Lethy. 

    They continue to follow the trail further north and away from the mountains on the western shore. Rolling, grassy hills sprawl before them and Lilliana finds herself relishing the way that Beqanna was vast and varied in her realms. While Taiga might be able to boast a coastline, it was nothing compared to Silver Cove. And where the ancient forest had its impressive trees, this land had its illuminating shore, the place where the moon was said to dance on the waves. She doesn't know much more about Silver Cove beyond that and she hopes to rectify it along with this diplomatic visit to help spread the word about Taiga and her leaders. 

    When they come to the border, Lilliana slows and stops, careful to be mindful of etiquette and protocol. You can do this, she tells herself. We can do this. Her nostrils flare slightly as she lifts her head to survey the grassy knolls before them and with an encouraging smile to Lethy, Lilliana announces their presence.
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    It had been a breath of fresh air when Lilliana had approached her and asked her to join her on her diplomatic visit to Silver Cove. She had smiled softly, her edges rendered by motherhood in the passing years. With out a moments hesitation she had accepted her offer to join her and had found Aten and Turul to watch the children, thought Popinjay and Owin did not need much watching these days. They had grown in a blink of an eyes, growing into young, independent adolescents. Kalil had been ecstatic to find out he would be spending some quality time with his father. The pair were nearly inseparable anyways. Lethy had kissed each of her children before leaving and gave Aten a promising kiss as well as she and Lilli left Taiga's borders.

    She enjoyed the comfortable silence between the two friends as they ventured through Beqanna's varied lands. Small talk falling in and out about each land, many of which Lethy had not been to yet. A pep entered her step as they got closer to the silver cove, I most definately will. Though, Popinjay and Owin think they're old enough now that they don't need a babysitter. she chuckled as she rolled her eyes, and Kalil was excited for it to just be him and dad for a change. I mean what am I chopped liver? she sucked in a breath as Silver Cove came into view, large open, green, lush hills with the sparkling water line in the distance. It's beautiful. she said in hushed tones her smile passing it Lilliana's direction just shortly before she announced their arrival. This was going to be a lovely visit.
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