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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    Always here; Adria

    He had given her space and thought about her every day while doing so, he couldn't stay away any longer. Like he was sure the tide called her, she called him to her whether she wanted him there or not. 

    He crosses at low tide once again pulled his dripping, black body onto the shores edge his hind hooves remaining in the sunken sand. The cool water lapped at his hind legs as he waited. His voices called out across the vast jungle island. His dark eyes and heavy horned head scanned the jungles tree line. 

    His heart skipped quickly at the anticipation of seeing her while his eyes held soft sadness for the decisions he had heard rumored through out Tephra.  He knew Adria had big plans for her land and that was part of the reason she resisted him more often then not. He needed to talk to her, listen to her, and be there for her. He would stand by her no matter the outcome, this he knew.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Adria sorry for the crappy starter, or if ur not in the mood to thread but Jakub needed to see her.
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