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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    All for One [Caelestra & Camomila]
    The black kept a low profile the days immediately following his tangle with Sabrina. Caelestra had so generously made the trek and, healed the break. He did not wish to undo all of the energy and effort she put in.

    Jesper assumes his canine form to sleep in during the winter stretch. The combination of his dense pelt and small enough size to fit in his den, offer the best sleep: warm and cozy. His sleepy eyelids open to allow aquamarine gaze to adjust to the daylight stretching into his cave. He reminds himself that he needs to expand his home so that Cam and their first child may move in. With her growing belly, he can sense the pressure becoming more urgent.

    He lifts his head to look around though, nothing seems to be out of place so, he takes his time getting on all fours. He first stretches his mandible with a yawn. Next he stretches his back by reaching his front paws out in front of him and, half-laying down on them. He exhales a sigh as the stiffness eases before he stands upright again. Every part of his body feels whole and solid. His afforementioned right front leg holds no residual tension, stiffness or, soreness. The silvery canine makes his way to the mouth of his cavern and, juts his nose into the blistering wind. Jesper stands a moment or two as he filters through the happenings on the Isle.

    No new scents reach him and, no calls of distress are heard. Jesper decides that, since nothing pressing needs his attention, he can check in with Caelestra. Now clear of the ceiling in his cave, he shifts from his fox form to his equine form. His black pelt appears plush like velvet and, reflects the weak sun with a healthy sheen. Directing his focus to finding the bear-shifter, Jesper soon determines which direction her perfume comes from. Muscular haunches propel him into an easy jog as he sets out to find her.

    The black male hopes that Cam will make an appearance. He knows how much the mint mare is excited for the life that spring brings to the Isle. It would he nice to have more friends living here and, more foals at play. He finds Caelestra easy enough as her fragrance is so recently ingrained in his memory. Aquamarine gaze meets hers and, Jesper offers a warm smile. After coming to a halt, the black steed offers a verbal greeting. "Hello, Lady Caelestra. I hope the Isle is beginning to feel like home. How are you settling in?"

    Caelestra Camomila

    Cael had left the frozen isle for a few weeks or two to give birth to her twins, one of them being a rather large and not very horse-like creature, resembling more features of distant elephants than that of a normal horse, she had thought that at some point she would return to her birthing place in the forest and bring her children back to the frozen island, especially Intoxication, who struggled in warmer climates.

    The mare wanders around in her horse form, her black coat coated in a light layer of snow as halts, a familiar scent joining the array of different smells that are scattered along the frozen island, she quickly identifies the scent as Jesper, her eyes surveying the landscape as she awaits his arrival.
    After a minute or two, she spots his figure moving her away and out of the mist-like snow that rises into the air along with the strong breeze.

    She greets the friendly stallion with a light bow, a smile expressed on her face as he speaks, ears perked as she listens "It's lovely to see you again Jesper. I am doing just fine, I gave birth to twins not too long ago and one of them should join us in a month or two" she says eagerly, "I hope you are well Jesper, how is your leg doing?" she asks inquisitively, hoping that she had done enough to heal Jesper out of his predicament.

      Jesper Sorry to keep you waiting this long
    [Image: YDKFjJC]
    Jesper's aquamarine gaze remains soft and he matches her smile with a gentle curve to hip labrums. Bronze-tipped acoustics heed her words closely. A bob of his poll indicates that he understands her decision to give birth on the mainland, in a less harsh climate. As she redirects the conversation to their last meeting, Jesper lowers his gaze to the straight lines of his right fore. He offers a bigger smile as he confirms that it is as good as new. The black stallion then stretches it out for her to see with her own eyes.

    After a moment, draws his limb back under his chest. Jesper musters his vocal chords to offer his reply to the female bear-shifter. "A large Congratulations is in order then! By all means, your kin are welcome here. I look forward to meeting him or, her." He knew Camomila would be excited to have a fellow mother to mingle with and, additional children to introduce to Jesla.

    Jesper takes a breath and levels his tone before continuing. "Thank you for all that you did that night. I cannot thank you enough, Caelestra. Your gift of healing saved my life. I honestly do not know how to adequately repay you but, if you think of something, let me know. I do have a proposal for you, though. I am basing this proposition on the loyalty you have demonstrated and, the trust you have genuinely earned." He pauses until his blue gaze is level with hers.

    "Caelestra, I invite you to be a member of the Council on Icicle Isle. It serves as a voice for the rest of the pack to ensure residents of the territory agree with decisions being made. In addition, the Council serves to check and balance my decisions. I would be honored if you would add your name to the roster. What do you say?"

    Camomila, join us at any time!

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