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    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    [private]  Rae;

    A winter storm is not always a blizzard. Sometimes they do not drop heavy snow or drift it up in to dangerous and deep traps. They can be wind that blows hard and cold and turns everything smooth and sharp. Or driving white-outs where the snow seems to fall up. This one has no snow at all, but a wind that feels like a knife blade at all one’s joints and rain that is almost ice. That rain freezes on everything it touches and in the forest tree branches heavy with ice and freezing too fast are breaking. Limbs snap and fall, trunks split with a gunshot crack.

    Head bowed and ears laced flat he moves with as much speed as the wind and cold will permit. He'd meant to escape the forest before the storm worsened but there is no chance of that now and its only just begun. Though he makes his home in Hyaline the climb will be impossible in this and so the stallion is forced to seek the best possible nearby shelter. There is a moment where that looks like it might be beneath the trunk of a too narrow fallen tree propped up by its grudging neighbor. A miserable excuse for protection that might fall on him more easily than keep the freezing rain from his skin.

    The wind pauses just long enough for him to blink burning and dry green eyes and make out a rocky darkness a short way forward. It appears far better an option that a pair of trees and so he drags himself forward through the ice hardened snow that scrapes at his limbs. Aldric flounders some, up to his chest in an old drift before his necks anxious step strikes stone. Stumbling up over buried rock and stone he finds that the supposed shelter is little more than a rock overhang. It serves to cut the wind and keep all but the most awry raindrops away if he tucks himself in tightly an turns his face toward the cold stone. It's a shallow overhang and not ideal but the wind howls through the trees and the rain is coating everything in an savage later of ice. 



    my soul is in the sky

    She was not meant to keep her feet on the ground. Technically she tried, but she’s not sure she could call that trying really. Leliana has invited her and Rae has followed, willing to follow the mare more than she was actually looking for a piece of land to fall in love with. Companionship and camaraderie where the things that drew her to the earth, but not the land itself. Never the land itself.

    The appeal of a place only made sense to her if that place was the sky. With Leliana no longer on the throne, Rae finds herself wandering again, skybound even on a nasty day like today. The weather tests her powers. Weather manipulation is one of her weaker skills, a thing she can do but it requires concentration. It is not like calling the wind, which comes without thought, as easily as breathing. Mostly she stays above the storm clouds, heating the air around her but otherwise relatively out of harm's way. Occasionally though she drops beneath the clouds just to orient herself, to make sure she doesn’t travel so far she leaves Beqanna all together. Not that she hasn’t done it before, but she’s not in the mood to leave now either.

    It is during one of her quick drops beneath the clouds that she thinks she spots a horse on the ground. In this weather and inside the forest, she finds that concerning. Maybe she was wrong. After all, it was hard to see at all today and harder still to see through the trees. There are few birds around in the winter, but a couple are hunkered inside rotted out trees, waiting for the storm to pass. She calls them, asking if there’s a horse there. They send images back, a stallion braced against the storm under an outcropping of rock.

    Well then. Rae lands, a tricky thing in this weather in the middle of a forest. She can only do it through the use of her power, manipulating the wind currents around her. Her wings are tucked to her side to feet through the trees, and controlling such a strong wind is near impossible. She grazes more than one branch, cursing the damn dirt below, as she scratches and bruises her skin.

    Finally she lands near the rock. The air around her is relatively still - not perfectly so, but she can keep the worst of the wind and rain and ice at bay. It is exhausting, but she finds it impossible to leave the other equine to his fate. She can’t quite fit into the alcove with him, but she comes as close as she can, extending the protection her power can offer to him as well.

    Around them, everything is slightly quiet, despite the storm that rages. “Nice day for a stroll,” she says, a little grin on her face, unable to help herself. “Are you okay out here?”



    Aldric sorry, that took me entirely too long

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