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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [private]  Just Another Day In Paradise (Diplomatic Visit)
    This was Carwyn's time to prove that she was useful to the dame of Ischia. She was on a trip to the Silver Cove for a diplomatic visit. She took in the details of the land and wandered if the leader was available. She called out as she stood at the coves border. She decided to wait and see whom may come. The winged mare didn't want to get on the leaders bad side by trespassing on their land. She tucked her wings tightly to her sides as she shifted her weight uncomfortably.

    isilme and/or any other diplomatic members of the cove. Sorry its so short.
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    Isilme loved being in charge.
    More specifically, she loved being in charge of a land that didn’t matter. Isilme had always had a false sense of self-importance, only now exacerbated by her parents giving her a land to watch over. Even though that land happened to be essentially a common land that no one else lived in aside from her and the occasional wanderer. It was simultaneously a lot of responsibility for a two (now three) year old and none at all.
    The golden girl is atop one of the cliffs lining the beach (yes, literally looking down at others) as she sees a body waiting at her border. Keep up, Spot! she says to her zebra friend as she leaps from the cliff to greet the newcomer. It would take him a while to catch up.
    Though she is not the most graceful at flying (or anything, really), she manages to make it and land in front of the winged mare without embarrassing herself. She looks over the blue and white mare scrutinizingly. She smells like the ocean. Isilme can only assume she is here on a diplomatic visit.
    “Hello,” she says with a tight smile, “I’m Isilme. What can I do for you?”

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