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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [private]  the puppies are loose

    Life was rarely boring when you had three siblings all the same age as you but, still, sometimes a colt just needed to shake things up a little bit. There were rumours of a playground and, after some rather impressive begging, Tamlin was allowed to go - accompanied on the way by his mother of course, and if at least one of his siblings stayed with him while he was there.

    So he had picked Bea as his partner in crime for that day, though he wouldn’t be surprised if the others came along too. And he wouldn’t be disappointed, of course! He loved those other two dorks as well, but Bea had been closest at the time. And she had been his first word so, she owed him for how cute that story was going to be when they were old enough to care.

    The only problem, which Tamlin realized upon their arrival when he promptly dug in his hooves and didn’t move more than a few strides into the Playground, was that he didn’t know how to interact with foals that weren’t his siblings.

    Well no, that’s a lie. He knew exactly what to do. He should be as rough and affectionate with these other strange foals as he was with his own siblings, right? That’s how all foals got along?

    With a wild, excited smile Tamlin looked over at his sister. “Well, Bea, who should we say hi to first?”

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    Idk but it's a start!

    Fern bea (open invite to the other puppylocks as well if you want thorn Rosine!)
    I was a heavy heart to carry; my feet dragged across the ground
    and he took me to the river where he slowly let me drown

    The first thing that Despoina remembered hearing is “it.”

    It did not mean much until she was able to piece together that the woman standing near her was her mother and the “it” she was referring to was herself. She had just shifted into her other form—the one that felt a little smaller and somehow more normal than this larger one—and she had just blinked open her black eyes when she saw the woman lunging toward her. The fear of it had caused Despoina to shift back into the other body (why she became prey at the sight of a predator would be a question to mull over for a long time as an adult) but the shift was at least enough to cause the woman to stop, to pull back.

    The next few minutes had been a blur of events.

    The stallion had arrived, comforting her mother and then she had heard it.


    Despoina had wrinkled her nose, not liking the sound of it and feeling a weight sink into her belly. Any hope that she had felt that her mother would scoop her up and hold her close had been crushed the instant that Sochi had looked toward her with something like fear and rage and painful agony.

    And then, without any sort of celebration, she had ended up in the adoption den.

    There she had been fed and cared for but she knew she couldn’t stay with the faeries. It wasn’t a home, and she knew better than to think anyone would be coming to adopt her. Not the “it.”

    So she had left.

    She traveled as a puppy, although her version of such a thing was hardly a normal thing. Her body was covered in an unnaturally thick, dark fur and her normally black eyes glowed red. She had no idea that she was particularly frightening looking with her angled, razor teeth or that the way her senses zoomed in when she was in this form was anything outside of the ordinary. She only knew that she felt safer when she was locked in the fur and able to quickly scamper out of sight than when she had gangly horse legs.

    So that’s how she stays as she arrived at the playground, ducking behind bushes and hiding behind trees. her tail is tucked slightly between her legs and her red eyes peek out from behind a tree when the others come rushing in. She hears them asking who they should greet and quickly backs up further into the bushes, doing her best to hide herself and not knowing just how difficult it is to conceal glowing eyes.


    F E R N

    Another day, another adventure.  The little green girl has made the playground her home, having explored nearly every inch of it over the past few weeks. She knew the familiar faces and those who were new to the area.  Todays’ exploration brought her to a thicker copse of trees, and she could hear voices beyond the treeline.  As she sidled closer to the voices, she caught movement low to the ground. She cocked her head as what looked like a dog backed up a step.  Undeterred, Fern pressed forward.

    “Psssst” she whispers to the little canine girl, sidling up next to her but crouching down enough that she won’t be seen by the other foals.  Fern realized that if she’d been able to use her invisibility at this moment, it would make for much better sneaking. But much to her chagrin, it wasn’t something she knew how to control yet.

    “Do you think we should jump out and scare them or would that be mean?” Fern asks, debating if such a thing would win her new friends or scare them away.  She learned early on that not everyone shares her sense of humor, but she means well.  “Or we could just go say hi?” she added, seemingly as an afterthought. But Fern didn’t want the girl to think she was a bully.  The girl had a tendency to act first and ask questions second, but one thing she had learned is that doing so tended to hurt others’ feelings if she wasn’t careful.  That was the last thing she wanted.

    The little green and white girl thought nothing of the girl’s appearance. She’d never met a ‘normal’ puppy, or a wolf pup, or a hellhound so she couldn’t distinguish between what was normal and what was less normal. She’d seen coyotes before, but only ever from a distance since they were skittish creatures. But Fern had accepted Beqanna’s propensity for all things strange without second thought. Her mother was more content to spend her time with plants than other living creatures. Fern, on the other hand, loved it all equally. Such was evident by the girl’s appearance. Some little girls might wear flowers in their hair and keep themselves neat and tidy. Not Fern.  The little green and white girl was covered in dirt, grass stains, bits of grass, and flower petals - all remnants of her explorations in the playground.

    Needless to say, appearance wasn’t super important to Fern. So the girl wasn’t distracted by the puppy-girl’s appearance in the least - she was more focused on this quickly developing game of hide-and-seek-tag that no one but Fern knew they were playing.

    apologizes i was mostly asleep when i wrote this. 
         Thorn follows his siblings from Tephra to the playground, purple eyes bright with wonder. The world is so much larger and exciting than just Tephra, and the puppies are only just beginning to figure out its labyrinth. He finds himself stumbling over the gangly legs of a colt sure to be tall and wishes he could go back to when he was born on soft wolf paws.

         He is not sure if the two notice him - their dynamic is like that, sometimes they pack up and sometimes they pair off. Most of the time, he does not take it to heart (especially since he can tackle Tamlin whenever he feels like he isn’t getting enough attention). For right now, though, he is content to trail behind and observe the foliage as it changes. Beqanna is so strange outside of their parents’ guidance.

         It is that wonder that leads him away from Bea and Tamlin. The two are one side of the Playground while Thorn has managed to wander to the other. His bright eyes sparkle with surprise when he looks back at their distant voices. When he turns back to his front, he founds the glowing eyes of a hound, and if were not so used to wolves he would have jumped. Instead, he quips a quick “Hello!” and trots closer. “What are you doing in there? Come out!” His heart thrums with the excitement of meeting others, growing stronger and prouder with each passing second.

    Tamlin bea Fern despoina !!!!! sorry this doesnt make much sense it would appear he's gonna take some writing to figure out <3

    Tamlin is, of course, hyper-aware of his brother’s presence. He’s learned quickly to know Thorn’s scent, to be prepared at all times for one of two things: the chance to tackle, or the chance to be tackled himself. It’s a constant source of upset that Tamlin can’t turn into a wolf to tackle his brother properly but beating him with his wings seems just as effective when they start rough-housing.

    His golden eyes watch as Thorn moves away from them – rude – but he forgets the slight when it looks like Thorn has found something interesting. “C’mon, Bea!” Tamlin calls to his sister before trotting after that brother of theirs.

    “Thorn! Whatcha doin?” Tam can’t get a good look, but he’s pretty sure there’s two figures in the shadows and he tilts his head, fascination easily taking over and all earlier thoughts of uncertainty.

    “Who’ve ya got there?”

    image from pixabay

    any of the other puppies can still pop in but I thought I'd move this along! Since there's so many of us I would say ignore post order and just post when you want??

    thorn despoina Fern

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