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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  the sun is up, the sky is blue - anyone

    F E R N

    Fern was a strange child.

    Not in her mind, of course. But certainly to the outside eye.  In the girl’s mind she was born of two mothers - one of flesh and bone.  The other was the earth itself. Both kept her safe, nurtured her, and helped her to grow.  Fern had difficulty distinguishing between the two, and as a result had developed a true fascination with the world around her.  As a result, the girl was spending more and more time away from her birth mother and more time trying to discover everything there was to learn about the earth and everything in it.

    That could, perhaps, explain the state of the girl as she bounded into the playground. The little green and white girl was covered in dirt, with flowers and grasses clinging to her still-fuzzy coat. The mess didn’t phase the girl, where some mothers may discourage such a thing, this made Fern feel even closer to her earth-mother.

    The girl skipped across the playground - bounding over small puddles and across narrow creeks.  It was warm today, thankfully, and the sunlight had opened all of the summer blooms to their fullest extent. The little green girl nearly did a double take when she (quite literally) stumbled upon a large patch of flowers in every color of purple and blue.  More remarkably, the plants were simply swarming with butterflies.  Fern carefully maneuvered herself into the flowers, careful not to crush any of the blooms.  She let out a happy sigh as she folded her legs beneath her, sinking into the thicket so that only her ears were visible over the tops of the flowers.

    She was content simply to be for the time being, watching the butterflies as they hopped from bloom to bloom right before her eyes.


    Don't wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain

    The little foal had spent a lot of time adjusting to his senses, using his echolocation to find his way around the world.
    His coat glistens as a bright timber-bay in the warmth of the sun, his body decorated with green points and a dark mane.
    Today the foal wandered toward the playground, remembering which way to go because of the large and impressive trees that made the playground stand out. He felt like his system of remembering landmarks worked quite well for travelling, especially since his echolocation was so good at picking up large and irregular objects.

    He knows he has reached the playground once the scent of old timber and oak hits him, mixed in with the aroma of many different types of flowers and foliage.
    The foal emits his high pitched noise as soon as he arrives, trying to pick up any objects in front of him and if anyone was currently in the playground.

    The foal walks forward confidently, his little tail happily swaying behind him. In front of him, he picks up a rather large patch of flora that covers the earth quite widely, he lowers his head and walks forward, taking in the delightful aroma of the multiple types of flowers, their soft edges brushing gently against his nose.
    As he walks slowly his nose suddenly bumps into something or someone that was most definitely not a flower.
    Tlali shuffles backwards as quickly as his little legs can take him, his echolocation trying to pick up who he had disturbed "Hello? I am so sorry for disturbing you" he says quietly as he comes to a halt, finally able to make out the shape of another foal.



    F E R N

    Fern was content to stay lost in her little world of flowers and butterflies. She inwardly squealed with delight when a particularly bold butterfly skittered across her baby-nose, but struggled to keep herself stock still until the insect departed. It was truly the perfect afternoon, with the sweet smell of flowers filling her nostrils and the warm rays of sun beating across her back.  She huffed in contentment, blissfully unaware of the approaching boy.

    She lets out a surprised yelp as the boy runs into her, and instinctively she...disappears.  The only problem is this is the first time she’d become invisible - unaware of her innate ability until this very moment. Butterflies scatter in every direction as she scampers to her feet.  She blinks as she tries to comprehend what just happened and where her body went.  Her mouth pops open in disbelief as she stares down at where her feet should be.  Her breath comes in short huffs as she tries to calm herself before she finally foces her blue-green gaze on the boy who she assumed was the cause of all this. 

    “Hey you!” she shouts, accusingly, her unseen eyes narrowing.  She has no way of knowing that what happened was truly an accident, and that he wasn’t the one that made her invisible. That was of her own doing.  But, she was equal parts ignorant and quick to accuse. “What did you do?” Of course, she’s equally ignorant of the boy’s inability to even see what had happened to her.

    The girl begins pacing, sucking down deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself.  It is on her third pass in front of the boy that she returns to her body, once again becoming visible.  A large sigh leaves her lips in a woosh, her relief palpable.

    Finally, she looks back to the boy with a slightly sheepish smile on her lips. She overreacted. She recognizes this. And she’s not so proud as not to apologize, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it either.  “Sorry,” she says, bruskly, “I’m Fern, by the way. Who are you?”




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