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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    truth hurts, needed something more exciting | anyone
    The girl yawns widely. Her second set of incisors are just starting to grow in, and Celina clicks them together with a satisfying sound before straightening out her body. Mama had insisted that she take a nap before she went to the playground, and while Celina had protested loudly, she does feel rather refreshed as she steps out of the mulberry thicket in which she’d slept. There is some evidence of her pre-nap snack on her face, soft purple-pink stains that stand out against the silvery scales of her muzzle. The young filly is able to wipe away most of it onto her dun-striped knees. Her mother, stepping out from around the thicket, cleans away the rest of it with a gentle tounge. She repeats to Celina the same directions from before her nap, but the filly is only half listening. Giving her mother a kiss goodbye, she is soon off, trailing excitedly behind her elder sister, who has agreed to escort her to the Playground for the first time.

    Springtime sunshine lights up the soft green Playground, and Celina nudges her sister goodbye without ever taking her eyes from it.

    A broad meadow with trees nearly as impressive as those of her home, and so many things to climb and jump over. Whickering delightedly, the green-eyed filly charges forward. Her galloping leads her over a fallen log, which she leaps. Her wings – covered only with downy fluff at this age – spread as though they might try to carry her, and remain spread as she darts toward a pond. A large, yellow-eyed bullfrog watches her warily, and she slows down to get a closer look.

    “Hello!” she says brightly to the green amphibian. “Do you want to be my friend?”

    The frog blinks.

    Celina blinks back.
    Aeolus had enjoyed every bit of the tropical island. He practically liked catching the native parrots on the island with his mother. Although he wasn’t allowed to eat any of the birds, his mother had insisted when she first had taught him how to catch the parrots. It seemed rather pointless if he couldn’t eat what he caught. Aeolus could eat the fish, but why not the parrots? His mother always told him the parrots were their friends, but he knew that was a lie. Certainly, everything could be eaten if he really wanted to.

    While he liked every bit of the Ischia, Aeolus had always insisted on going to the larger island in the distance. His mother told him it would need to wait until he was a strong enough swimmer. But swimming came rather easy for the serpent, so today he insisted on crossing over the water with or without his mother. Of course, his mother kept a watchful eye on his every movement, and decided today would be that day.

    His mother, Eva, having some experience of the big island, knew the best place to take Aeolus. The playground was a bit out of the way from their island home, but she ensured every moment along the way that Aeolus wouldn’t regret it.

    Once they arrived at the playground, she kissed her son goodbye despite his protest to get away. Eva managed to get him this time as his orange-gold eyes could not keep off of the playground that was full of other foals.

    Aeolus slipped away quickly from his mother, trying to avoid more goodbye kisses, and headed for the center of the broad meadow. He had seen a couple places like this along the way, but there was something better about the playground. The boy let out a pleasant whinny as he ran at a quick pace through the soft green meadow.

    He suddenly came to a halt. The boy’s eyes dart here and there, truly unsure of where he should go. There are plenty of others his age. Some were playing games and chatting. Aeolus then saw a winged filly darting towards the nearby pond.

    Curiously, his ears flicker forward, and the colt makes his way towards her. The winged girl stopped and was busy looking at something near the pond. Aeolus stopped near behind her quietly, peering slightly over the right side of her to get a better look at what she found.

    Aeolus starts ribbiting like a frog as best as he could mimic one. “I’d love to be your friend!” He croaks and then bursts out with laughter.

    She is lowering herself to the ground to get a better look at the frog when it answers her. First is a series of soft ribbits like she expects, followed by a voice that does not belong to a frog.

    Celina immediately screams and loses her balance, falling onto her side.

    As her legs scrabble for purchase, she realizes that though the frog has disappeared (frightened by her flailing, no doubt), she can now see a boy behind her. He was the one that spoke, the filly realizes suddenly, not the frog. Or was he the frog? She narrows her green eyes, trying to see it, but the boy doesn't look very amphibious to her. “You’re not a frog, are you?” She asks the laughing boy, more curious than afraid. The last of her terror vanishes as the pale filly finds her feet again, and she makes an effort to shake off the bits of grass that cling to her as she turns to face the ribbiting boy.

    “I mean, it’s okay if you are. I just thought maybe the frog was talking to me, and that’d be weird.” She chatters happily, taking a step closer to the spotted boy. He is covered in pretty spots, and Celina steps forward to get a closer look. “Oh these are nice.” She tells him admiringly. “Where did you get them?”

    He wat hes curiously beside his mother from the edge of the playground. Lethy though Owin could benefit from getting away from the redwood forest of Taiga for a bit. The journey itself was not short, but they headed out at the first crack of dawn as Owin couldn't sit still from excitement.

    He was finally going to meet others and see Beqanna on the way. It had been a journey full of curious discoveries. They had passed through Loess, stopping at a fresh water hole to eat and drink, and then continued on to a salt water spring which Owin did not find as refreshing. He licks his lips at the memory of the taste. His mother told him this is where the new rulers of Taiga had once called home.

    They soon passed through the forest with trees that could not even compare to those of Taiga. They ventured through the meadow, where Owin had found an array of beautiful flowers to adorn his mothers mane. He smiled happily as he looked up at Lethy now.

    Go, make friends. she whispered, planting a kiss on his soft cheek. He turned to look across the playground his infrared vision picking out the diverse forms of life that occupied it. His sights landed on a girl who was settled curiously by a pond and a boy advancing quickly on her. There, that is where he would go.

    He took off quickly across the meadow his vision changing but his mind picking out the minds of those he had found. His golden, blue, brown tipped body darted quietly through the tall grasses and over fallen, decaying logs. Soon he had come close to the boy and girl, he slowed in his advance. His bright blue and purple eyes wat hed the pair curiously as his ears swiveled forward to catch the boy croaking and laughing. The boys mind, Owin could sense, was all in good fun and he decided he liked him. As well as the girl whose mind shouted curiosity at him.

    Hello, I'm Owin. Do you mind the company of one more? he asked softly, his large bright eyes moving back and forth between the two.

    Aeolus does his best not to laugh as she is lowering herself. It was harder than ever to hold into something that was trying to burst out. When Celina screams and falls to her side, the burst of laughter escapes through his mouth. He couldn’t contain himself anymore.

    The white filly quickly tries to find her footing all the while he continues to laugh in small bursts of laughter. He tries his best to conceal his giggling, but Aeolus was ever so hopeless at doing it now.

    Aeolus meets the green gaze of the girl. His laughter settles for a moment, purple ears flickering forward towards her. “ME?!” He asks with shock. Aeolus giggles again at the thought of being the frog.

    “No, I’m not the frog.” He says with a boyish grin. “I was the one talking to you.” The colt’s smile grows a little wider thinking about the recent scenario that unfolded. The white filly then takes a step closer. Clearly interested in something on him. “Oh, those are my spots!” He says happily. “I was born with them.”

    In the corner of his eye, he catches sight of a buckskin colt nearing them. The newcomer introduces himself with a quiet tone. Aeolus smiles cheerily at the colt. “Hi Owin!” He greets. “More the merrier!” He says joyfully. “I’m Aeolus, and this is—” The purple colt turns to look back to the winged white filly, realizing he hadn’t found out her name yet.

    Celina Owin
    The shuffle of hooves distracts Celina from her insepction of Aeolues lovely spots, and she galnces up too see a boy that looks familiar. She grins, becaue while she doesn’t know his name, she does recognize the scent of Taiga on him.

    “Hi!” She says with a happy bob of her head. The spotted boy introduces himself and says the new boy can join them, to which Celina agrees with an enthusiastic bob of her head.

    “My name is Celina. Aeolus here is not a frog like I thought he was. I am also not a frog.” She adds the last in case Owin might have been curious if she had asked because she is a frog as well. “But I do have these cool bugs!” The thought is sudden, as is her exclamation, and she gestures proudly to the little beetles that are never far from her. They do not usually glow in the daylight, but she encourages them to do so for just a moment to show the boys.

    “Can you guys do cool stuff? Magic stuff?” The frog is forgotten as she looks back from the blue face to the purple one, her seafoam eyes bright with curiosity. “Someday I think I’m gonna turn into a tree, but my Mom says no.”

    Owin kicks his hind legs in excitement when both of the other children say he can join them. His blue-purple eyes flash between the boy and girl. The girl smells like Taiga, which is great because now they can be friends outside of the playground! The boy does not smell or look familiar, but he is just as excited to have a friend outside of Taiga.

    The girl, who he now knew as Celina, gestures towards her bugs not far off. Before asking if they can do cool magic stuff. Owin's eyes crinkle in on themselves before opening wide in disbelief. You made them glow? At least if you grew into a tree you would fit well in Taiga. she squeaked with a small laugh to follow. Think of anything Aeolus, anything at all. he prodded towards the boy, eyes wide and bright with enthusiasm.

    He smiles happily as he learns the name of the filly and that another foal has joined their group. Aeolus was filled with excitement. He was already making friends! It wasn’t even hard as he thought it might be.

    The purple colt laughs when Celina mentions them both not being a frog. It would have been an unfortunate attribute he thinks compared to what he is able to shift into. Aeolus would be a prey and not the predator that he was.

    When Celina mentions her little bugs, he peers at them curiously. His eyes wide in wonder as the bugs glow brighter. It reminds him of the glowing algae in Ischia and his mother. “They remind me of my mom. She is always glowing!” He adds after Owin.

    Aeolus giggles softly at the idea of Celina turning into a tree. Owin then mentions a place he heard about once from his mother when she told him about the big land and all the territories it had. “Is that where you live?” He asks and then turns to Celina. “You’d make a pretty white tree!”

    He switches his vision over to Owin curiously. “Anything?” He asks curiously as the buckskin colt looked at him with great enthusiasm and wide eyes. A smirk suddenly replaces his sweet boyish smile. There is a spider on you! He thinks and giggles softly, but tries to keep his composure.

    Aeolus then glances back to Celina and then to Owin. “I can turn into a sea serpent!” A pride grin appears on his purple stained lips. “I can breathe under water and even camouflage myself too.” He says taking a step back as his body changes into the colors surrounding them all.
    She is pleased by the admiration in Owin's eyes, and with a little toss her her head, one of the fireflies drifts closer to him. t lands on the bridge of his nose, nearly feather light, and blinks merrily as Celina laughs. The remaining insects settle into a line across her pale brow and cerulean locks, a shimmering circlet of glowing light rather like a living crown.

    Aeolus tells them of his mother, a mare who always glows, and the filly's own seagreen eyes widen in delight. Imagine that - always glowing!

    She is quiet then, allowing her purple companion to comply with Owin's request. She doesn't know much about mental traits, but supposes that chattering might not be helpful with concentration. Still, he had asked where they lived, and he had told her that she'd make a pretty tree, so Celina doesn't ignore him entirely. 

    "Yes! We live in Taiga. It's, um...thataway." She gestures with her silvery nose for a moment before looking back, hearing Aeolus speak about sea serpents as she does.

    "Where did..." She begins, seeing at first only Owin. Then what she had heard meshes with what she says, and Celina laughs in delight. "You're camouflaged!" She says happily.  What a wonderful trick that is. He must be so very good and hide and seek!

    Remembering that Owin had asked Aeolus to think of something, Celina decides that she might try to same thing, and things - quite hard - about the crashing of waves on the Taiga's northern shore, and then about how hungry she is.

    As Aeolus think his statement Owin's eyes shoot open in surprise as he cranks his head back to check himself giving an awkward smile at how gullible he had been. He hears Awolus explaining what he can do but by the time he turns back around his reaction mimics Celina's in surprise as he bounces a step back, the boy had disappeared.. kind of... he was there but wasn't his camouflage was pretty perfect at first glance. That's so crazy! he retorts as he recanted his hop back moving slightly closer to inspect the boy.

    His attention was grabbed quite suddenly though but Celina's thoughts of the rhythmic waves that bordered their home and he spins around suddenly Is that your favorite spot in Taiga? he asks his amethyst- blue eyes swimming in fascination, and then his tummy gurgled in equally hungry-ness. He turned to Aeolus, it was difficult to concentrate o answers with so many thoughts but it didn't phase him. Celina and  I are starving, how about you? he asked eagerly.

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