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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    [private]  if you want love; odelia

    His mother has not assigned him to visit any place, he goes on his own to explore and if he brings home a name for her list she will be impressed by his initiative, if he does not she will be proud of his eagerness to explore and meet others. Valek has been raised mostly by the Primarch herself with all her support, guidance, and tolerance. He is a favorite of her brood and he mirrors her in many ways.

    Except for one. He is not a social butterfly. Despite being friendly and direct Valek does not approach others the way his mother does, forcing her friendship onto people dazed into compliance by her beauty and charm. He much prefers to watch and learn and allow others to come to him in most cases. Still, he is young and unpredictable and sometimes turns his own habits on their heads.

    When Valek arrives in the Pampas he stops beside a small creek that branches out and rejoins itself over and over disappearing into the tall grass. There is a light breeze rippling over the ends of the flora so that he can see it coming long before it plays through his black forelock. He expected flowers here, but does not see a single one at this time of year though he scans for splashes of color anyway until his brown and gold eyes alight on a girl the color of ripened einkorn pointed in blue. A grin appears on his gilded lips at once and he tosses his head up, nostrils flaring as he calls out to her. The bay trots a few paces nearer. “Hello. I’m Valek." His a little more polite than his dam, his attention span just a little longer.

    if you want love

    @[odelia] starters  Dodgy

    She is restless. For the first time in her life she finds herself discontent with the simple thoughts of birds and mice - the rustling of the forest floor or the whisper of wind through jagged tree tops. A forest had been her home since she was born. It was deep and dark and utterly secluded save for the mighty stag and the humble worm. There were no others like her except for her beautiful, golden mother. But when Osyva had lead her to the Brilliant Pampas, something was set alight in her chest - something she did not recognize, nevertheless could not shake.

    She cannot keep her legs from wandering - tracing the twists and turns of a small creek as if she were painting it herself. She admires the silver minnows that flash and dart from her shadow as she carefully picks her way along the edge.

    She wonders where the water leads. Does it spill off of the horizon into oblivion? Perhaps for now it ends where a young, dark stranger stands. No sooner than her eyes had stumbled upon his painted legs (traced the gold markings to his lips) did she abandon her adventure for another.
    He greets her so warmly that she cannot help the smile that tugs at the corners of her shadowed lips.

    "I am Odelia." she returns, her voice not unlike the quiet babble of the stream they stand by. “What brings you to the Pampas?” she asks, trying her best to stay out of his mind (trying her best to control the noise).



    The girl he meets is pretty, friendly, and must be close in age to him though he is not yet old enough to be good at judging that sort of thing. He knows only that she is long legged and that her face has a sweet refined shape and she is greeting him like he would try to greet a visitor to Hyaline and so this really might pass for a little diplomacy even though he’s probably going to forget all about what he meant to do in coming here and will have to come back some other time. An errand he is likely to be content to complete. Valek hasn’t accomplished a thing but he’s been having a good time since the moment he’d set out.

    Valek steps neatly over the stream that weaves around between the two of them. He didn’t have to come onto her side to reach out his muzzle and cement their hello but he does so without calculation, simply glad to meet Odelia. “I’m from Hyaline, I came to learn about this place.” Then, because the strands of his DNA are twisted with silent kelpie genes and he just can’t help himself (with Kensa wrapped in there too he is always going to be a hopeless victim of his attractions) he adds… “And to meet you, Odelia. “ It helps that his confident rakish grin is offset by kind bright eyes.

    Then hoping he hasn’t gone too far he dances back a few steps, arching his neck and then settling down to find out more about the blue tipped girl wandering the pampas “Have you always lived here?”

    if you want love


    She greets him as one would greet a guest into their home -as if this has always been her home, when in fact she isn’t really sure where home is. But she can easily tell that he is not from here. The easiest indication for her perhaps are his thoughts. Listening to the minds of others is something like breathing to her. Just as some scents invade and overpower the nose, some minds are louder than others. 

    Up until the day her mother brought her here (and subsequently the day she met her father as well), she was little aware that she had any control over this unnatural sense. She remembers how loud the Pampas felt, how overpowering the sounds of the few minds that called this place their home.

    And she remembers how she drown them into nothingness.

    Valek’s mind intrigues her (what little glimpse she allows herself). He is all youth and adventure (though tempered with a sense of duty), and Odelia thirsts to know the places he has seen beyond her tiny world. He steps towards her and his scent gives her a glimpse as they exchange breaths.

    “I’m from Hyaline, I came to learn about this place.” he says. It comes as no surprise that she has never heard of Hyaline. The Brilliant Pampas are a quiet place - a haven from outside politics. A sheltered place for a sheltered young girl. “And to meet you, Odelia.” he grins.

    “Me?” she questions, looking down in feigned shyness, but betrayed by the coy glimmer in her dark amber eyes as she meets his gaze again. She’s young herself, and she can’t help the flutter of excitement that constrains her heart and causes the heat to rise to her soft cheeks.
    “Have you always lived here?” he asks her, and she looks to the trees that guard the borders of this paradise.

    “No.” she says simply, her gaze returning to his. She lets the silence settle for a brief moment, and then she laughs softly (not unlike the babble of the stream they stand over). “No, I haven’t been here long.”

    She steps towards him, her side nearly brushing his as she walks past him, and then she turns her head. “So I might get us lost.” she says with a smile and a motion of her head for him to follow.



    One day he may learn to guard his heart, but today he is pleasantly dumbstruck by the girl. The flutter of her dark lashes as he flirts with her, his subtle confident nod almost derailed by the coquette glitter in her honey colored eyes. The warmth radiating off her slender frame as she slips past him makes Valek turns quickly after her, muscle rippling beneath gold and bay.  “Then by all means, get us lost.” He rumbles, another handsome smile flashing across his features.

    Valeks hooves splash into a smaller stream, which he could have easily bounded but he touches the water whenever possible. He does not know why, only that he prefers it that way. “So where did you live before this?” Maybe someplace he knows but probably not. Hyaline, the Cove, and the meadow are the only places the boy can claim to know well. Hyaline being the best of these, of course.

    This is a place very different from home and he is eager to explore it but he is more eager to pace alongside Odelia and calmly catch her eye from to time. “I’ve always lived in Hyaline. It’s in the mountains if you ever want to come and visit… me.” A grin and then he shakes his head lightheartedly. “So where are we going? You must have a place you like here. Can we go there?”

    if you want love

    Odelia sorry short

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