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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  Chasing after thunderstorms; Any!

    Don't wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain

    A pop, a crackle and a loud thump, the small colt rises to his feet, still slightly wobbly as he scampers around the area, bumping into everything as he throws an attempt at regaining his balance.
    Being small probably helped him out quite a lot, at least he did not have to watch out for any low hanging branches or anything that could snag him from above, all he had to worry about for now was anything on the ground that wanted to trip him up and gobble him up, but thankfully he had a solution, the small colt was able to emit a high pitched noise that would bounce back and inform him of any obstacles in his path, he was slowly getting the hang of using it and getting better at not bumping into things.

    His father had been quite useless at helping him, in fact, he seemed quite amused by the colt's inability to see, often trapping him in small earthly domes so that he would not have to deal with him, returning hours later once he had finished his business.

    Though the colt felt like he could manage on his own, all he had to do was not crash into things and be able to identify food, right?
    Tlali snorts loudly as he speeds up, at this point he had been walking for so long that he didn't even know where he was, it was still quite hard to identify places by smell since his was still developing, so instead he tried to paint pictures of large structures within the kingdoms he visited in order to remember where he was.
    His mind was set on adventuring, even if it meant he was going to bump into things here and there, he did not want to sit in one place and rot away while the others had fun.

    Finally, the little colt manages to form enough courage to canter, he had been wary of going fast as he did not know how quickly he could pinpoint where everything was, but now he thought he could attempt it, the land seemed quite flat with enormous trees all around him, though once he started going fast enough he suddenly finds there is what seems like a log on the ground, though he picks this up too late and when he attempts to jump over it he clips his legs on it instead and flips over it, landing on the other side with a large thump.

    His confidence quickly withers away as he stands up again, throwing his head as if trying to instinctively see, though he cannot.
    "Hello? please help, I need help" he yelps quietly, he is in a rather panicked state, though for now remains uninjured.


    He doesn't understand why today had pulled him to the playing ground of young fillies and colts. He had not been apart of this world in a long time, but when he had been young he spent alot of time here standing quietly off to the side as all of the other kids played. Some would venture over and a large goofy grin would topple to his face in excitement but it didn't last long before the other kids discovered that he was mute. Word spread and so he continued to stand on the edge alone and watching.

    As he breaks the edge of the playground his eyes scan his surroundings, feelings of long ago rising once again. He follows a path along the edge that swivels in and out of the large, ancient trees. It was a familiar path he had walked many times before as a young boy. He came to an abrupt halt as he herd the shouts of a young boy not far infront of him, for the first time in a long time he veered from the path before him. The cry pulling at a tender place in his heart.

    When he moved away from the trees he saw him, a young bay boy with green points, who seemed to be searching but not really seeing. How ironic that he should wander into the playground and find a boy who reminded him much of himself. His own coat shined red against his surroundings while his tresses tangled into a mossy colored mess. His green eyes watched the boy for a moment longer before closing the distance.

    He wanted to help the boy. He wanted to figure out what exactly was wrong. He had met a handful of other who could read minds. He pulled in his lip to think, he would try this first and see what happens. Uuuuh, if you can hear me I am here to help? Maybe if you can hear me let me know as soon as possible so I'm not just standing here like an idiot, I can't talk to you. he raised his eyebrows at the boy as he mouthed the words just incase the boy could see him but couldn't hear him. He ended with a small huff and rolled his shoulders.


    Don't wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain

    This moment that he had entangled himself in reminded him of his father who relished in the possibility of making fun of him, tripping him up, trapping him or abandoning him, but Tlali always made his way back to him, for some reason he felt like Aziz could change, he didn't want his father to abandon him and so he stuck to him like glue, no matter how many times he would leave him behind.

    This time he felt like he had gone the wrong way, his father had been stuck in Loess, and so Tlali, as always, felt the need to follow him, to be where he is, though now he did not know where he was.
    As panic settles in he hears a rustle beside him, someone else was here, maybe to help or just feast on a little snack "Hello?" he says, his nose reaching out a bit like a walking stick as he tries to regain his balance.
    When no one replies the foal emits a high pitched noise to locate whoever it could be, when it bounces back to him he is able to identify the horse's position "Hello there, I am Tlali, it is nice to meet you" he smiles as he turns to face the stranger, his legs still wobbly and voice audibly nervous.

    "Uh, do you not speak? Are you going to say nothing and then eat me?" he asks, his small tail flicking behind him as he takes a step back, perhaps this stranger was just toying with him, ready to gobble him up as soon as he falls "Uh, maybe you should leave some sort of message, or like an engraving" he nods violently, if the horse left something or a sign then maybe he would be able to identify it through echolocation.

    "So uh, what is your name?" he asks confidently, his legs a little more stable now as he steps away from the log that had tripped him up.



    Olver's ears shot up in amusement as the boy seemed to find him with out actually seeing. He seemed glad to meet him but hesitant at the same time as he quivered on his tiny legs. So he must not be able to "hear" his thoughts if he did not know he was definately here to help. Well shoot. He watched the boy for a moment longer trying to figure out how to let the boy know he was here to help not hurt. He opened his muzzle and attempted to talk, which he hadn't tried in ages. The sound that escaped sounded much like a mutated animal struggling to breath.


    He looked around at his surroundings and picked up a stick. What now? He advanced on the boy holding one side of the stick in his mouth and putting the other by the boys. A stick? Really? How was this suppose to help the boy? He nodded slowly to the boys question of if he couldn't talk. Maybe he could sense the stick? Though there had been so many different words that fell from his mouth he doubted the boy would know what he was saying yes to. Could he not speak? Was he going to eat him? What was his name? This didn't seem to going anywhere to quickly.


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