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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  ALL KINGDOM

    boy what's normal to you? 'cause that sure ain't normal to me.

    Sitting upon the throne of the East has been a long time coming. Litotes has been patient, calculated, and insatiable. With each step he has needed more and more, until he reaches the end of his line and finds nothing he has done has been exactly how he has desired. When he rehashes the events of his last couple of years, he realizes how he constantly changed to suit how his plans needed to change; and, he realized how little he actually wants to commit violence. What acts of war he does condone are owed and backed by an unwavering loyalty; still, at his core he is more of a mastermind with a warrior’s heart than a warrior with a good head on his shoulders.

    So, when morning breaks and he searches for Dawn, a sense of fulfillment washes over him. The two had discussed and decided in private - all that is left to do is announce their plans to their people. Some may be displeased with their choices, but the East needs to make re-stake their claim as a power in Beqanna. Choosing Pangea as the head kingdom says everything the king and queen need to say without using actual words. Of course, they will be sending out envoys of diplomats to discuss this new vision, but the power in confident action will be what truly sets them apart.

    The once-Archon brushes his shoulder up against Dawn’s when he finds her, then offers her an affectionate nudge on her nape. He finds that he feels closer to her than ever, even if they may disagree. Their individual strengths brought together will bring the East even further into the light.

    “Are you ready?” he whispers with a quiet smile. There is an admittance to his question: his nerves are dancing. They step forward, almost in unison, to address their people gathered before them. Lie had given a call much earlier this morning to give all who wish to gather the chance, and he is pleased with the faces peering back at him.

    “Welcome, residents of the East. Your queen and I have much to announce,” the cremello pauses, spares a glance over at Dawn. “Dawn and I have decided to come together as rulers of our corner of Beqanna. For those of you that do not know me, I am Litotes, former Archon of Pangea.” Once again, Litotes pauses, allows the initial change to settle in. “That brings us to the next big change. We will be moving the seat of power to Pangea. Those who wish to follow may join us. If you wish to stay in the Cove, you are more than welcome to. With all of that being said, we would like to present to you the most important part of our announcement. The Cove will need a territory leader. If you wish to be such leader, please, speak your piece.”

    and if i fall would you know that to do?
    and if i'm caught up would you stay?



    tldr; the kingdom of the east is now pangea. litotes and dawn are king and queen. the cove needs a ruler. you don't have to reply here if you dont want your character to take the leadership position. if you do though, please answer/discuss with lie and dawn.
    Every Story Has Two Sides

    This past year had been a wild one for Clayton, so much has happened and in one moment he had so much, and the next he lost it all.

    He gathera at the call of another, when his eyes catch Dawn beside Litotes his heart sinks. He knew they were on the rocks, but he didn't expect her to move on...and with him of all choices.

    None the less the bay and green stag stands below. Listening as the pale stag speaks. He announces so much that Clayton doesn't know exactly what emotion to feel. They are moving the kingdom seat from the Cove to Pangea, Litotes choice Clay knows. Not only is Litotes cozying up to Dawn he also has taken the crown and moved his kingdom.

    As a finishing piece he notes the cove needs a leader. This scenario is all too familiar, the last time Clay had been young and chose his childhood friend to lead, but this time he wouldn't be so quaint. He scans the rather barron group, his eyes meet Dawns before shifting to Litotes.

    The Cove has always been my home, I ask that you allow me to take care of it. I have always been loyal, and remain loyal to provide a sanctuary for all who seek one. He didn't have much else to say, only time will tell who will leave the Cove following Dawn, but regardless Clayton would remain loyal to his home.

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    oh, i was reckless, once was breathless
    but i’ve got a feeling and keep believing i’m never gonna give this back

    It doesn’t surprise her to learn that her parents had reconciled. She hadn’t been clear on the details of their fight — their relationship seemed to be an endless cycle of conflict and making up — and Isilme had more important things to do, like play games with Spot and Austra and learn how to fly. Her parents seem as close as ever as she approaches them, Spot trotting along behind her. Gross, she thinks to him, and she can tell without even looking back at him that he is rolling his eyes at her. She loves both of her parents, and wants them to be happy, she just doesn’t want to have to see it. Isilme finds her place in the small crowd next to Clayton, a kind, familiar face, and Spot settles on her other side.
    It does surprise her, though she would never outwardly show it, to learn her mother was leaving the Cove to live with her father in Pangea. She had yet to visit their new home, though it certainly held a reputation for being almost as rowdy as Loess. It also held a reputation for being a literal hellhole, so it made sense that her father would enjoy it there, but Dawn? Isilme could only assume that she had agreed to whatever agreement they came to without her actually visiting Pangea first. It was the only explanation she could come up with.
    She listens to them patiently (unusual, for her) — her father first, making his announcement, and her ears perk as he says they need a new leader for the Cove. Clayton predictably offers to lead, but Isilme finds that she (also predictably) cannot keep her mouth shut.
    “I could lead too, dad,” she says, glancing at her parents before continuing, “I’d be good at it. And I’d rather stay here.”


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