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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    Show me the way, mentor ; magnus

    It made sense to Jakub, after he had went to the mountain, to search out his mentor. Though Magnus had never told him of his immortality he had learned of it through whispers of one so great, and of his protection that graced this land.

    He stood under the shade of the trees that bordered his home giving his black hide a break from the tropical heat of the summer day. The sun was beginning to set as he watched the few horses that remained meander around finding places to rest for the night, some huddled closely the their lovers or children and other finding solace in being by themselves. All of which Jakub vowed to protect.

    He needed to talk to Magnus about those he had hurt while protecting his home and those he loved. He knew he did not need to beat around the bush with his mentor on this particular subject. How else was he to grow?

    Magnus, if you can hear me I need to talk to you. he said into the darkening twilight, hoping that he would come. 


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

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    but she's bringin' the moon and stars to me -

    Magnus is glad to be back home, even with it in the state that it is.

    He has known that Leliana would do her best to bring it back to normal, and he has been pleased to watch as she has slowly nurtured Tephra—helping restore it to its previous beauty. The land blossoms around him and although he can still smell the ash on the air or see the places where trees stand stark and charred against the skyline, they are sights that are diminishing every single day—growing more and more rare.

    Magnus is walking through the land when he hears the call of Jakub. His ink-dipped ears perk forward in the matts of his forelock and he swings a heavy-jawed head toward the source of it. When he sees the boy—really more of a man now—he smiles, his grin growing lopsided on his face.

    Without hesitating, he makes his way over toward him, the pink flesh of his recent scars prominent across his withers and chest. “It’s been a while, Jakub.” He comes to a stop, resting a back leg as he smiles.

    “Is there something I can do to help you?”

    - Magnus


    A warm smile grew on his face as Magnus approached and greeted him.

    Magnus, it's good to see you and to see that you are alive and well. Jakub's mind wondered back to that night. He had scaled the volcanoes dome and had tried to reach Magnus and Leliana in time. He looked over Magnus' body taking in the scars of that night, his own scar scraping across his back from the magma's hot touch.

    His face settled into a steeled look of pain and regret, I tried to help that night Magnus. Tried to protect the innocent, lost and almost died. Tried to get to you and Leliana before the Volcanoe let loose. I couldn't accomplish either, so I went to the mountain..

    Jakub turned his gaze to Tephra. The stars were beginning to make their appearance, small but mighty. I need a way to protect this land, to protect the innocent, to protect those I love. The fairies want me to ask protectors about the cost of hurting others in exchange for protecting. Do you regret hurting those that threatened to hurt your land, or family? his voice lingered on the summer night.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    magnus this is trash sorry /:
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