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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    Is it worth it?; Litotes

    He wanders down from the mountain, slower than he had gone up the mountain.  Memories and thoughts of the war clouding his mind. The fairy had made it seem like it was a bad thing to be able to protect, at least to him. How could it ever be a negative trait to be able to defend what's yours and to defend what's good? 

    He had taken a different path to descend from the peaks embrace, and as his hooves met ground he meandered to the border of a golden, red land. Cliffs dangled over canyons and dust settled around the bridge of his nostrils. 

    There he waited, his black hide collecting sweat and dust.

    He had not been here yet, but the solitary peace of this particular land captivated him. Though he was not entirely convinced that he would find a protector amongst a land so barren. Maybe the land wasn't as barren as he thought though. 


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    litotes Jakub's come to talk about traits and make introductions. (:
    Tephra inhabitant (Alpha)

    boy what's normal to you? 'cause that sure ain't normal to me.

    It seems that as Litotes’ rule continues, the more visitors he finds. There is hard work he has set into this land most consider barren: his own blood paints the canyons red, the sweat on the nape of his neck a mark of the labor he puts into wrangling Pangea’s shadows.

    There is one such visitor today, a boyish stallion as black as the darkness the Archon cloaks himself in. For the first few minutes of his observation, he remains at a distance, invisible to all as his shadows create illusions. His golden eyes glimmer as he wonders about the visitor, one who waits oh so patiently upon the border. Most nomads step in without a care, an assumption that leads the cremello to believe his guest is a diplomat.

    Mustn’t keep the curious waiting.

    Litotes teleports as he usually does, casting himself forward with the ease of a masterful wielder. He smiles at Jakub as he appears, ignoring the iron taste the smell of Tephra leaves on his tongue.

    “A Tephran, hm? On my doorstep?” his smile turns into a devilish grin as he speaks. “Come in, the war is over and I -” he stops to cast a twinkling eye back at his guest, “- am so terrible at holding grudges.” A lie.

    and if i fall would you know that to do?
    and if i'm caught up would you stay?



    He waited, comfortably at the border, it was not in his interest to intrude on a land he had not visited before. He thought about simple things like the healing of his scars and he thought about what exactly made up this brilliant colored land. He also thought of his quest at hand between it all. His patience was well learned between his moms need to appreciate the small things for lengths of times and his dads quick temper and distaste for him, but that was before Beqanna. He had left everything behind but this one thing he was glad to bring with him.

    His eyes watched the sun move across the sky, as his ears stayed ever attentive. About the time he thought noone would come and he started to contemplate leaving a stallion appeared from thin air before him. Jakub eyed him curiously as he talked and invited him in. His nostrils flared slightly at the mention of war, but though he intended to introduce himself he was not primarily here on diplomatic terms.

    He nodded at the cremello and moved across the border finding relief from his stationary position. I am Jakub, Alpha in Tephra he said taking note of the inky blackness that seemed to follow the stallion That is a unique trait you carry with you. he said motioning towards the cremello's shadows, very effective during the war. his voice was deep, but not harsh or demeaning, only matter of fact.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Tephra inhabitant (Alpha)

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