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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    There is a story of a girl; ANY

    She had come into this world rolling and tumbling. Her momma had seemed upset when she had noticed that not everything was as it seemed. She had learned in the last week that it was harder to hear out of her left ear than it was her other, and maybe the fact that she seemed to have trouble refraining from transforming into her golden lion cub form (it's not like she can control it, right now). Thanks to Dexter, however, it didn't seem to throw off her balance as much as it had her first couple steps into life. Her companion, a small brown and gold monkey, sat comfortably in the small of her shoulder blades keeping more of his weight towards her left side. He had spent most of their time together being her hearing and support.

    Felicitey reached back and gave the small capuchin a compassionate nudge followed by a toothy lopsided grin. "Let's go have some fun" she said adjusting her golden, brown tipped wings to offset her questionable balance as she set off at an awkward trot towards some piled brush. Her mother had given her some space today and she planned to take full advantage, maybe make some friends other than Dexter?


    who do you think you are? collecting your jar of hearts.

    Short starter but if anyone would like to hang out with Felicitey she's ready to make friends (:

    this would be a fantastic place to put a future quote

    He comes alone, though more often he is not alone. But his twin is not a creature of the water, and he had left the island in the ocean. His mother is a good mother, but sometimes she watches him indulge his more predatory instincts with something that smells faintly of fear – he doesn’t think she quite trusts him to do no harm. His father is not afraid of him – but he also expects him to act ‘civilized’, whatever that means, and those expectations are similarly exhausting.

    Luath comes ashore and meanders towards the playground, somewhat irritated that there isn’t a waterway that can get him there. It’s easier, to go from his mother’s home in Ischia to his father’s home in Nerine, where the only challenge is the currents and not getting distracted by how many fish he can gorge himself on between point a and point b. It takes him a moment to find his land-legs, and he’s happy that at least the scales stay in this four-legged form even if he loses his fins and tail. When his balance shifts, he breaks into a trot and follows the path inland.

    She catches his eye quickly – or, rather, her companion does, but gold eyes quickly stray to the filly as well. The colt tries a smile, slowing to a walk, but quickly the smile slips from his face because he remembers the unnaturally sharp teeth that line his jaw – frightening her doesn’t seem like a great way to start. “Um, hi, I’m Luath,” He doesn’t realize the teeth are the least of the issue. His mane is tangled into water-knots his eyes are too bright; ‘supernaturally attractive’ doesn’t negate his totally wild look. Even Brennen has stopped trying to keep his youngest son tidy, and just tries to keep him from being completely feral. “You want to, uh, play?”


    she continued on her way farther into the playground, frolicking and sometimes tripping over her own spindly legs. Small bouts of joyous giggles slipping from her mouth. Dexter had by now learned to keep his balance on her, she was prone to this kind of play since the day she was born. He had adjusted quickly with a shift of weight here, a tug of the ear there, and very often a small swipe of his tiny fingers across her cheek in compassion for his forever friend.

    Felicitey's small lopsided grin stayed plastered across her face as she played. Soon she came to a stop in front of a small patch of wild, blue flowers bending down to smell the delicate things in admiration.

    She did not notice the colt that approached her, but Dexter gave her a slight tug on her ear as she felt from him that there was someone else there. She turned her body less gracefully then others. Her eyes, one swimming in gold and brown and the other swimming in blues of sky and ocean, caught the colts but quickly found their way to admire is wild, disheavaled blues and red that tangled in on themselves within his mane and his equally curiously colored coat.

    Her eyes widened with excitement as he asked her to play. Oh, yes very much! I'm Felicitey! She could feel Dexter shift on her back and give her a small stroke sending a feeling of missing something, I'm sorry, sometimes I don't catch everything someone says. What is your name? she said stepping closer to inspect the colt, taking in his scent, her lopsided grin always present across her face. Her gold and brown hide glistened in the sun as she ruffled her brown tipped wings in excitement. 


    who do you think you are? collecting your jar of hearts.

    Aries had been closely monitored by his parents, mainly his mother, since a war broke out. He really didn't know much about it, other than his mother swears he is a target for another kingdom. He was still young, and honestly it doesn't cross his mind again when he finds a moment to break free.

    The overo boy quickly shifted into his canine form, it was much faster to travel with. The small grey and red wolf quickly moved through the woods in search of a playground his big sister has told him about.

    The travel didn't seem too far, he was having so much running about he nearly noticed the other foals all around him. It seems that he has found the playground, and there really are other foals to befriend. As he draws to a halt he looks around for a single foal or a pair that seemed welcoming of another. He perhaps didn't find the best group, but one pair in particular drew his attention and he traveled towards them.

    A beautifully shaded colt, blue melding into red. He has never seen anything like it, and then there was a pale girl with a strange monkey sitting atop her. The wolf pup approached them but as he was a few paces away he transformed back into his equine form, to refrain from scaring anyone.

    Hello! I'm Aries, can I play with you guys too? He flicked his gaze between the two foals, he was not a timid foal, even though he had been kept from foal interactions. None the less he patiently awaits, hoping they will let him play with them.

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