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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    Forget me knot - any fairy
    Rock crumbled and shifted under Lethy's weight as she made her way up, alongside the mountain. A lazy walk as exhaustion still consumed her body, remnants of the plague that had passed two seasons ago and the recent birth she'd rather not think of. Lethy's eyes stayed fixed to the path under her feet, no glimmer of curiosity, hope, happiness, or even anger finding home within. In all honesty she didn't even know how she came to be on the side of this mountain. After touching her cold, lifeless daughter and saying a swift emotionless goodbye to Raed she just started walking, and walking, away from her failures, away from the pain of death that had cracked her heart. 

    Before that day Lethy had always cared to much. She cared what others thought, she cared if her actions had consequences that would effect others, she cared if she was always doing the right or wrong things. Loss though, has a way of ripping a person in half and changing everything about them. The worry that she had felt since the day she had lost her parents had turned to self blame the moment she had lost her daughter. That blame had slowly packed up every other emotion that finds its way into any living being and tucked it far into the recesses of Lethy's heart. 

    Because of that, she finds herself walking a path along a broken mountain. Ironic that she should be coming her to ask the fairies a favor from the same place that had riddled her body useless when the plague erupted from its core. She was sure that the after affects, the exhaustion, is what took her daughter. A small crazed cackle escaped her mouth and grew with intensity as she planted her feet at the top of the mountain, a place well worn from many before her that came to do the same thing.

    I have come to ask for mercy. she shouts to the sky to no-one in particular, she had never done this she had only heard whispers from those who had I have lost to much already. My parents were taken by a beast of fangs and claws in attempts to protect me. My surrogate mother taken by a growth in her side that consumed her very soul. And NOW my daughter, my only semblance of a family, grew inside my loins. I FELT her toss and turn, growing every day, only to loss her to the plague that still wrecks havoc upon my body. A tear threatens to break from her eyes and her voice hitches momentarily. Lethy pauses, her face dropping towards the earth as she attempts to collect herself. I am tired of not being strong enough, quick enough, or capable of stopping my collection of losses.... I do not know exactly what I come seeking today. Whether it is for power, or to simply forget and move on. I just know that I can not do anything with a broken heart and a broken body. 

    She waits patiently for an answer far above the land she will most certainly have to return to. Though she is hoping to be granted something to help ease her shattered heart and her diseased body, she is completely unaware that her mind is also broken and she may one day regret this decision.
    forget me not; but never remember

    Tldr; Lethy lost her filly and is emotionally and physically broken. She wishes to not be so vulnerable. I do not know what trait to petition for. She is losing her mind, which I do not want fixed atm. <3
    Lethy would like to petition for healing powers
    All hail the Queen of the Boards.
    The mare yells at the sky, as so many of them do, unsure how to summon them. The truth is, she knows before they even come, though she waits until they are there, standing on the top of the mountain exhausted and unsure. It’s part of the trial, after all, the first step to earning a power they have only before dreamed of. This one knows loss, and Wysteria appears before speaking (somewhat unusual for her). “You cannot stop the inevitable, no matter your gifts. I have more power than you can imagine, and yet, I cannot control the outcome of things.”

    Life, magic, simply didn’t work that way.

    “I will give you what you seek, but first, be sure you truly want it. Talk to three immortals who have seen more than their fair share of life. Find out what it is like to be unable to stop the inevitable, and come back and tell me what you have learned.”

    And with that, she is gone.


    Lethy has rolled a 2 and received a quest. Talk to 3 immortals who have been alive long enough to know true loss and return once you’ve learned what it’s like to lose others, despite power you may have.
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