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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    let's join! - x
    Horse's Full Name: Anuya
    Breed: Arabian Hybrid
    Age: 40
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Dusk sky (if you guys have a better way to describe though it by all means have at it: https://sta.sh/0aat3z2l87t )
    Player Out of Character Name: Squirt
    How did you find Beqanna? (optional): Leah and Colby pressured me into showing my face around here again
    Anything else you'd like to include: traits: Equus Fae, Immortal (though I think immortal's part of the fae thing so I don't know if it needs to be listed separately, I'm still figuring out this fancee new trait system); spoke to Officer Leah who gave the a-okay and this description:

    Equus Fae: A melding of horse and fairy. Elongated ears, colorful coats and mane/tail. Can use the abilities of a fairy, including: super senses, telepathy, and limited telekinesis Character may have up to 4 spaces of traits. If there is a fitting trait not listed, feel free to contact an owner or officer.

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