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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    woulda gave you everything, meraxes
    my heart is violent because it learned how to bleed at a young age
    when it is hungry I feed it with shaking hands.

    Today he has finally convinced his mother to let him play without her standing over him. His grin almost doesn’t fit across his handsome face as he rushes from her side, sparing only a few seconds to kiss her goodbye. Although Ophanim has not taught him to fly and his wings are certainly not large enough to lift him yet, the little black and gold appendages spread wide as they begin to learn their strength. Stars glimmer and gleam across the ink-black splashes across his body while the gold shines in the light of the winter sun but Malone doesn’t seem to appreciate how beautiful he is. To him, he is just a blend between his parents.

    His small hooves carry him quickly to the heart of Loess while he skims across the minds of those around him. The boy flips through their thoughts like a rolodex in search of anything that might interest him for the time being. Occasionally, he touches back to his mother’s mind – the easiest for him to find – to make sure she isn’t trying to call him home just yet.

    His eyes are dark blue with paler freckles across his irises, complete with black sclera to make the stare seem more intense than it really is. Malone’s stare spots another little boy like him but his gold is accompanied with pristine white. He briefly slows to a stop when he spots him and his thin chest heaves to catch its breath. Maybe this one could be a friend? His smile blossoms once more and he rushes forward, tucking his wings tight to his back as though it might make him more aerodynamic.

    Meraxes is a year older and much more filled out than Malone, but rather than envy his brother, he is instead in awe of him. The younger boy skitters around him in a tight circle to observe his sibling, too enthralled to even remember to thumb through his thoughts as his mother had taught him.

    Finally, his knobby-kneed legs skid to a halt in front of his brother, a new grin gleefully spread across his face.

    Hi! I’m Malone!” he says eagerly, little legs stepping in place as he tries to contain his excitement. “You look really strong. Can we be friends?
    m a l o n e
    meraxes hi he loves his brother already.
    Starsin has done her very best to make young Meraxes feel unwelcome so far, but he is not so easily deterred away from the land that his father is in. It is an interesting place, with so much to accidentally get hurt on and stretch his abilities to the max. His mother had encouraged it before she so abruptly left him to fend for himself – test yourself, she had told him with a wicked smile. Test yourself and so just how strong you really are. So, for the most part, he spends most of his days doing just that, testing his abilities to see just what he can recover from.

    So far, he can heal himself from any hurt he’s inflicted upon himself. It doesn’t even leave a scar! His perfect gold and white body is completely unmarked, despite the harm he has done, and it leaves him in awe of his own body. His mother had never disclosed her own magicks to him in the short time they were together, and he doesn’t think he gets the power from his dad, either. The dragon stuff, yeah, but this is something that is all his own and he is so proud of it.

    He is alone, as usual, when he spots the golden blur speeding his way and he watches his little brother with a smile on his face – for who could this be, but Ophanim’s child? His icy eyes sparkle in delight as Malone slides to a clumsy halt in from of him, and he giggles at the boy. “You must be my brother, then,” he declares, standing up a little straighter to represent a good role model to him. “I’m Meraxes, and of course we can be friends!”

    Turning to the side, he gives his brother a sly grin. “Watch this!” he exclaims, then opens his mouth as a burst of fire explodes from it, alighting a nearby shrub. “Isn’t that cool?”

    my heart is violent because it learned how to bleed at a young age
    when it is hungry I feed it with shaking hands.

    He’s fortunate in that his mother listens patiently while he rambles on and on about the different siblings he’s met right here in Loess. Alita tolerates him following her like a shadow while the serpent twins allow him into their games of tag. Still, he’s calm enough to glance through Meraxes’ thoughts and he finds himself troubled to find out that he doesn’t feel welcome within the family. The gold and star covered boy will have to be twice as kind to make up for her disdain, he figures. (Which won’t be hard since he’s already his eldest brother’s number one fan.)

    I’m Malone!” he finds himself repeating as the older colt gives his name. The foal has already forgotten that he’s given his name in his haze of excitement, a wide smile across his handsome young face. His fluff of a tail wiggles back and forth like an excited puppy when Meraxes agrees that they should be friends. Malone’s wings puff up and his soft hooves dance in place.

    But then the other instructs him to watch and he obeys, black and blue eyes widening joyously when his sibling breathes a jet of fire. He does a little jump backward on his spindly legs but a laugh escapes his throat as he observes this small miracle with wonder. Amazing! Malone feels the last bubbles of his giggling fall quiet as he turns his eyes back to Meraxes now, his gaze full of adoration and respect.

    That was the coolest! I can’t do anything like that,” he admits, thought he fact doesn’t seem to cast any sort of gloom over him as he says it. The tiny boy has no need for fire as he doesn’t care for fighting or destruction, but rather enjoys simple moments like this instead. He likes knowing that his brother is sincere in their bonding and not at all like the people his mother warned him about. “I’m sorry Mom isn’t nice to you. I know Dad likes you though!

    He can remember the image of a younger Meraxes arriving in Loess flashing across Ophanim’s mind. There was a flicker of kind thoughts revolving around the boy’s face and the corner of their father’s lips curled into a smile, the same one he got when Malone told him good morning. The young mind reader always sees an abundance of warmth and love within his father’s mind when it comes to their little family. He hopes that his brother can find a way to see it too.
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