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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    my watch begins; any
    He lingers in the shadows, the stark white of his face turning nearly molten with the brilliance of the volcano’s lava. The once barely protruding bulbs on his forehead now nearly spiral into the thick of his neck, where cascading obsidian and ivory tendrils of his mane touch the musculature of his shoulder. He sharpens the twisted horns on the igneous rock, the sound grating and unruly. No longer a child, the young stallion keeps a rather solitary life shrouded beneath the darkness of the volcano.

    Warden’s eyes are as dark as the world around him. There is no brightness, so unlike the crystal blue that is known to his family. His eyes are deep and endless, like the ocean’s tide after a storm.

    He had been born into the epidemic. He watched his father wither first - a King - into the disease. He still has dreams about rivers of blood ever-flowing from gaping mouths, despite his parent’s attempt to keep the reality of the sickness away from him. Darkness and curdling blood ravaged his mind since he was a child, leaving him frightened yet strangely independent. He is no longer afraid of the disease that had wracked Beqanna - instead, he had been angry at the evil that had taken hold of nearly everyone he loved, as well as the innocent. That anger still blisters beneath the patched auburn and ivory of his skin, wanting justice for those that perished and peace for those who remain.

    He has been too young then, of course.

    Raising his head, the stallion steps out from the canopy of the volcano and into a deep night littered with stars. Great, white wings spread from his sides, shadows pooling into each downy feather. With a great rush of wind, he leaps upward, taking flight into the Tephran skies.

    The horned stallion lands heavily on the sparkling sand of the beach, stained black by the constant plumage of smoke from the volcano. With a fluid movement, his ivory wings fold into his sides with a rush of air smelling of ash and salted ocean wind. Turning his head, his white lips pull and tug at out of place feathers, preening them so they lay comfortably.

    All is quiet at this early hour, save for the rhythmic pulse of black waves against a star-studded shoreline.

    Jakub follows the worn path before him, leading him towards the white noise of the oceans shoreline. He seemed to be doing alot of that lately following paths, walking in others footsteps. At the moment he did not mind, he knew he would need to learn about those who came before him especially since he had not been in Beqanna long, and Tephra even shorter yet.

    His tail flicked back and forth in simple content as his gaze made its way to the midnight skies as dark as his own coat, only saved by the scattering of clear, bright stars. He smiled fondly as his mind wondered to his days from before Beqanna, when his mother used to pull him close and talk to him about the stars.

    All of the greatest horses live amongst the skies. The Gods smiled upon them with pride as they lead nobly here and when it was their time to go, they plucked them from the ground and planted them, see just there, to continue watching over their herds. One day, I believe, you will be placed among them

    A tear threatened to escape Jakubs eye, a tender moment quickly replaced. As Jakub blinked away the memories of his mother he hadn't noticed the green earth give way to the ashy sand lining the shore beneath his feet, or the horn, winged, stallion standing across the way.

    His ears perked with caution calling out to the stallion as to alert him of his presence, his black midnight frame may not be so obvious in the darkness of the night. Though, Jakub did appreciate how clear the sky was tonight.

    Hello, friend? What brings you to the waters edge tonight? he said sounding equal parts protective of his Tephran home and curiously friendly.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Tephra inhabitant (Alpha)
    He had been gone a long while - left as a colt and returned as a stallion - and the notion is all too clear when a stranger approaches him, realizing that though Tephra was his birthplace, that he had no name here. His ivory ears prick forward as his head turns towards the stallion that approaches him, a soft snort leaving his nostrils. The stars illuminate the stranger’s path while Warden’s dark eyes remain unwavering and motionless. There had been a time when he knew each and every soul within Tephra. Now he is the stranger being greeted.

    Warden swallows, shuffling his wings gently before settling them tightly against his auburn sides, starkly white against the darkness of his barrel. Small splotches of white glow etheraly on his chest and shoulders in the dim light, his chin tipping upwards in silent greeting to the dark stallion that now stands before him. He’s young - probably around Warden’s own age, actually - and though there is friendliness in his voice, the winged stallion can tell that he is not here merely to make a new friend.

    “Revisiting some memories,” Warden admits idly, his oceanic eyes shifting from the black colt towards the equally black skies.  It was half true - Tephra had been his home and he hoped to make it just that again. He should be finding his parents and his family, perhaps even learning of their whereabouts during his departure while the plague was ravaging all of Beqanna - but he’d rather be here, wading in starlit tide pools and soaring through open, ashen skies.

    “Call me Warden,” he offers mildly, hoping that giving his name would soothe any suspicion that the other might have about his sudden presence on the vacant beach.


    Jakub nodded at the stallions short reply Nice to meet you Warden, I'm Jakub. If you have memories am I right to assume you are from here? I have not been here long, I'm not familiar with everyone who resides here yet. Jakub eased his stance slightly as he waited for his companions reply. He was curious, if Warden did not live here was aware of the recent changes of leadership and the increasing friction between Tephra and Loess. Tephra was an open land, this is what Magnus had taught him during their first lesson, but visitors could be potentially dangerous if they were not allies.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Tephra inhabitant (Alpha)

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