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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    you're like a wildfire { Castile, any }

    remember you could weep fire
    She glides effortlessly and gracefully through thickening grey nimbus on marigold and ivory wings. Her long tousled locks drift behind her, lapping at the air, the sound is soft like salty ocean waves in the distance. Travel was something she enjoyed, though the  coming winter was in the air, and it nipped at her skin. Sending the occasional shiver through her body. The island of Ischia was a bit warmer than is was this far inland, she was already spoiled. Plus, the beaches reminded her of her birthplace, the coast of Nerine. 

    It was not long before Valera found a good place to set down, and she settled softly onto the land with a lofty trot. She was graceful, light as a feather. Her mother would be proud of the woman she grew into. She had not seen Nayl in a long time, and the same goes for the rest of her family. After her long bout of adventure, her family had seemed to disperse and her home was now filled with faces that were not familiar to her. So, she had decided to set out to find them. She tried her best to follow old scents. She could never forget the smell of her family, even though now their smells would be entangled with that of their new home. No longer would the salty scent of Nerine's coast cling to their coats. Even she lost the brine on her golden and white painted coat. Now she smelled of many places, having not settled in one place long enough to carry it's aroma.

    She walks along well worn paths among rocky hills, lined with hardy greenery that was not yet ready to give into the threat of cold weather. Her tail drags behind her like the train of a silken brides's dress, her long wavy mane drifts softly in the cool breezes that were coming from the mountains that overlooked this land. Carnelian eyes wide, her golden ears perked forward, alert as she spots horses in the distance. She was cautious, as she was not sure where she was, and didn't know whether the horses here were friendly to strangers or not. Stopping a safe distance away, she lifts her fine head and draws the air of the rocky foothills into her lungs. A familiar smell? Its pretty strong over the rest. She wonders..another family member? She takes another step forward, a soft call rings from her. Her voice echoing through the air, waiting to fall on ears below. She hoped whoever lived here was pleasant, and she hoped even more to be reunited with even a small part of her family.
    Nayl x Lior
    and underneath the layers, I find myself asking what's left
    a hollowed out form, the skeleton of a ghost, the pitiful echo of what once was
    Their family has always been tightly knit. Mother and father have created a legacy that still continues to thrive and feast on the impenetrable knot they’ve established. There is love, eternal and fierce, that is rare in this festering, dark world. Even as Castile’s eyes rove across the plagued landscape, even as his ears pick up the hacking coughs and delusional conversations, he is still able to glance down at his children and parents and smile.

    They, alone, are the joy in this world as it continues to recede into pestilence.

    But among them, there has been a sibling that slipped through the cracks. There isn’t the same bond as with Isobell, but there is, of course, a familial love that would welcome her into their warm embrace. Valera, a child last he remembered, has since vanished. Her scent is a memory, fading as a decade passes since he last pressed his lips to her newborn head. It would’ve been easy to forget her in her silence, but among the family, she was, oddly, most unique which has always made it impossible for her to leak from his thoughts.

    They are all dark – smoky black, tobiano, brooding – but she was the light.

    It’s funny how Valera eases herself back into his mind only hours prior to her homecoming. Although this isn’t Nerine, it is still a land currently hosting their brood. Most are in the cave on the eastern edge of the mountains, tucked away comfortably, while Castile takes to roaming as is his routine. He doesn’t expect to see her, but reminiscing of her birth makes it strangely easy to find her when she reaches the border and calls out in her honeyed voice.

    ”Valera,” he questions when he finds her, ”Is that really you?” It has been so long – too long – but it doesn’t refrain him from pulling her into his embrace. Her orange eyes – much like mother’s – stare at him and confirm his suspicions that she has certainly returned not only to him, but to them all. ”You’ve come back,” his voice lowers, dumbfounded, as he retracts a few steps to scrutinize all the soft edges of her face that he remembers. Her bright face has always stood out in the crowd of her hooded and brooding family. Reaching forward, he brushes her forelock aside. ”Tell me of your adventures, sister.”



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