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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    An old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind

    ”You aren’t like the boys,” Nayl murmurs to her daughter as she tousles her forelock. Cyprin merely stares out from their mountainside cave, her eyes roving across the open expanse of Loess. From afar, she has watched father and her brothers take flight, their bodies seamlessly shifting between horse and dragon. ”No,” she murmurs, torn between jealousy and pride. Their blood is of dragon, and yet she has no wings, no fire.
    Eyes, mother once said. Cyprin’s eyes administer enough a reminder of the lineage thrumming in her veins.
    They dart from the distant cacti to instead regard Nayl in a moment’s silence. Mother doesn’t stand out like them – like the boys – but there is an air about her, a quiet strength. ”I’m like you,” she whispers with a soft grin peeling back her lips. Mother nods, her expression melting in fondness before ushering a nod. ”Yes, now go explore.” It would be easier to seclude the child and tuck her into the cave until adulthood, but she no longer has enemies to fear; her children are free to roam.
    Cyprin offers an agreeable nod before turning away and clambering down the mountainside. Figments of her power reach out like tendrils, but they are weak, unpracticed. Unknowingly, she gives life to surrounding pebbles, but they only tumble as though knocked by her own feet. Paying them no mind, Cyprin descends until the sparse grass takes place of gravel and rock. A final glance searches the lip of the cave above her, but then she moves farther away with curious eyes darting back and forth. Her siblings are elsewhere, practicing and flirting with gravity, while she remains grounded and alone.

    lior and nayl

    picture by Jiamin Zhu on pinterest
    Okay, so meeting his dad for the first time hadn’t gone over too well, butt Mer isn’t completely turned off of Loess yet. Ophanim’s wife hadn’t seemed all too excited about his existence, but the troubles slip the young boy’s mind as he parts from them, and by the next day her anger is all but forgotten. He is not excited to cross paths with her again, but so far, he has not come across the pretty, angry star-mare again. There are a lot of horses here to get lost in, and that’s what he’s been doing for the past few days – just observing everyone.

    His sharp eyes fall upon a girl a few hundred yards away, his reptilian eyes tracing curiously over her coat that is so dark blue it is almost black. He watches as she traces her way down the mountainside, pebbles that are nowhere near her hooves tumbling down with her. She is pretty – so much prettier than father’s star-wife – and he smiles as she reaches solid ground and begins to explore. A new friend? Why not?

    At least he won’t be completely alone here if he makes a friend or two.

    He whinnies as he approaches her at a confident trot, his gold-and-white head lifted high as his clawed feet tear up the ground beneath his hooves. “Hi!” he exclaims as he gets within earshot, grinning broadly. She may be jealous of her brothers, and unable to fly, but the young dragon-child is also flightless, so maybe he can help her feel not so alone, too.

    “I’m Meraxes, what’s your name?” he asks her as he stops, his stubby tail flicking back and forth. He wants to show her the cool trick he had shown his father, but he’s not sure how well she’ll take it, so he resists. Perhaps showing off to a pretty girl by trying to slice a limb off isn’t such a good idea.
    bite my glass, set myself on fire; can't you tell i'm crass?
    An old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind

    All Cyprin has known thus far is the dragon’s den – her family. Outsiders never scale the mountain or disturb the monsters lying within the gaping cavern. Castile is certain to maintain seclusion and privacy for his family by steering meetings far from the eastern border. While it provided comfort, it has in turn borne an uncertainty within the girl when faced with new faces.

    Her heart leaps when the molten boy closes the distance between them, blurring the lines of stranger and acquaintance. Instinctively, Cyprin glances over her shoulder toward the rocky trail that leads to the nest. Her slit pupils contract as the sun dances across her during the seconds of contemplation before a steadying breath is drawn to face him courageously. ”Hello,” she says, her voice airy and light as an innocent smile wrinkles the edges of her mouth. Truthfully, she wants to be as exuberant as him, but her ignorance and reclusive history betray her. Unfortunately, she isn’t as bold as her niece and siblings.

    Perhaps one day.

    Meraxes, he offers in the kindest of tones that is matched by a softened expression. Curiosity lures her a step closer as she notices his own reptilian eyes. Her own flash to a vibrant lavender as she breathes him in for the first time. ”Meraxes,” she repeats with a broadening grin before her eyes simmer to an attractive shade of teal, ”I’m Cyprin.” Everyone has simply known her name since the first time mother uttered it, and so it is strange to say it with her own tongue. He, Meraxes, is obviously doesn’t belong to their brood and yet his reptilian discrepancies say otherwise. She says nothing of it, not yet. Instead, she simply asks, ”Do you live here, too?”

    lior and nayl

    picture by Jiamin Zhu on pinterest

    Despite having dragon’s blood himself, he can’t say that he’s ever wondered what it would be like to take to the skies. He is more reptilian than draconic, he thinks, with his slitted pupils and the fact that he’s bound to the ground. The talons on his feet and the firebreathing tell him otherwise, and the fact that his father is very much draconic, but he almost thinks of himself more like one of the many snakes he has seen about Loess than the dragons that take to the skies, like Castile and Ophanim and so many others.

    He has also never dreamt of a day where he would be shy, or even uncertain around new faces. He’s never had to be careful so far in his life, so why should he start now? He can see the uneasiness on her face so so he doesn’t step to close, but grins as her eyes shift color and she repeats his name before offering her own. “You have a pretty name!” he tells her, for lack of anything else to say, then ducks his head briefly in embarrassment before flinging it upwards, practically prancing in place.

    She asks if he lives here and Mer nods exuberantly, his own icy blue eyes twinkling. “I do,” he explains with a smile. “My dad, Ophanim, lives here, so I came to live with him, too! Starsin isn’t too happy about it, but she’s funny anyways.” He doesn’t take the time to explain the mechanics of it – he was born of a one-night stand with the golden angel boy, not out of love like she probably was. He doesn’t know how naïve to the world she is, but he doesn’t want to ruin it if she truly doesn’t realize.

    Taking a step back, he glances around to the whole of Loess surrounding them. “Do you wanna go play?” he asks her, eyes gleaming. Please say yes.


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