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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    [open]  Keep dreaming all you want; Dizzy pon

    keep your dreams in check

     The stallion is quite hopeful that his visit to the Island Resort will end in a few new blooming friendships, he had been rather gloomy for the past few weeks and needed someone to spice things up for him. 
    The stallion rushes out of Hyaline and crosses the border of Taiga, a truly enchanting place, shrouding the grulla paint in darkness, small beams of light breaking through the thick canopy of the redwoods. 
    The scent that carries through the forest is magical, enticing him to explore it for a while, but today was not going to be the day, the Island Resort called to him instead. Rouhi picks up his pace, his legs trailing across the pine-filled forest floor in a discreet manner.

    It doesn't take too long for the stallion to exit the Taiga, already feeling the warmth that Tephra offered as he entered the kingdom quietly, he was usually quick enough to move unnoticed, only here to explore rather than cause any trouble.
    The stallion crosses the land with a large volume of energy, content on arriving at the Island Resort as quickly as possible.

    Soon the male reaches the water that separates Tephra from the Island Resort, the stallion gulps down the air for a moment as he looks at the distance. Technically the male could just fly over the water, but he had never learned how to do so and the water was now terrifying to him after the recent quest he had embarked on; drowning in a dream of fear.
    The stallion takes a few moments to move his sombre body, dipping his hoof into the water, allowing his winged body to breach the surface, rushing to the other side with his wings balancing him, propelling him forward across the water, his legs flailing below him in a panic.

    When he reaches the other side he is relieved, dropping his soaked wings to his side as he exhales deeply, he was completely fine.
    The stallion is drained of all emotion by now, feeling rather mellow as he begins to walk, stopping only a few meters away, he did not want to enter the kingdom without consent first. 
    Rouhi allowed a whimper to pass through his lungs, announcing that he had just arrived in a friendly manner, his explorative spirit suddenly doused as he stood in the warm air completely soaked.
    The stallion shakes his pelt gently and looks around the tropical island, it is rather stunning but for now, it does not wake his desires, it keeps him hushed for now. 


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    Dizzy had some thinking to do, the kind that couldn’t be done with her kids at her side. She left Defy with his daddy, gave the girls a little space to wander and explore their home or cuddle up to their dad, and gave herself a moment to let go. To set aside all of the pressure, all of the need pulling her in different directions, and just breathe. She walked, using the slow rhythm of her steps to quiet the noise in her head.

    She’d gotten mostly used to the kids touching her, innocent little bumps of their small bodies against her side, snuggles and cuddles and pleas for attention and love. But touch was still a tricky thing after the horrors she’d been through, and some days it took all she had to pretend otherwise. Her skin felt hypersensitized, like she could almost feel the healing energy still vibrating along the surface of her, still coaxing new hair to grow back in wild black and white patches that splayed and sprawled across her body, their stitched edges making her feel just a little ragged, like a doll that had been patched together one too many times.

    She could remember a time when she didn’t care who touched her, took easy pleasure in the brush of lips against her skin or the sharp pinch of teeth quickening her heartbeat so deliciously. She could still remember the not-so-innocent girl she’d been, playing dangerous games with her brother, trying to teach him to own the pain the world would throw at him long before she had any notion of what true pain was. Funny, she’d probably caused him more than the rest of the world ever would. No way to take it back, though, no way to unhurt him.

    With a heavy sigh, she carried on, not really knowing where her feet were taking her. Just following the pull of the tempestuous sea, letting herself meander toward the ocean. It wasn’t until she heard the soft call of a stranger that she paused, feet stuttering to a stop, dark brown eyes widening warily and taking in her surroundings with a bit more care. Her gaze settled on the stranger, and she hesitated. He was male, which instantly put her on edge. But she couldn’t be paranoid of every strange man she encountered for the rest of her life, and honestly if she started screaming here on the island someone would probably come help her out.


    Suspicion colored her voice when she managed to make it work. “Hello,” she said, eying the stranger warily. “Who are you?”

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    keep your dreams in check

    The painted stranger is not particularly hopeful when he stands in the balmy island, his eyes concentrated on watching the ocean crash against the golden beaches, his smile hiding away behind his curiosity, his soul ready to ignite, ready to explore these new lands.
    Though the man is patient, he will not allow his body to take control, to leap away from the sand and take flight, soaring into the sky above.

    At the thought of the sky, Rouhi peers up into the bright blue, he had never tried to fly, usually just allowing his wings to decorate his sides, too terrified of what hid above the clouds.
    But even he would have to find out one day, especially since he had so many to live through.

    A strained and somewhat cautious voice rings back to him, his ears now curved toward the stranger, his stature arched over as he turns to face her, his thoughts returning from the sky, the image of patterned blue now changing to black and white, his head tilting toward the mare as he turns around properly to face her.
    His hooves gently drape over the grains of damp gold as he takes a step forward, an arch appearing in his neck as he returns the greeting "Hello there" he allows a soft smile to pass along both corners of his muzzle, his eyes dimly lit as he halts gently, his legs softly sinking into the sand.

    "I am Rouhi" his gentle voice seeps back into the hushed volume of land, his eyes fluttering for a moment. He wonders how many times he must have introduced himself by now, his desire to be with another at all times always driving him forward, creating an attachment to each soul he met, whether it was living or not.

    The mare looks quite suspicious of him, quite rightly so, he was some random horse entering what was probably her homeland. But to Rouhi it seemed a little different, to him, it looked as if he was not meant to be here, unwanted, an outcast to those he yearned to meet.

    The stallion takes another step forward, his legs languidly pacing forward "I hope I am not intruding" worry echoes in his voice, a hope spurring him on, hoping that he was here for a reason.


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