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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    My heart is a weapon of war; Anninux

    She can't remember much of last night, only the thick aroma of sweet milk, and honey suckles cradled with the sweet edge of her mothers vocals. The memory is simply a blur, everything happened so quickly, she doesn't remember her mothers face or rather what her mother looked like, only the scent of honey suckles lingered within her mind. For all she saw was a skeleton, a rather gruesome sight for a newborn child of her intellect, but for her it almost felt natural. For all she could see was the intricate alignment of bones, creating a being, layers of tissue and skin escaped her vision. It felt so natural viewing the world through his peculiar lense of bones creating a magnificent structure that held such complexities that she simply couldn't wrap her mind around.

    She's a curious little thing, her mind whirling with the peculiarities of this world, she finds herself exploring every inch of the den, she's aware fo the other children surrounding her, as they all lay dormant, as small piles of bones neatly tucked together. She passes a few her violet gaze eyeing them with such wonder, inspecting every inch of their skeletal bodies, their legs so long, and disproportionate. She didn't even realize that she herself was just like them, long legged and so ever small. Yet she was different, her teeth were much more elongated and sharp, like small needles protruding from her gums, her body is fitted with a peculiar looking formation of bone like structures along her sides, which she can obviously move and extend, yet she doesn't quite know what they are. She's seen the same structure on other foals, and she presumes they're some sort of wing like appendage, but hers are scarcely different in that they are transparent, and the structure mirrors that of a butterfly's wing, adorned with a translucent violet sheen. 

    She wanders aimlessly, prancing with her long legs, her ebony and iridescent body shimmering in the sunlight as she bounded about playfully. Curious about this new world, and what it has in store for her.  Her attention flickering from one thing to another, anything that moves catches her eye, a frog hopping about the pebbles that line a very shallow stream, the fish that dash about within the contents of the water, and as curious as she is she can't help herself. So she plunges her hooves into the water splashing about, the minnows beneath her dart up stream to safety, as the frog she had spotted flees the scene of the splash zone. She releases a sweet laugh as she prances about all by herself, already very independent!

    my heart is a weapon of war


    Rough starter for this lovely <3
    [Image: 75067_rapunzel_habitat_chameleon_natmikh...63ddc4.png]
    Immortal Floral Carnivorous Winged Chameleon Shifter

    It is the sound of small footsteps hitting the water that attract the mother, her mind quickly darting to think of Castaneis, was he here of all places?
    The mother weaved through the trees that decorate the palace of flora, her small back body twisting and turning to fit through the crevices, vaulting over fallen trees that once stood tall and proud.

    A small frog darts past her in a panicked motion, its small jaw emitting tiny insignificant noises at it sped past the shallow ground.
    The mare can smell the lake before she sees it, a rather sweet and inviting smell to her. A figure walks in the shallow pool, a small statue reflected by the slowly moving water, but it was most definitely not Castaneis, she would have known immediately, but why was it alone.
    The mare was cautious, since sinner's attack the mare was extremely careful when coming across strangers, she did not know if it was an adult in form of a child, she simply couldn't trust anyone at this point in her life, she needed self-assurance.
    But for whatever reason, the mare does not back down. Instead, she moves forward, her voice sweet and welcoming as she opens in speech "Hello there, I'm Anninux. What are you doing here all alone?" she asks, a simple question perhaps weirdly worded in her terms.
    The mare didn't really want to hear the answer, the wide variety was daunting, what if she had been abandoned, or if she had done the same as Castaneis. Her smile appears anyway, she didn't want to make the little one nervous after all.

    The mare herself was slightly anxious, her ears propped up to listen to what the smaller figure had to say, her frame almost leaning to appear smaller, a lot more inviting rather than aggressive looking, a submissive gesture.

    — those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery —

    <3 Davina Anni always refuses to fall sick so The Plague
    Davina has been infected by the plague (rolled a 5).
    She will show symptoms (rolled a 3).
    She will not express a trait (rolled a 4).

    Anninux has been infected by the plague (rolled a 3).
    She will show symptoms (rolled a 5).
    She will not express a trait (rolled a 2).

    Fixated on the water beneath her slender frame, Davina hardly takes notice to the fact that she indeed has company. She stares down at the surface of the water, soon growing placed by her cease of movement, and she finds her own reflection staring right back. Armed with delicate skeletal features, a rather angular yet sloped skull, she couldn't help but stare in almost admiration with herself. Yet her attention flickers within a moment as sweet feminine vocals reach her inky lobes.

    Before her stands a tall creature, constructed by the intricate formation of long, yet mildly slender bones. She doesn't know what this creature looks like from the very reference of their skeletal structure, but what she does know its within the same species of herself. Her vibrant eyes grace the being before her,  "I'm not alone, there are others here." Her crown swivels meeting the several piles of bones of those who lay dormant on the earth. "Why are you alone?" She questions, perhaps the subject was inappropriate, but for a child without a filter the very question seemed necessary.

    She remains silent keen on getting an answer, for she hadn't seen such a large creature wandering through the den. Except, for last night when she peered through the undergrowth where she was cradled by the intoxicating smell of sweet milk, thats when she saw a large creature rise from beside her and leave. That large creature, was what she came to assume was her mother, who had left her here for some god forsaken reason.

    Her mind wanders for a moment, as she stepped out of the shallow stream to meet the stranger, no too close, but within a reasonable distance, for if things went wrong she could flee. There is a stark moment of silence between the two, as a cold wind seeps into the very depths of her body, she can feel it stirring within her chest. The feeling is dark, and it shrouds her for a moment, until she releases a cough from her pale lips, and then a another becoming rather violent. Then her vision hazes, and color flashes before her eyes and she jumps, she can no longer see that what builds this world, tissue and flesh no longer escapes her vision for she can see the world how it's supposed to be seen, and it's overwhelming. 

    Her gaze reaches the being before her, who she can make as another of her species, a friend not a foe. The mattress body is encompassed in ebony, her head adorned with a singular alabaster star. "What just happened?" She expels, releasing a violent cough to follow. "I can see." She adds, her mind whirling with confusion, and wonder.

    my heart is a weapon of war


    Anninux So basically she's not the friendliest just yet cause no social skills (Duuuuh) and she has no filter she kind of just says what happens.

    The mare's previous assumption of the child being alone was perhaps wrong, she had not been able to smell anything else, an assumption she placed comfortably as usual, the smaller equine moves slightly closer to her, Anninux understands why she is wary of her, a large horse approached a rather defensless foal is something to be wary for, the kid is sensible to act in such a way.
    The child now asks her a question, one that almost falls silent on her ears, questioning why she was alone. She was not expecting to be asked such questions but let it pass for now, she was young and probably still learning, and even though she was slightly stunned by the question she still returned an answer "I'm not sure, it is a good question, my child is gone and I was looking for him" she puts it simply, the interest in this place solely peaked on finding her child, but now focused on the small filly.

    The small creature suddenly becomes quite clumsy, her eyes flickering in a manner in which she found quite concerning "Are- Are you alright?" she asks in concern as she takes a step forward, nearing the smaller creature, her nose drooped slightly, her motherly instinct already exploding with thousands of senses.
    The small one then asked what had happened, the mare shakes her head "I'm not quite sure" a soft tone is all she could provide, for now, she didn't know how to handle the situation yet, she didn't even get the chance to learn when her own child disappeared.
    I can see. These words were also slightly concerning, the mare's head twisting in curiosity as she spoke "You can see what?" the mare frowned as she stepped closer and closer.

    After a few steps the mare was already quite close to the smaller critter, she moved languidly, as to not scare her or cause her to worry, the mare's eyes loomed over the smaller one, her body planting itself in front of the child, if she was laying down perhaps she would appear as less of a threat.  

    — those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery —

    Davina All good, Anni also needs to learn how to be a mother properly cause her naughty child ran off lol, let the mother 101 begin

    Her mind whirls for a moment or two before settling, her vision flickering about.She hardly pays any mind to the mare who inquires her with a tone of concern. As her vision begins to haze back to normal, skeletal features welcome her sight. Everything is normal, yet she can't help but wonder what the hell just happened? Everything was cold, and then her vision changed briefly for a moment or two, followed by her violent fits of coughing. Was she sick? Was there something wrong with her? Her thoughts dwindled within her mind, the very thing was unexplainable. All she knows now is that she feels fine, other than back of her throat begins to grow sore with sick as she expels another violent cough. Her gaze lifts sharing a rather lost look with Aninux."I'm okay I think..." She trails her voice growing a bit raspy from her coughing fits.

    Her little mind riddled with confusion, she looks to the mare again who know she finds has settled down beside her. The mare's face now at eye level the little girl can now truly inspect the mares features, her skeletal construction is gentle and soft, every bone masterfully crafted with such grace, she can't help but wonder what this mare truly looked like, "I can see you now..." She responds, her gaze wondering for a moment or two, she knew it would be too hard to explain what she could see and couldn't, and perhaps it would frighten the mare, she couldn't have her first company be frightened way now could she?

    "I can try and help you find him–your son." She changes the subject quickly away from her vision, as to not rest on the subject. 

    my heart is a weapon of war


    Anninux Sorry for the wait! <3

    The couldn't bear listening to the raging cough that the filly had conjured, a rather unfortunate beginning to a fateful meeting, her body moving to almost cradle the smaller one, a motherly instinct taking over, but she shouldn't seem too worried, this way the smaller would maybe feel safer and wouldn't be too worried about the coughing.

    "Maybe we should get that sorted out, hmm?" she speaks loudly, her voice travelling a shorter distance now as she moves closer to the smaller one, the mare's heat reaching her almost instantly "Do you have anyone around here that could help? If not, we could head back to The Silver Cove" she simply wanted to help the little one out, the plague obviously had no care in who it gripped, hanging on to each thing it could swoon over.

    She exhales momentarily as she steps back, it would have to the child that decides whether she wants to come along with Anninux, if not, she would still be happy to lead her back to someone who could help, the instinct to care for the smaller one bearing its teeth, unable to do so when her child had left.

    But they wouldn't have to worry about Cast anymore, he was a lost cause, for now, she had to focus and put it to the back of her head no matter what.
    "We don't need to worry about him for now, let's get you some help before we decide to go looking for anything" she smiles as she moves next to the smaller one.  

    — those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery —

    Davina Sorry this is so messy!

    It's a strange feeling to be cradled up beside someone, Davina hadn't had close contact with anyone since her birth. She'd been left on this earth for treason, forever alone, she knew it was fate that brought this mare to her, she feels comfortable beside the ebony women warm barrel, her heart fluttering in her chest. Her violet gaze fixed, her head swiveling about with curiosity, and interest in Anninux. She had never felt warmth like, this and she welcomed it, pressing herself closer into the adult beside her. 

    She doesn't quite understand what needs to be sorted out, but she assumes it has to do with the soreness welling in her throat, and of course her rather violent coughing fits. The feeling is uncomfortable, and she responds with a sullen nod, mildly confused by what has fallen upon her, as she is not aware of the plague sweeping throughout Beqanna, as merely child has little to no knowledge on the subject.  "I don't thinks so..." She responds trailing over, her sweet vocals becoming rough and raspy with every word she expels from her pale lips. "The Silver Cove?" She questions, her lost gaze flickering about. The name seemed interesting, it pulled at the very strings of her curiosity, as she strode closer up the mare's side until her shoulder pressed against Anninux's upper front leg. "Lets go there." She adds, her iridescent pearl lobes flick up with wonder, as she unconsciously folds her transparent wings neatly at her sides.

    The mare adds another note about her last child, her son who she seems a bit too preoccupied to find. She can't help but wonder what this mare's child was like, what hap happened to him or where had he run off too? She sifted through her thoughts, remaining silent a sweet smile forming on her velvet lips, "Alright then, lets go!" She prances forwards, inquisitive violet hues darting over every surface, her wings flutter at her sides with excitement. 

    my heart is a weapon of war


    This is bad ahhhhh xD Anyways just throw a post in Silver Cove for this baby <3

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