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    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    A galaxy awaits: Any
    I'll be your alibi

    As the gray figure steps onto the icy landscape the breeze carries her name, she is nobody, a stranger ready to join a community, earn her name while she was at it.
    The pale silver mare moves her body easily, her hooves caressing the soft snow that melted beneath. Her eyes search the terrain, a galaxy of colour hidden within her orbs, the mare is silent as she halts, she knows that she should not venture too far into the land without announcing herself, it was common courtesy after all.

    The mare's dark lips part to speak, her tone is soft and inviting a soft kiss on the rising breeze "Hello, I am Sidereum" she speaks out loud, her voice carrying on the winter wind, announcing her location.
    The mare takes a few more steps forward, she knows nothing of this land or its inhabitants, she doesn't even know of herself, the only memories she has are those of sleepless nights and bloodthirsty desires.
    The mare is patient, he body shivering from the cold as she stands still, her legs still wet from the previous venture in the water. 

    Her soft muzzle opens once more to speak "Is there anyone out there?" her question comes from the doubt, a doubt hidden in the shallow expansive of her colourful eyes, she hopes she will not be disappointed on arrival, a lady left alone in the cold, even then the female was ready to fend for herself, having done so for many previous years.
    She keeps looking, the land is filled with different scents, horses and other rather weird smells, there had to be someone here, just like her father had said.


    It is kinda short but I didn't want to bore anyone hehe
    The spring winds carried a great number of things through the valley that sat in the middle of the Isle, including the voice of the mare that Nalia heard. It helped that the filly wasn't very far away to begin with, since despite having good hearing her ability was nowhere on par with some of the other animal species that had a greater reach.

    At first, the filly, for once, was hesitant to go investigate the newcomer, if only for regard to her own safety. Being that spring was finally here, and her little one was due rather soon, Nalia did not want to risk running into any trouble that would endanger the life of the foal. She didn't care if Ardashir would've been disappointed in her for that move, she was prioritizing the precious cargo she carried. The instincts of a dam were slowly creeping up on her, even if she didn't realize it at first.

    Nalia crept out of her hiding in the trees, standing at the edge and looking out to see who had spoken. It was a young mare, perhaps twice Nalia's age, but she couldn't tell since they were around the same height. Add in that despite being younger, Nalia had growing to do, so it wasn't an accurate assesment.

    She watched the mare carefully for some time, listening to her question if anyone else dared to call this Isle home. Her name, Sidereum, was unique, but sounded rather pretty. From this distance, Nalia could tell the mare was also exhausted from the swim, and cold, despite winter having departed the Isle. Spring may be here, but the chilled breezes were not yet gone. Nalia was seriously considering traveling back to the mainland for her young one's birth. The only reason holding her back was the Plague.

    When no one came up to speak to the gray mare, Nalia decided to investigate the situation. She moved from under her cover and toward the mare, tucking her wings around her belly as if reassuring herself she could protect the little one growing inside her. The bulge in her abdomen was now quite easy to see, given this was her first pregnancy and she usually looked much slimmer.

    She'd spent time flying while heavily pregnant, just in case, and she remained at the ready if this mare should try anything suspicious. As she got closer, stopping a few yards away, she spoke up to the mare, "Hello Sidereum. Well met; what brings you to the Isle?"

    I'll be your alibi

    She peace of standing alone in the freezing cold was short lived, finally she was approached by someone, a mare with her wings tucked around her stomach, an interesting sight for sure.
    The mare nods her head lightly in greeting as the stranger approaches her, a greeting emerging from her lips. The mare has a lovely colouration, Sidereum takes plenty time to study her admirably before answering the mare's posed question "I am here for no reason really, perhaps I am someone of no past looking to create a new life for myself" her voice is still soft, a whisper carrying toward the stranger mare, a smile spreading across her face lightly as she spoke, taking pride in her purple gaze as she stared at the mare.

    Sidereum wondered if there was any shelter on this island of freezing cold, while the warm breeze that carried from the mainland was reassuring and calming, the mare was still slightly uneasy about all the cold.
    She wasn't used to it either, in her short-lived past, she lived in constant warmth, surrounded by people she adored and respected, they too giving her the warmth she needed.
    Now she was alone, she did not know of where she came from or what life she used to live, all she knew now was that she had to create a new life for herself no matter what, this island could be a start for this.


    For a few brief seconds, the mare didn't answer Nalia's question, the filly onserving how the older horse's eyes glanced over her body. Feeling cautious, Nalia ruffled her wings a little, keeping them close around her stomach. Perhaps the mare wasn't eyeing that area of the filly's body, but Nalia would not take a chance, not with spring so close.

    Sidereum stated she was on the Isle for no other purpose than to find a home and a place to call her own. Nalia wasn't opposed to such an action, since anybody who came here from the mainland deserved the quite and solace this place offered. She made a mental note to at least notify Leilan, since, to her knowledge, he was the one who seemed to be in charge here. Sidereum could be here for another purpose as well, but for the time, she said nothing of the sort. It was fully possible she could be hiding something, but Nalia did not comment.

    It wouldn't do any good to openly display her suspicions since Sidereum hadn't given her any reason to be wary.

    Nalia didn't fail to notice the slight shiver when a cold breeze ran through the valley again, and though she was growing accustomed to it, Sidereum might not be able to claim the same. The filly motioned with her head for the mare to follow, "Let's get out of this cold then, and we'll talk some more later."

    The filly led the way back toward the trees, not having to go far since the nearby trees would do good to block the wind since they were pretty thick. The side of the isle that was close to the mainland didn't have as many trees as the western portion, save for a few outcroppings that would be suitable for one horse for shade, not as shelter from the winter breeze. The west side though, it provided plenty of shelter, which was a good thing. Having to move through the rocky terrain underneath the grass was hard on the legs of someone who wasn't used to living here.

    Once the duo got under cover of the trees, heading a small way in so they wouldn't be standing on the rockier ground, Nalia turned to face the mare again, "Hopefully this is more to your liking. The Isle is most welcoming to those who wish to leave the mainland behind, however, I'd like to ask. What sort of life were you wishing to find here? Surely you don't desire to spend the rest of your days alone."

    I'll be your alibi

    The grey mare happily follows the younger mare back into cover, a shield from the impending wind that was now upon them "Thank You" She whipsers softly as they settle down comfortably, the mare instantly asking her a question regarding herself.
    She is slightly hesitant in replying, she didn't know who she wanted to be yet or who she used to be, one day she woke up and was stranded alone, rendering herself useless, no one around that she could get help from. "Well..." she pauses as she looks around the barren landscape which sort of reflected her memory in a way "To be perfectly honest, I don't know/ I don't know what I want from this place or why I'm here but I feel like its right, you know?" the mare pauses with a heavily exhale "I just need somewhere to belong, someplace that I can develop myself in" she finishes.

    The Icicle Isle seemed like a good place to do just that, make a new version of herself in this kind of terrain, it wasn't particularly the harsh weather she was trying to use to sculpt herself, it was more the companionship and bond you need to survive in such a place, without one another it is impossible to create a comfortable community, impossible to even think of it. While she was at it she could probably also try to figure out how she wound up here in the first place, why she had no memory but still had a fluent personality to display.


    The filly stared calmly as Sidereum offered an explanation, listening with every intent on saying something back that would hopefully help the mare figure out her own desire. But at the end, Nalia didn't really know what to say. She could understand when Sidereum said she felt a sort of... calling, and that's what drew her to the Isle. It was the same desire that drew Nalia to Beqanna all those moons ago before she met Ardashir and settled into Nerine. She could've stayed in her homeland, resumed life with other horses her age until they went their separate ways to form herds.

    But she left, feeling her place was better elsewhere. Something in the future could change her mind, but for the time being, she did not regret listening to her gut.

    At least Sidereum was willing to pull her weight, not just looking for handouts in the kingdom she decided to settle in. Still, there was something about this mare... Nalia couldn't quite put her hoof on it. She'd have to get to know Sidereum first, then she'd make her own personal judgment.

    With that resolve, Nalia spoke up, "I understand your desire, what you wish to get out of being here. I could recommend my own area of specialty, but I will leave the choice to you, for perhaps you favor another course of action rather than words. Leilan will wish to know you are here; I will call for him so you can tell him what you told me. Perhaps he can find a place for you here."

    Nalia turned away from the mare and looked up, tilting her head back slightly and letting out a call for the Nerian stallion. When she was finished, she looked out over the meadow for a sign that he was approaching, speaking to Sidereum again without turning her head back to look at the gray.

    "It should not be long for him to arrive."

    Sidereum Leilan

    Glaciers melting in the dead of night
    and the superstars sucked into the supermassive
    The scaled roan had been to the north, figuring some time alone would be best. Some days he’d wonder about fairies and magic and changes in his life; things he’d done wrong, things he’d done to sort-of make it right. There hadn’t been much that he thought he did very well in his life, always finding a way to get things to go askew. These days, he even wondered if Breckin had retreated so much because of her pregnancy and if so, if it was even a good thing to have another child.

    But he ends up thinking in circles, and the only conclusion he can draw from his poor decisions is that he should do better with this Isle.

    On his way back, a call drifts on the wind. The familiar female voice of Nalia, Ardashir’s mate. She, he thinks, is the reason the great white had agreed to taking a position of leadership on the island; and her decision majorly being influenced by a certain Plague.

    She wouldn’t call him if it wasn’t something she deemed important (she might call Ard instead) - and so he quickens into a trot, crossing the snow-clad meadow to find not just one, but two mares. A grey Lippizaner is with the painted grulla, and the ice-and-gold-clad male nods to her in greeting. ”Welcome to the iciest place in Beqanna,” he grins to her and extends his smile to Nalia, before looking at the visitor again. ”I see you’ve already been welcomed. What can I help you with?”

    you set my soul alight
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    Sidereum Nalia
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    I'll be your alibi

    The mare's thoughts seems to drift to the landscape, her mind wondering about the politics of the place, what sort of diplomacy was set in stone in such a barren and icy landscape.
    Her galctic eyes scan the scarce snow, the colours in her eyes standing out against her rather dull coat colour, another thing she always wondered about, the origin of her eyes.
    Perhaps here she would be able to find out more about her past, or maybe just create a comfortable future, the mare smiles toward Nalia as a stallion approaches, the mare returning the head nod, listening to him speak.

    Her mind and eyes are solely focused on the male now, her posture peaked for the moment "Hello, I am Sidereum. I was wondering if I could stay here" she asks quietly, her soft melodic tone spreading through the trees quietly. She would never want to intrude but in this place, she was quite surprised by such hospitality, greeted by only friendly faces. Of course, she did not know if this was normal, her brain almost mechanical in terms of thought, adhering to simple logic, or perhaps a new blooming personality of her own.


    Leilan Nalia I tried with this one, I'm having trouble writing her currently
    It did not take long for Leilan to answer Nalia's call; within a short time, the stallion was making his way across the snow-clad meadow to the two mares, joining them under cover of the tress to stay sheltered from the cold and wind. When he joined them, Leilan greeted the mare by emphasizing their current environment before sharing a smile with the grulla mare.

    Nalia bowed her head to the Isle leader before following his gaze as he questioned Sidereum as to her purpose here. She introduced herself, then simply stated she'd come here for a place to live and make a life.

    Stretching her neck out some, Nalia spoke to Leilan in more of a whisper so Sidereum would not overhear her, "She says she came here for more of a fresh start. I have a feeling she is a native of this land, not an outsider like myself or others. Surely something here for her can be found?"

    Sidereum Leilan

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    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    It’s not every day that a wanderer finds their way to an island, and the most secluded one at that - it might be on purpose. Yet, she doesn’t smell like any other kingdom, and so it’s relatively safe to assume she’s not here to spy. And if she were, he’s pretty sure that they would find out soon enough (and honestly, the Isle isn’t exactly an interesting place to spy on, he thinks).

    Her request is simple, and comes almost with the vague idea of her fleeing her old life - but didn’t he do much the same thing? ”As far as I’m concerned you can. But be aware food is hard to find here; if it’s becoming a hardship to find some, perhaps you should prepare for the idea of travelling to the meadows or Nerine, which is on the other side of the canal.”

    Looking to the both of them, there isn’t much else to add - ”If you happen upon a bay male moving the earth about, he’s making shelters. If it’s too cold, either of you can request he makes you something to shield you from the wind.” he nods to Nalia, knowing she might have use of such when the little one has arrived, although Sidereum also looks a bit cold - not used to the temperatures yet.
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    Sidereum Nalia if there’s any other questions just ask! ^^ if not, maybe we could close this one?
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