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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    where the days have no numbers; sinner, any

    For better or for worse, she had brought her brother here. Even in the waning of the winter season, the southern lands were too warm for her comfort. Yet Kora was more concerned with the warmth at her center – a warmth within the swell of her belly that grew and grew – and as the months passed she felt certain it would eventually burn a hole right through her. Oh, but she knew exactly what this was. She knew what the threatening spring would bring.

    Yes, she knew.

    And yet the warmth is alien to her – the child she carries is alien to her. Were she still the Kora of old, things might have been different; back then, perhaps the idea of motherhood would not have seemed so foreign. There would have been nerves, of course, but surely the warmth would have been a welcome thing. Yet this was not to be. Whoever she’d once been had disappeared after liquifying into the sea. The very atoms of her existence were rearranged by the waters until someone else had emerged from the nothingness – the endlessness that left her forever changed.

    It made no difference whether she had left the Isle for Leander’s sake or for her own. She had needed the distraction once she’d realized she was pregnant. Yet after all that transpired upon their arrival to the Pampas, Kora was desperate for some solitude; so when the opportunity presented itself, she slipped away. It was thus that the wintry mare found herself near the Sylvan border, a trail of snow falling at her heels – alone, save for the alien warmth that beats uncomfortably near her icy core.


    vanished winterchild of riagan and rayelle

    pretending this takes place after the thread with leander, regardless of outcome. Sinner & anyone else xD
    there is but one rule
    hunt or be hunted
    The warming of summer welcomed him out into the open. He put behind the weight of the crown and other thoughts that occupied his time of late. There was no Mary, no Valdis, and no Sabrina out here.


    It was only the hunt and him.

    Spring had brought life while summer brought growth. There would be plenty to find and enjoy the days of the hunt he once flourished in endlessly. He grew anxious for when he would ever find the time to feel the call of the hunt. It edged at the corners of his mind, hiding into the darkness, pushing him to run and chase.

    He would always be a hunter.

    And the hunt would always be within him.

    The dark hound feels the familiar ground of the forest floor. His paws are quick to make distance, smelling a scent just on the border of Sylva and Pampas. But it was far away from everyone and everything else. The thrill quickly begins to fill him, adrenaline released into his veins and scattered across.

    He does not lose the scent, but clings onto it. The hellhound has not forgotten how to hunt. It was an innate skill that no predator could ever forget how to. Even if he was a leader, he still needed find his way back to things he enjoyed. When things had been simpler.

    The source of the scent is getting closer. Just around the corner of the few trees that group close together, hiding the creature he is about to enjoy taking a bite out of. Quickly, in one motion, he turns sharply around the group of trees but finds something entirely unexpected.

    Sinner pulls back, his excitement obviously on his dark chiseled features are replaced with disgust. “Well, you aren’t my next meal.” He says with irritation and gives a huff of disapproval at the white and golden sabino mare.
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    Kora Ah, Lydia! I'm so sorry! Forgot to add this post to my to do list. I hope you don't mind the lateness. I tried to speed it up to more "current times" right now.
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