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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    wish upon a fallen star; ANYONE
    Again, another one of her children being left alone without their mother. She sometimes wondered if she should return, if she should step out of hiding and return to a world that had long ago left her behind. But this place had changed so much, physically and magically that she didn’t know if she could cope. She didn’t know if this was the place for her to do anything other than hide and occasionally mate to pass along her line. 

    She wondered sometimes how her girls were doing, all of them, but often it was often a thought accompanied with sadness and so she tried not to. It was easier to let them make their own way. It made them stronger, she hoped.

    So when her sides contracted and the birthing of another babe was upon her, she found a place to settle. The foal was born easily, after so many it made her feel like a veteran birther. She smiles when she sees it’s another girl. 

    “Oh beautiful girl, look at that hair.” She says with a laugh, her lips touching the orange mane and tail, traced along the spots. “Your father was a fine looking fellow. I’m glad to see some of his color passed along to you.” Another soft press of her lips against her forehead, her tongue cleaning and working and making the filly presentable.

    She lingers longer than she had before, eventually getting to her feet and urging the filly along as well. She stays with her until she is full, until her eyes start to get heavy and then she presses a kiss to her forehead. “My beautiful Astarielle.” She stays longer until the filly is well on her way asleep and then brushes her lips once more across her forehead before she takes to the sky, leaving the small bundle sleeping in the green grasses.


    An inaite instinct had brought her here.  Where faminie seeped, the healing within her would drag her from her despair.  Again she finds purpose, here is this blessed place.  And even while she stands beside a lifeless newborn -trying her hardest to coax it alive- she can feel the faint pulse of life return.  

    It is in a solemn moment, that she hears the rustling of feathered wings.  With a quick glance upwards, she sees a large equine parting from this place.  Leaving her to wonder why they have left so quickly.  

    Concern hinders her thoughts of the colt at her feet.  He wasn't going anywhere, not quickly anyhow.  So the caramel and cream mare, cloaked in a gown of lumineset feathers, walks the short distance to find another child alone.  In seeing the brightly tinted babe, she gasps.  A quick jerk given again to the skies and finding the stranger gone from view.  How could anyone abandon their blood so freely?  She would never understand.

    Her teal eyes turn to the filly with empathy stricken words, "Hello my child.  What is your name?" Her dished face lowers and gives the girl a gentle smile.

    Not all that glitters is gold

    It had been warm and dark and wonderful, until her world squeezed around her and pushed her out. It had been bright and made her eyes squint, made her blink and blink and blink until she never thought she would be able to see. A shadowy shape made her bleat in worry, fear itching at her breast until the soft words of a familiar voice caused her to still. She knew that voice, knew the lull and tone and humming noise of it. Knew it from deep within the memories of her subconscious from the times amongst her mother’s womb. She sighs, releasing her fear and her worry as her mother’s tongue pressed against her, cleaning her and warming her.

    Before long she was nudged, urged to get to her feet. She does so, learning the staggering steps of a newborn until her nose finds that wonderful delicious smelling teat to feed from. She drinks until her sides bulge, until she couldn’t possibly find another spot to put any of it. A sleepy smile curls her lips and she folds her legs up beneath her, listening to her mother’s voice…

    Astarielle. That was her.

    There’s a rustle of wings, of movement in the grasses and for a moment she doesn’t blink open her eyes. They were so heavy. All she wanted to do was let the darkness take her off away on whatever wonderful place it would take her. But she cannot, because a voice, soft like her mother’s but not her mother’s makes her blink awake.

    “A...star...iellllllle.” Her voice rolling on the l sound and making her laugh a little, which surprised her. The feeling of mirth and happiness, but she liked the feel of it. “Asstaaarielllle!” Another laugh, a giggle really, before those dark beautiful doe eyes blinked up at her. A small frown suddenly creasing her face and she looks around, looking for the white feathered form of her mom. “Momma?” But maybe...maybe she was mistaken at first. No, her momma had definitely been much more whiter. Large eyes, getting wider by the minute as her heart starts to thump worriedly in her chest. “Momma?” A soft whisper sound as the new emotions choked her, her tiny body curling in on itself.

    (Sorry it took soooooo long)

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