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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [mature]  Slice of the Devil's Pie || Aurora ||


    Mary had never given me trouble. She was a slender bud of promise, newly sprouted from my loins and the product of royal blood, so she’d come into our world as a princess should. The time I’d spent giving her life, tucked away in some pocket of Loess, hadn’t been memorable due to its brevity and quiet nature.

    This time, I crumble to the ground in racking spasms of pain and somehow, without knowing, I know - this one is male. What other creature could possibly rip me open from the inside like a colt could? They start their lives by taking and then they continue that cycle, feeding off others and depositing their worthless seeds to create dozens and dozens of themselves. This creature is no different, a spawn like his father before him who had come and sewn my fields of plenty whenever it suited his tastes. Now Arthas was dead and here I was, left to cry out into the void of a haunted Sylva where no one will come to rescue me.

    But I didn’t want rescue.

    I wanted this boy out of me, so he could begin that cycle of feeding and sucking dry, of growing and sewing, fucking and killing. The quicker I was rid of him the quicker he could begin to grow apart from me and that was my hope: to clench my belly tight and bite my own tongue in mortified anguish, pushing him out and away from me all the while. He’s stubborn about it (they cling to what they don’t understand) and he fights me hard though I struggle. I’m lucky that he’s newborn, too weak in the end to stay put as my contractions shudder and cleave him free from inside.

    Corban is the firstborn, slipping out into the red-gold world just as dusk begins to steal away the sunlight. I raise my head in acute pain and look over the undulating hills of my body to see him cloaked in skin so dark it’s almost black, interrupted with patches of irregular white. Snorting, I watch carefully to see the first signs of movement. He flicks one ear and then the other, both eyes blinking open just as the last rays of buttery yellow light fade. Soon will come the first feeding, and then after his whole life will follow. Mongrel. Handsome mongrel, I think of him, trembling while my legs stir underneath me because I need to rise and offer a swollen teat. I must give and give, forever.

    But I can’t.

    Instead I collapse again, sinking underneath a new wave of hot, prickling agony that leaves me screaming like a wild banshee. What’s this pain I feel? So delicious and so much more real than the augmented version given to me by the horned one … it brings me closer to death until it breaks, leaving me to realize that another foal has passed free of my womb and into this world. I’m left cramping, sobbing, coated in slick, black fluid that I swear comes from Pangea itself and still I manage to pull up my head and look. Another colt. Just skin stretched over bones, sore-covered and no sign of movement. He’s dead, I assume. I can’t manage to be sad.

    What I can manage is to shift closer to him, squirming in pain but reaching out a hind hoof to touch his frail little body before I teleport us both away, leaving Corban exactly where I’d dropped him in the autumn woods. I’m not a bad mother, just a sensible one. What use do I have for a dead foal? I teleport us both to the Adoption Den and then I teleport only myself away, wiping my conscious clean once I’m back and near a very frightened Corban. Let the fairies find the remains of an unwanted twin and deal with it - such was their duty, after all. I have only eyes for my firstborn son now and for the future.

    Nothing else.

    Wanna step to me better think twice, 'cause I look pretty but I ain't that nice

    @[auroraelis] Neo TLDR: Rey gives birth to twins and thinks that Astroh is dead due to him being so infected by the plague, so she teleports herself and him to the Den then leaves him here before teleporting away. Up to you how much of this she sees Smile
    Immune to The Plague
    Helped raise Pangea


    The world had awoken her with its trembling in Tephra, but something else was pulling her from the deepest parts of her broken subconcious.  A gift, given to her as reward for her sacrifices, is what twists her up inside.  It knows something is wrong.  It snaps her mind awake and lets her see for the first time in a decade.  

    It starts as a sickly young stallion wandering through the kingdom of ash and lava.  His sickness as clear as day to her and she is drawn to him.  The gown of tattered feathers drag behind her for she had not cared to renew herself since Rou's death.  She hadn't anything to live for, so why look the part of sanity when you are so close to the edge of falling.  This splashed colt though breathes a new life into her.  A purpose she had long but thought gone.  And she reaches out to him with her magic and repairs what little she can.  If anything, she could calm his cough and soothe his aches.

    When they part ways she feels a sense of peace, but it is short lived as she finds out that their world has fallen into trying times.  That only a few lands are safe from the disease that wreaks havoc on most lands.  There is only one place that comes to mind now, the Den.  Surely the fairies would protect the most vulnerable of Beqanna... Wouldn't they?

    Her heart beats steadily for the first time in a long time.  Golden-flecked eyes turn towards Tephras border with fear.  The dull appearance of her body suddenly brightens as adrenaline fuels the power within her.  Giving her strength once again.  The journey would be long, this is knows, and without further thought her cream limbs are stretching across many lands.  Peacock feathers stream behind her as her muscles ripple under her caramel coat. 


    Her arrival takes days but it is the fastest she could travel by land.  And when she steps into the deciduous forests, it is green with life.  Not something she had expected honestly.  She slows to a brisk walk and weaves through the thick underbrush.  Stepping over fallen trees and around large stones, her eyes ever vigilant to her surrounding.  It is quiet.  Too quiet, she thinks. 

    Suddenly a crack of twig reverberates through the dense land and she halts.  Nares flare to draw in the scent of something she hasn't come across in years.  Since Diavolis birth to be exact.  It frightens her and causes her to remain alert.  Another could be nearby birthing their foals, so she steps lightly.

    The scent is laced with something concerning and as she ventures farther, it grows stronger.  More pungent. An intuition begs her to come closer and so she listens.  It hadn't been wrong before and so she has no reason to doubt it.

    Cresting over a small incline, she looks down to find a black pool at the base.  It shocks her, twisting her ears forward through a tangled mess of cream locks.  She watches it carefully for a short while and it does nothing, but something sits heavy in her chest and pulls her closer.

    With bend neck she approaches cautiously.  Expecting nothing to come of the glossy mass, but as she nears it takes a form that is all too familiar.  Sprawled limbs and skeletal ribs, the frail body is deathly still when she comes to rest at its side.  Sadness envelopes her for a small life lost much too soon.  Her cream muzzle presses against its tiny skull as if to bid him farewell.  But when the warmth of her flesh touches the child, she can feel an equal warmth.  With a surprise jerk of her head, her eyes widen at how it is still warm.  Still alive.  

    Quickly she gathers her magic and wraps her fingers into the core of the foal.  Stroking his heart to flutter with strength.  Expanding and contracting his lungs to breathe.  These were the parts he needed most and so she revives them all before falling silent beside him to watch if her efforts prevailed or if she had been too late...

    Not all that glitters is gold

    @[Astroh] will you be playing him or is someone else?
    At first I’d been dead. About as dead as anyone really can be. Years after this moment I’ll still think good things about the mother who’d abandoned me here, and I’ll probably be grateful that she did. I may never know the cruel individual who biologically was my dam, but perhaps it’s better that way. If given the choice of parents I’m sure I would’ve chosen AuroraElis over Rey anyways, so all’s well that ends well.

    It was a simple touch, the one Aurora gave to me. Soft and tender, much too sweet over a foal who wasn’t hers and heavily infected with the plague everyone seemed to be fighting against. I’d come to remember that touch long into my old age, how it felt like electric fingers had plunged underneath my skin and tickled my heart into beating again. Life came back to me - an undeserved gift given by the most selfless of mares - and I drank it in with fluttering eyes, along with the weak twist of my still-wet ears.

    I bleated out to the peacock colored horse in appreciation, blinking softly while my head rose to catch a glimpse of her. Even as a child I couldn’t deny how much I loved her in that moment, how beautiful and radiant she was, standing above me with a fierce look of surprise. I’d thought, surely she’s a fairy, or a magical being... and no one was going to convince me otherwise throughout my youth.

    One mother had left me for carrion, this new one had breathed the spark of life back into me.

    I knew which I was going to follow after. My thin, brittle legs unwound themselves, trailing muck over the soft grass around me. I cried out to my new mother again, struggling to work the nearly useless hooves but somehow I manage to. They come to rest on the earth and, in time, they support my underweight body (no more than a sack of bones held together by skin.) My head feels heavy so it droops to my knees, but my bright yellow eyes don’t - they rise and steal a sheepish glance at the wonderful second mother.

    I’ll need her healing, her love, and so much more if I’m to survive the next few months. I’m no weakling, though. Obstinacy is what kept me going until Aurora could get here, and it’ll keep me going long after we leave. All I can seem to manage is a stumbling forward step, one that leaves me tumbling into Elis’ chest for support and comfort.



    It had been years she since had aquired the magic of healing.  Given to her for her compassion and empathy, the gift was something she had yet to use.  Maybe it had been the death of her dear Rou and her failure in being able to save him from whatever had been his demise.  Maybe it had been her failure as a mother to their two sons that kept the magic tied within her own body.  Unable to heal her own emotion strife.  The ability failed to provide her that type of healing and so she had hid herself from the world in her own anguish. Self pity was her everyday existence, until the sickness of their world reached to stoke the flickering flame of her power.  Awakening her to serve her true purpose.

    It had been the disease that called her to him -the colt laying dead on the forest floor of the Den.  She had been here many times before.  Caring for the forgotten children of Beqanna until someone came for them.  To offer them a better life than provided here.  Perhaps this child had not been forgotten, but left due to its condition.  A mother not able to properly care for such sickness, unable to bare the thought of a life lost and hopes that the faerie here would take pity on such a soul.  That is what she wished to believe anyhow, no matter have far from the truth it really was.

    Unraveling the fingers of her healing, she cradled the boys heart.  Precious and fragile, she stroked the muscle until she could feel the faint patter of life once again.  Surely it had been his gift of immortality that had awakened it, but she is left to believe it was by her own effort.  As she waited for him to gather his strength, she groomed his soiled coat.  Finding a brilliant bay pattern beneath the muck that covered him and locks of vibrant yellow, like that of the new leaves on the maples that began to burst to life around them.  

    Finally his eyes revealed equally bright eyes and muscles unused, pulled him from his lying position.  Instinct told him to stand, a will to live burned brightly in the small foal.  She stepped back, allowing him space.  Her golden eyes watched in wonder at the boy now risen and stumbling to fall into her chest.  Her dished face moves to tuck against him, ears flickering at his calling to her.  A soft whicker vibrates in her larynx, her soft tongue again combing through his wetted coat.  "I've got you.  You are going to be alright little one,"  she coos to him.

    She allows him a few moments to find his footings before releasing him from her hold.  Stepping a pace back just incase he should fall again, she gives him space to figure out the workings of his new legs before turning to the land around them.  Her mind gauges the easiest path home before looking to him again, "Ready to go home?" She questions kindly, her head lowering to his level...

    Not all that glitters is gold

    Astroh <3

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