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    version 22: awakening


    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    Where Am I? ; any
    Simba, a newborn buckskin colt, only born a few hours ago is standing over his deceased mother's body. He lets out small neighs, trying to wake her up. He nickers to her and nudges her. He tries to get under her and tries to nurse, but he can't get under her. He lets out small whines as he snuggles into her. 

     After pacing around her body for a while, he lays back down shivering as he curls up in a tight ball, his body pushed up as far as he can go. He tucks his head against his chest as his lanky legs are sprawled all over the place. He still has yet to figure out how to really use those legs of his. 

    He sniffles and small tears stream out of his eyes. He sighs softly, not sure if anyone will see him or if he will be alone forever.

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    The black mare made her way through the adoption den. She was here searching for someone who needed her. She heard the small cries of another and sighed. She followed the cries and that is when she spotted the small colt. Rhynne gave the young colt a small smile. She said "Hello little one. My name is Rhynne. Lets get you somewhere warmer. Do you have a name?" She was looking for a chance to actually be a mother this time around. She didn't mean to abandon her daughter but she almost died like this young ones mom.


    Symba hears the mare's voice and looks up, tiredly and with tears streaming down his face. "I-I..I'm Symba.." he sniffles as he looks back at his mom. "I...Why won't mommy wake up?" He asks, confused. He tilts his head to her and his little ears floppy.
    The black mare sighed when the colt asked her why his mom would't wake up. He wasn't sure how to tell him that she was dead. She said "Symba darling your mommy is gone. I am sorry little one." Rhynne hoped that the little buckskin colt would follow her. She was staying in one of the herd lands but she wasn't part of the ranks. She was sad that the young one had to go through the heartbreak of loosing his mom.
    The teary-eyed colt looks at the mare confused. “Gone?” He asks. He untangles the knot which is his legs and gets up, wobbly at first but stabilizes himself. He looks back at his mother, laying on the ground not moving. He hangs his head low as tears stream down his face. He walks back to her corpse and nuzzles her softly with his small nose before walking off with the mare, knowing he’s never going to see her again.

    Rhynne's heart was breaking seeing the colt cry as he nuzzled his mom. She hated to see anyone so sad or lonely. The mare waited until he was done before she turned to start walking home. She would do her best not to use her telepathy on him because she didn't want to scare him. Yes he may see some of the others with their traits which are pretty interested. Rhynne said "I hope you will be happy here and I am sorry about your mom."

    Symba looks over and nods softly. “I’m hungry,” he looks to Rhynne, knowing what his instincts are telling him but knowing she’s not his mom. He looks to the grass around them and he spreads his legs and lowers his head and tries to take a bite of grass. He sputters as he spits it out. “Yucky!”
    Rhynne watches symba and giggles softly as he tried the grass. She had seen him look at her before he took the bite of grass. She said "Its okay to nurse from me. I won't mind." She knew that sometimes foals thought they were betraying their parents by nursing on their new mom. It worried her a bit when that happened. She watched the colt and would wait to see if he would at least try to get some milk from her.
    Symba looks over at her and walks over to her. He looks under her and gently nuzzles her underbelly to find her teat and suckle. He sucks for a while and then backs up and smacks his lips. He has a milk stash on his lower lip. He backs up and looks at Rhynne, his small brown eyes looking straight up to her.

    He lowers his head and lays back down as he curls up in a small ball, his head tucked in between his cold body, shivering. His teeth chatter as his little body isn't used to the cold.
    Rhynne lowered her head to graze on the grass as the colt nursed. She knew that he probably felt better after he was done. She watched him as he looked at her before he laid down. She nuzzled his neck softly before laying beside him. She could hear the sound of his teeth chattering and began to snuggle up closer to him. She said "Once you get your rest I will take you to one of my homes."

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