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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

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    [mock]  Nalia
    Rules: No powerplaying/godmoding. Complete dodges allowed but not to be overused. Attacks and counterattacks count as attacks; two attacks allowed per post. Traits allowed [both girls have wings Wink]  

    Let's do this format:

    1. Bristol Attack
    2. Nalia Defend and Attack
    3. Bristol Atttack
    4. Nalia Defend and Attack
    5. Bristol Defend Only

    Bristol's Stats:
    15.3 HH
    Shapeshifting Wings

    She spends a lot of time doing, apparently, nothing. The young mare splits her time between Ischia and Nerine, and so far nobody has called her on it. Sometimes, she feels the need to prove herself – to prove she is her father’s daughter (or her mother’s). The rest of the time, she splits between exploring Nerine, the Kingdom she wants to call her own, and Ischia, spending time with her family. Brennen says nothing about his daughter’s lack of prowess and unlike some of her siblings, the bay doesn’t suspect that he’s hiding disappointment underneath his love – she knows he doesn’t care if she is successful, only that she’s happy.
    Sometimes, though, Bristol cares if she’s successful.

    Making something of herself in Nerine starts with proving she is skilled, and worth something to them. Conveniently, there’s another girl who has the same task. They come together on the challenge field, and Bristol lifts honey-brown eyes across the distance to glance at the other pegasus, nods, and moves. One stride, two, three establish her in a quick canter; by six, she’s airborne. Today her wings are red, currently the wings of a dragon. They’re big enough to maneuver her quickly towards her opponent, and she hopes to take Nalia by surprise, before the other mare can leave the ground.

    Bristol doesn’t rise, but clears the last few wingspans low to the ground, tucking her legs close to her body as she aims to barrel right into the grulla mare. She keeps her forelegs down, knowing that she’ll have to find her footing in the resulting scramble, but pins her ears and uses her teeth instead, tucking her nose to bite at the other mare’s nose, face, and ears. Meanwhile, she continues to beat her wings a moment, to shove herself harder into Nalia’s face and chest and maybe even batter her with bone and tough leathery skin. She’s hoping to cause her opponent injury around the head and neck, and possibly cause her to duck away as she tries to take her face out of range. If she does, Bristol turns her savage teeth towards trying to break, rip out, or displace feathers in her opponent’s wings, to cause Nalia problems later.

    Others would worry about causing a Kingdom Sister injury. Bristol knows that someone will be available to heal them – her newly magic father, if no one else.

    When her feet finally reach the ground, Bristol has tucked her wings close to her sides, to minimize them as a target for Nalia’s retaliation. Rocking back on her haunches, she spins away from the other mare, presenting the wide expanse of her haunches for attack but starting to move already, taking quickly to the air. She’s at home in the sky, and she wants to see what, if any, damage she has managed to inflict on the mare’s wings. She’s hoping for impeded flight maneuverability, at least.


    I accept the rules and format of the mock battle.

    Nalia's Stats:
    Grulla Paint
    Paint Horse

    At first, Nalia didn't believe that another accepted the offer of her terms so quickly, especially not one from her own kingdom. She'd been tasked by Scorch to seek out another from one of their allied kingdoms, but the mare later relented and informed the paint filly that she would be allowed to fulfill her mock battle task with Bristol, a bay mare from Nerine. Nalia hadn't personally gotten to know the mare yet, but she had seen her among the other kingdom residents in one of the central meadows where they all gathered to graze in peace.

    Overall, she thought of the mare as a pretty creature, her milk chocolate bay coat glistening in the sunlight as the two young ones approached each other on the field where the mock battles were held. There was no sense of malice between the two; they were here to complete a task, to gain the experience needed to become capable warriors who would give whatever they could to defend their home. Even if they never grew to become great friends, they had a mutual understanding, something Nalia greatly respected the mare for.

    Otherwise, she would think that bay mare would take this battle more seriously.

    As it was, neither would hold anything back, save for causing near fatal harm. A light breeze blew Nalia's mane to one side of her neck as Bristol nodded to her before lifting her legs to pick up a canter stride. Within a few moments, she was airborne, causing Nalia surprise for she figured the mare would've withheld her flight until later to save her strength.

    Nalia's hazel eyes locked onto the other mare's wings, much unlike the bird-like pair the filly possessed. The filly opened her own wings to give herself some space from the mare, a gust of wind catching her wings to propel her backwards. Unfortunately, there was not enough space when Bristol came down. Her teeth were aimed for Nalia's face, but due to the filly's quick thinking, she got the fragile body part away from Bristol. The filly squealed in pain as she felt the mare's teeth catch the sensitive flesh on her neck, not severely breaking the skin but leaving a definite sensation of ache. She could feel the light trickles of blood from the bite mark, but knew they would heal with little a scar if any.

    Bristol was not done, her attacks coming in quick succession. The mare beat her wings to try and distract the filly from her true purpose, but Nalia would not have it. Unknown to her, she played right into Bristol's plan, ducking under the mare's teeth and hooves to escape further injury. Suddenly, an explosion of pain ripped through her right wing, causing Nalia to snake back toward Bristol to attack. However, the mare was already moving out of reach, her haunches exposed but allowing the wounded Nalia no time to retaliate.

    Only a few feathers had been plucked from the filly's wings, but due to their make-up, such an action made them sensitive to the touch. Keeping a wary eye on Bristol, the filly flapped her right wing to test its pain tolerance. She could feel the ache lace through her wing every time she flapped it, but the damage was not severe. Perfect, because now it was Nalia's turn to have a little fun.

    The filly turned and galloped in the opposite direction of Bristol to gain some momentum, lifting herself into the air with two flaps of her wings. It was plain to see that she was flapping her right wing faster than her left, more than likely as a ploy to try and forget the pain she was experiencing. She knew Bristol would try to take advantage of that factor, so she had to be careful.

    Once she was in the sky, Nalia flew up so she had greater height than the mare. Once she reached her point, the filly turned again so her body was positioned for a dive bomb. She tucked in her wings and rocketed towards the mare, her eyes narrowed to avoid letting the wind and dust from the battleground cloud her sight.

    Bristol would have time to move away, but Nalia was ready. Just feet before coming into contact with the mare, Nalia opened her wings to slow her descent, creating a down draft of wind that would impede even a strong flyer. Putting the second portion into motion with the speed of a snake, Nalia flapped her wings again to turn her body, moving so her haunches were in position. With the power that some might say equaled the sound of thunder, Nalia struck out with her hind legs in an effort to hit Bristol with enough impact to give her some pain that would not be so easy to get rid of. Nalia moved again to try and get out of Bristol's reach, knowing the mare would want to attack her again. What she had pulled, leaving her haunches exposed, was a risky move, but only if Bristol were quick enough to take advantage of such an opportunity after what Nalia did.

    OOC: Nalia has some bite marks on her neck from Bristol's teeth, and an impeded right wing from ripped feathers. She counter attacked by divebombing Bristol, using a downdraft of wind to impede her own flight and striking out with her hind legs. Her haunches are currently exposed for an attack.

    I figure the downdraft of wind isn't really a 'regular type' attack, but since they're in the sky I feel like Nalia can't do much so quickly. She's still learning the ways of a sky battle.

    Bristol Hmm, peculiar the tag option didn't work for you.
    They collide the first time in a flurry of adrenaline and bodies, and she feels a dark satisfaction in being successful, drawing blood with her teeth and feathers from Nalia’s wings. When she was little, she had trouble reconciling the idea of violence with the person her father was encouraging her to be, but she had slowly come to realize that it wasn’t causing her opponent pain that gave her satisfaction, but simply the thrill of being a good fighter. It allowed her to sleep at night, after long sessions of training with her sire – her sire, whom she could never hope to match, but she could hope she at least learned something.

    She’s expecting a counter attack before she can become airborne but it doesn’t come, throwing the bay off-kilter, and she rushes her usual graceful take-off to get into the air and turned around to see what’s going on. As she focuses on getting turned, Nalia is gaining height; her silhouette makes her easy to pinpoint against the bright sky but hides any body language that would give Bristol warnings about the other girl’s intentions. She can see the uneven beat of the grulla’s wings but not much else. Bristol begins to climb in the sky as well, warily, but the sun bright in her eyes means she misses the fact that her opponent’s altitude is quickly changing until it’s too late to dodge entirely.

    Thankfully, Bristol wasn’t directly underneath Nalia to begin with – that would be foolish. That, combined with her turning as quickly as she can when she realizes what is happening, mean than when Nalia kicks out, her hooves find a glancing blow against the broadest part of Bristol’s unprotected haunches. It’s sure to bruise, but for now the adrenaline masks all but the brief first instant of pain. The bay mare lets the blow push her haunches down and away and flaps her own leathery wings to rise alongside the girl who is presumably still recovering from her downdraft and attack. In a split-second she considers biting at the girl’s side but chooses instead to reach forward and try to close strong jaws on the long, very important flight feathers of the girl’s outstretched and already injured right wing. When her jaws snap shut, hopefully with some feathers inside, Bristol takes a page out of Nalia’s book and folds her wings, dropping like a stone.

    The mare is hoping that she’ll helpfully remove a few of those flight feathers, further impeding Nalia’s maneuverability. If she can slow her down, make her clumsy, even ground her, Bristol will have the upper hand. If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll at least have put some space between them. Her wings open with a snap, encompassing air, saving her from smashing into the ground and taking her shooting forward a few horseheights above the ground. It’s a painful, jarring sensation that Bristol wouldn’t want to repeat too many times, but useful. Between one heartbeat and the next she’s changed the shape of her wings, giving herself wings the shape and proportion of a peregrine falcon’s, the world’s fastest flier.

    Then she shoots upwards and back towards where Nalia had been, though she’s sure to have moved. She lines herself up as best as she can with the other mare’s uninjured side, her left, and continues to barrel forward as fast as her body can manage, ears pinned and eyes narrowed against the wind. Bristol doesn’t slow her speed, instead aiming for just above the other girl and carrying through with a full body-slam, unless the grulla has totally dodged her. She folds the wing closest to Nalia’s face, not intending to let the other mare impart the same injury she had caused. It means they’re probably going to go spiraling down and out of control, but she is willing to play chicken until the last minute, when she intends to pull up and away.


    Nalia felt her rock-hard hooves make successful contact with the other mare's haunches, indicating her attack had succeeded. But what off-set her was that even though she'd landed a blow, the mare seemed to allow her haunches to dip, instead of falling away from Nalia's attack out of a pain reflex. In a split second, Nalia's mind pieced together that the mare was getting ready to attack again, but since her blow had allowed momentum for the mare to turn her body, she didn't see it coming.

    Quick as lightning, the other mare's leathery wings propelled her up and close to Nalia's feathered wings. Still in pain from her earlier attack, the filly tried to avoid it, but let out another squeal when she felt the mare's teeth close down. She'd gotten just enough distance that the roots had been avoided, but when another, larger, and closer to her body mouthful of feathers got yanked out, the filly tucked in her wing out of reflex, gritting her teeth to bite back the pain.

    What made it worse was that while Nalia felt the mare's teeth gripping her feathers, said other mare tucked in her wings in a maneuver similar to Nalia's earlier attack, letting the weight of her body drop her down to pull out the filly's feathers. The move succeeded, causing Nalia to let out another, much louder squeal, as she tucked in her right wing reflexively to try and deal with the pain that came from such an attack. Nalia's squinted eyes didn't notice the other mare opening her wings again to gain height, nor did she notice how they changed shape to mimic that of one of the various birds of prey occupying Beqanna's land.

    When she thought she could take it, Nalia opened her wings again, flapping the right one experimentally to see how bad the damage was. The pain sensation was much stronger than earlier, so she had to flap her wing faster to try and ignore it. The filly opened her eyes to try and find where the other mare had gone, not seeing her until she felt an impact to her left side.

    Instinctively, Nalia lashed out to try and bite the mare's wing, but found it out of reach. The filly tried to figure out what to do through her pain, but couldn't come up with any good strategies except this one. In a last ditch effort to try and get away from the mare to plan something else, the filly went for the mare's neck with her teeth, not bothering to see if her bite had broken skin before she threw her weight down so she ended up going under the mare and falling for the ground.

    With both of her wings tucked to let her weight carry her down, the filly waited until she was just a few feet from impact before opening them back up. Flapping her right wing as the sudden stop caused the pain to return, the filly heaved a sigh of relief once she felt her hooves touch the ground. She turned to face the direction of the bay mare, her right wing hanging slightly limp at her side, twitching here and there while her left was tucked in tight.

    This mare had already injured one of her wings; what was to stop her from going for the other? Nalia's nostrils flared as she prepared for the bay mare again, wanting to see what she would do next after Nalia went to bite her before getting out of her way.


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