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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

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    [mock]  Viserion
    Please, brother, try to keep up instead of lazying away at the beach! I’d hate to think you are the only thing standing between Ischia’s residents against an invasion.

    Your lack of activity is hardly due to a lack of a visible leader, is it? If that’s the case I’d gladly be your whip instead.

    Mock battle challenge:
    -2 attack posts each, one defense at the end for first-poster
    -about one week between posts max, exception for aways or requested extensions
    -word limit 750? Let me know if you want more or less. This is just practise.
    -I’ll go first if you like, after you post your stats

    Leilan stats
    -7 yr old
    -hybrid; draft/Friesian build
    -traits: frost aura
    -defects: none
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    Well, brother, you shouldn't definitely mock me for the way I am right now. I might be out of shape, but I'm sure not going to throw away challenge. So consider it accepted.

    3-4 years old
    Hybrid (Andalusian/Anglo-Arabian/Friesian) - Muscular athletic built
    Traits: Dragon scales
    Defects: None
    In autumn, the plains aren't as dusty as they would be in summer; in fact, it is drizzling, and rain will probably follow before the end of battle. The upper layer of ground is a bit mucky, but not yet too slippery to run on. Leilan is relatively slim for a draft horse perhaps, results of his father's lineage overruling that of his mother's, but not enough to hide the extra muscle he carries unlike a Friesian would. In fact, Viserion somewhat resembles Hestoni's build, so he's familiar with that.

    He's not familiar with the type of scales the younger male presents, however. The rain gives them a shimmering illumination as the water does not soak him but engulfs him, which reminds the roan of two Kelpies that he knows of. The shark and the mermaid both carry those, but Leilan doesn't know if this has any forte for the boy in front of him. He'll just have to test their resistance to cold, he supposes, as well as their resistance to hoof and tooth. If anything, even without puncturing the skin a solid kick should cause bruising and, if well-placed, temporary lack of air.

    He makes a mock bow and grins at Viserion's words, then starts with a light trot, keeping his teeth in a smile just to try to upset the kid. He's not moving too fast, the younger male may yet be faster and it would spill energy before the battle even started. In the end, the both of them are built for stamina, not agility. Nevertheless, he pulls up the frosty aura, an invisible layer of icy cold that hopefully helps divert bites or, if not, chars the attacker's lips with painful frostbite.

    Coming closer he notices the scales are particularly thick, but maybe less so on the belly. Perhaps like a lizard. The belly would be an obvious target - too obvious. He focuses his eyes on the prize however, as that is his best way of diverting the scaled male's attention to what he is not actually going to attack; the rim of scales that appear not so densely-plated, the orange ones down below. His head lowers for the supposed attack down there, drawing up to Viserion in a head-to-butt parallel position should the guy not move at all. Since that rarely is the case, he has some alternative movements up his sleeve.

    At the very last moment before he actually reaches the black-and-orange figure, his head lifts and snaps in the direction of the boy's ears. Should he not have moved too far from his previous position, this would result in a tearing at the scaled young stallions' left ear, though not hard enough to rip anything off, it would be still painful and distracting. If he had been moving forward, Leilan would probably grasp mane instead to tug on roughly; if all else failed he would snap at the air, still hopefully a distracting sound and motion so near to the head; ears and eyes are approximately at the same height and distance. But he's not done there; "Out of shape is definitely an understatement, lizard boy! Have you ever battled at all?" he laughs.

    The gold-clad roan uses his momentum to bump shoulder-first into Viserion after that. If the black-orange youngster hasn't moved at all, this would be shoulder-on-chest and knock some air out of his lungs, though Leilan does indeed expect him to move. In that case he would be landing mid-range along the youngster's left side or even near his haunches: the first would considerably take some air out of the boy's lungs and latter was simply aimed to knock him off-balance and possibly bruise him there. Leilan's teeth rake the scales for a small test - indeed, it does not seem that he will be able to get a hold there.

    Another might have gone for a buck, but bucks are boring and predictable to the trickster. But above all, close proximity is his way of forcing his icy aura upon the younger man, and staying in close proximity should cause a pain and wounding, similar to the burning of fire. Horses aren't meant to be deep-frozen after all.

    OOC: 'muscular athletic' lol did you add that on purpose
    Also playing him as still having just the Frost Aura and nothing else since it was before the updates.

    I'm at 701 words, excluding this ooc bit. Viserion
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    The dragon boy inhales the scent of blood and sweat. It had only been a year or two when he had last been on the plains. That was when he had fought Breckin and he had won. Well, they had lied saying he had won at first. Whatever, he thinks pushing the thought away. Viserion was well confident in his ability to win this one. It didn’t matter if he was not in shape, he would win.

    Viserion’s nostrils fill with the aroma that you know it will begin to eventually rain more. The drizzling of rain leaves the barren plain mucky and slippery. He feels the terrain beneath him, already making effort to test out the environment around him. It would be safe to move freely, at least until the rain came.

    After checking his surroundings, he looks towards Leilan for any strengths and weaknesses. Leilan is obviously older than him, but age meant nothing. While Leilan stood a bit taller than Viserion, he would eventually grow to be similar height. His comrade is built with several breeds that held more of a muscular physique while Viserion was more of a smaller athletic build naturally. Well… it didn’t seem now after he put on some weight.

    There seemed to be nothing obvious on the other stallion that would mark him as a trouble. However, there was always the underlying source of magic. That could likely be a problem. Viserion accepted as it was though, and he was ready to fight.

    He makes light of the bow and smile. If anything Viserion wouldn’t mind knocking that smile off his face. When Leilan moves forward at a slow trot, he does too. Matching Leilan’s own parallel direction, preparing for what sort of tricks his brother might have. He wouldn’t be caught off guard.

    Coming closer together, he feels the cold air around Leilan instantly—it reminds him of the Tundra—and instantly a smile draws on his lips. The cold would not be a problem for him, but he wouldn’t be able to stay near the other stallion for long. Viserion angles himself to the right, pulling his head in the direction, away from Leilan’s sharp teeth. His mane is roughly pulled on his left side, causing him to be pulled back a bit, but it was better than a missing ear. “You don’t know who you are messing with,” he throws back at Leilan.

    Quickly, he turns and shifts the direction of his head, arching neck and muzzle out to get a bite anywhere on Leilan’s own face or along his head and neck since they were at eye-level. He wouldn’t mind grabbing onto the other stallion’s ear for giving-a-go at his own. But Viserion would be sure to tear it off if he could.

    Then suddenly, he feels the shoulder bump of Leilan pushing him off-balance just for a second. There definitely would be a bruise there later. Viserion finds his balance quickly, putting his weight equally into his hooves. The feeling of teeth on his scaled-skin is surprising at first, but not enough to cause him great distress. It only felt like a scrapped knee and would just leave a tear of scales later.

    The freezing air around him now has become unbearable. He can feel his skin burning up already. By now he sees with his monocular vision that Leilan is almost finishing landing near his haunches. Viserion quickly moves forward (avoiding the cold for a few moments would help) while turning at a slight 20-degree angle. At the same time, he aligns his back with Leilan as much as he can before lashing out a quick, close-approximate half-buck. There wouldn’t be enough time to fully get away to land a hard buck onto Leilan. He hopes his hooves will find contact on the shoulder that is currently closest to him. A blow to the shoulder would cause movement issues or anywhere along the other muscles (deltoids, triceps, and trapezius). If Leilan decided to move forward, his hooves and momentum could leave nasty bruising along the other stallion’s barrel or maybe some broken ribs.

    Viserion didn’t stop to see where his hooves landed. The dragon boy continued forward at a quick pace. Leaving a space open between them and allowing his senses to portray where the stallion was and soon enough watching for the stallion’s next attack.

    Word Count: 730 (counted above).
    OOC: HAHA! Yeah, just for a laugh Wink Viserion wants to double make sure you know he isn't getting fat!


    @[Leilan] I can't spell! LOL
    While Viserion could have won back then, he just had been too slow, but to be honest, winning from a diplomat mare is way easier than winning from your brother who just happened to have won his mock battle in that same Tournament also – but then against another of the warrior class. But we all need to be different to make the world a colourful place, don’t we?
    Of course, he’s not smiling after his head passes after Viserion’s. But yes, go for it. Be angry. It probably dulls your sense of tactic; if you have one, apart from hiding behind your dragon scales.
    He can’t help but grin to himself at the words. He knows exactly who he’s messing with. He knows he’s messing with Breckin’s last and only ever mock battle partner, and that Viserion had taken it out on a mare with nothing to defend herself with. He’d seen then that Viserion took mocking too seriously, and he’s only a little surprised at the way he comes at him now – Leilan quickly moves his ears all the way into his mane in displeasure, shaking his mane – shimmering – to distract the guy’s vision, but losing a few of those as he is teared at. And wonders if he really thought that was necessary. They’re still brothers in arms or, supposed to be. Hmm.
    His full-shoulder shove is enough to bring the boy off-balance, especially combined with the harmless teeth scraping on the scales. Blunt horse teeth, nothing to worry about for one with dragon scales, but just about enough to be a distraction. It’s keeping him close like he’d aimed for, knowing that his Frost Aura would do it’s job nicely, causing burn-wounds (though, with the scales, it took longer than with Jesper at the time) as much as a Fire Aura would.
    But Viserion isn’t stupid enough to stay close, and half-bucks to make his getaway. Leilan makes a break for it as well, and the hooves land on his hindquarters rather than his front, simply by making a 90-or-more degree turn right, instead of keeping on the forward motion.
    But then they’re separated again, something that doesn’t befit the roan’s fighting style much. Continuing his turn, the two males now face each other with their healthy right sides, the dragon scaled one with a bruised bad shoulder, the gold-tressed one with a bad haunch. ”Hey man. It’s just a mock battle, you’re not here to kill.” he shakes his head, awaiting a reprieve he won’t listen to – surely something about real battles and whatnot, but honestly, breaking ribs and legs or tearing off ears was not something he could appreciate from a fellow Ischian. He didn’t believe Brennen would either, but this heated youth had much to learn about restraint yet, it seemed. He should have known from how easily he had jumped into the challenge.
    He eyed the scaled boy. ”What, no attack? Damn, you’re really gonna make me do all the thinking here?” This getting away after all, just put them in their original positions. Surely he could have done something more than that.
    Leilan circles his battling companion, right side facing Viserion’s right the whole time, just waiting. Waiting to see if he would do something else or if he was really waiting on Leilan here. Nothing happened. He makes a few faints, somewhat disappointed that he can’t throw some of his icy aura trait at the guy. Ever so slowly, he makes the circle smaller, until one of his faints isn’t a faint anymore. He dives for the underbelly, ears back, teeth at the ready, but deliberately lands further away and slightly to the left, giving one solid, definitive buck towards the male. There. It’s honestly Viserion’s turn to make a move, not his, but if he really wants to, then he can get that other attack. He hopes it lands near or in the guy’s barrel, and has been aiming for that area mostly because it gives him a wide fault range – should Viserion have moved, there was a likely chance that he’d still get Leilan’s hooves in the rib, shoulder, or hind. He’s put his weight on his front hooves deliberately too – a strong and still whole area (for as long as that would take), it carried his weight more easily than his bruised hind would have. Perhaps that had been the reason Viserion’s half-hearted buck earlier hadn’t hit too well, with the bruise already on his left shoulder.

    OOC Viserion
    Well, I've been away and I'm still late but whatever. I told you that before xD
    Also why does Leilan get so much time to talk and tease, my goodness.
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    Hey Leilan,

    I'm not really connecting with Viserion lately. It sort of drags my muse down when trying to get him out there and I don't want it to get my other muse for my other ponies in the same situation too D: We will just say Viserion forfeits or Leilan wins the challenge. Whatever you like. Thanks for the battle though. I'm just going to put him in the closet for now. <3
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    Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ve been late with these replies also, guess we could call it somewhat of a tie. At least they had practised and he won’t be called fat anymore Smile

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