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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    I'm just a sucker for pain [Igni]
    I wanna chain you up               I wanna tie you down

    He can feel the electricity of excitement move through him as he moves away from the star-crossed couple. He has plans for them, big plans. Whatever a normal father might feel at his son finding a potential mate is completely lost on Gunysnd. Why he picked this son to torment is beyond him too - he had many children to choose from, why this one in particular? Was it simply because he was most like himself? Regardless of the reason behind it (if there even was one), he delights in creating chaos for the younger version of himself and this girl created the perfect conduit for such deviousness. 

    Having been given his wings back, he takes to the sky and enjoys feeling the rush of air around his bulk. He had missed this freedom, but his God had made him whole again. There was nothing holding him back now. Aware that eyes might be watching his progress, and not wanting his plans to be found out, he dissolves his atoms with the oxygen around him, vanishing completely from view or detection. He remains this way for several days for two reasons: first, because he had greatly missed this sensation of phasing himself and second, because it was almost breeding season and this was crucial to his plan.

    He feels the shift in the seasons as his atoms mingle with the atoms of the air and the trees. Now was his time to strike. With a crack he appears in the meadow, summoning his atoms back to attention. But it is not Gunsynd that materializes, but his younger self, his son. Lior. He feels constricted in this somewhat smaller form. He misses his wings and his tangled mane and tail. These things are quintessentially him. But for this to go smoothly he will forgo them for the time being. He knows she will come to him - like a moth drawn to the flame. She is lovesick and confused and he had left her with such cruel words - she needs reassurance and he is the only one that can provide it. 

    As he waits he begins to notice a small sensation in his hooves that grows stronger over time. It does not take long for him to register it as pain. It grows in intensity and becomes more and more uncomfortable; moving up his legs into his knees. He knows it is because he is using his power - this curse has afflicted him since he regained use of this trait on the mountain. But he can’t let it make him waiver - he will just have to bear it until it is finished.

    I M   J U S T   A   S U C K E R   F O R   P A I N

    Gunsynd is currently pretending to be someone else! He is now 15hh, hybrid, flea-bitten grey with clear blue eyes and goes by the name of Ginkgo. He will not have use of his traits while he is in this form. Please play as if he is simply the other persona unless your character has some sort of mind-reading. Thanks! <3

    Love is friendship set on fire ...
    She comes, of course she comes. He is the flame and she’s he moth, luring her in just like that. Even though she knows he can hurt her. In fact, he had hurt her quite badly the last time they had met. Not physically, Lior would never lay a hand on her, but his words, the venom in his voice and the disappointment in his eyes had hurt even more. But here she is, drawn to him, even though she’s fully aware of the fact that he might just lash out at her again. Igni just hopes he does not.

    The hope and the almost blind believe that he hadn’t meant his words and that he would be sorry aren’t the only things that have drawn her out today. There is more, like a something lingers in the air, a tingling on her skin, even if there was nobody near her. Igni finds him in the meadow. With every step that she takes in his direction the fluttering in her stomach, the tingling of her skin and the underlying fear grow stronger. Why would you voluntarily go to someone who might hurt you? Ration and love are no match.

    She stops in front of him, heart beating so strongly in her chest that she’s almost afraid that he could hear it. Shyly, but also ready to embrace herself for the next harsh words, she looks up to him, nibbling her lower lip slightly. Igni parts her lips to speak, multiple times actually, only to close them again. Swallowing the dry lump in her throat she eventually manages. ”L..Lior?” Voice soft and shaking, as if she is afraid for what might come, and at the same time hoping for him to just bump his muzzle against her pol like he had always done when they met up.

    Heath is something new for the young blue roan girl. Of course she knows about the flowers and the bees, she’s not a complete moron, but the effect on her body is a new sensation. Like she’s on the edge of something, nervous, but thrilled at the same time. Craving for things that have formerly been unknown to her, although she might confuse them with the lovesick butterflies that flutter in her stomach.
    ... and fire is the burning passion within.

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