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    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    The fire burning within - Gunsynd

    Love is friendship set on fire ...
    Saying that her new home was that what she expected it to be, was like saying white was black.

    He had kept his promise, he had done what she had silently asked him for. Or, not really asking, because you didn’t ask a god for anything, but she had begged, prayed to him to give them a home again. Their homes had been taken from them by one god and given back by another. It just … wasn’t exactly what she would’ve thought it would be.

    It was a wasteland. A yellow sandstone canyon, with little no vegetation and no shelter. The dry wind blew up sand and other dirt constantly, never laying down to give them an easy time. But the worst was the lack of water.

    Igni’s throat was dry and her eyes irritated. She was tired, but there was no way she could rest here. but she wouldn’t leave, because the god had made these lands for them. He had given them a home, a place to stay and to belong. And maybe, they just needed to prove their worth, and then grass, bushes and trees would start growing. Giving them food and a shelter, turning this yellow wasteland green with new life.

    But until then she would have to accept this. And it wasn’t all bad, after all, there was this one stallion that kept her mind busy. Whenever she could she would approach him, but she never got too close, just watching and following him like a lovesick schoolgirl. That was exactly what Igni was, young, lonely and desperate to find comfort in the one thing she knew. After all, she had followed Lior around in the Tundra in a similar way.
    ... and fire is the burning passion within.

    OOC: Sorry, okay, not so sorry, for this (A). Just couldn't help it and Gunsynd makes a pefect new crush now she has lost Lior Tongue. She needs someone to fawn over.
    I wanna chain you up               I wanna tie you down

    His world was new to him, the pain and suffering of yesterday had vanished. Today was unique and he would do with it what he pleased. Despite this carefree attitude, he was a site to behold. His black pelt was covered in grime, his thick locks were matted and encrusted with mud. And since there was no water for the monster to observe himself in, he was blissfully unaware of his appearance. He had his power back (some of it), so he felt much lighter and less constrained. 

    The starkness and desolation around him did not phase him. It was neither a blessing nor a curse - it was theirs. They had raised up their voices to their god and he had given them this place. It belonged to them as they did to it. He was thirsty, to be sure, and his eyes stung from the howling sands but the pain was nothing compared to the hum of the magic that he shared with the land. He knew at some point they would become whole. Together they would rise from these ashes. 

    He had noticed her, of course. The girl had been on the mountain with him and his god during his greatest moment. She had been in the group that had come to call the wasteland home. For this, he feels as if they are family. Or maybe family isn’t the right word… he has never been one for such connections. Perhaps this was just the association that came with believing in the same things (the thought that she might not believe in this land as he does, does not cross his mind).

    And so he decides to end her little game of follow the leader one day, and he turns around and looks straight at her. She is some distance away, but he knows she is there. She is small and young, but nothing about her excites him, for he has grown accustomed to her presence. He attempts to call out to her, but the dryness of his mouth prohibits any sounds from being created. He calls on his power (for the first time since having them restored) to bring some relief to his parched vocal chords. The magic works with ease, but just as quickly a dull throb forms in his throat and he has to cough to keep from choking on the water that now trickles from his mouth. He feels as though he has just avoided drowning. 

    He shakes his head and coughs up the rest of the water (which is absorbed greedily into the barren soil below). It must just be some kinks working themselves out since it has been so long since he has used his power. Gathering himself, he returns his gaze to the girl and calls out to her. Time to stop hiding. 

    I M   J U S T   A   S U C K E R   F O R   P A I N

    Gunsynd is currently pretending to be someone else! He is now 15hh, hybrid, flea-bitten grey with clear blue eyes and goes by the name of Ginkgo. He will not have use of his traits while he is in this form. Please play as if he is simply the other persona unless your character has some sort of mind-reading. Thanks! <3

    Love is friendship set on fire ...
    Well of course he had noticed her, she was way too obvious to miss. Even a blind man would notice her if she followed him around like a love-struck teenager. If it wouldn’t be by sight, it would be due to the scent or the sound of her lingering presence. Igni wasn’t really following everywhere he went, but whenever she her eyes laid upon him, she was drawn closer to him. But never close enough to actually make contact.

    Today would mark the day that it changed. Their eyes meet and as a spectator she watches his struggle with the water. Her throat, too, was dry, but since she regularly visited the meadow – she still hoped to find hím every time she went there – it wasn’t as bad as it could be. But she still desired the so expected change in their lands, even though it wasn’t promised to them. It was just Igni’s perception of the land she now called home, the land where her new family resided. Yes, even now, the blue roan girl – she could hardly be called a woman – still believed that with every good thing they did, the god would grand them something for their land.

    It is until he manages to call out to her, that she’s freed from her frozen state. Flustered she casts her gaze down, moving a little, in an attempt to deal with the sudden overwhelming feeling. Yet, she cannot back down now, of that Igni is painfully aware. A part of her wants to run, to hide herself, and continue to look at him from a distance, well hidden, but instead her feet carry her towards him. ”Uh.. hi..” she mutters, breaking the silence as it stretched too long for her liking. She had become more and more uncomfortable by it, eventually resulting her in speaking up and lamely greet him.
    ... and fire is the burning passion within.

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