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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    [private]  boy of fire [Kreation/Red Opium]
    Phoebus had followed the fish-cat south towards the river. He assumed (and hoped) Red had followed behind him as he traveled. There were too many unanswered questions, too many things for the trio to talk about.

    It doesn't take them long to find what they're looking for. Kreation stumbles, shouting obscenities as she tries to navigate the terrain around her. Phoebus lets out a chuckle as Fifi walks up to his companion, looking at her curiously. 

    "What the hell are you doing?" The boy of fire asks, getting closer to her. "What's wrong with you?" He moves close enough to touch her, to look into her eyes. She blinks rapidly, as if something is stuck in her eyes - as if she can't see. "Oh my gods. The fairies blinded you?" Phoebus glances towards the mountain, then looks back to his fellow Tephran. "What the fuck did you say to them?!" 


    . there is no pain you are receding .

    Something about the flamed Phoebus and the metallic Kreation enthralled Opium more than their appearance alone. Their talk of the Fae and their fickle magics, their devotion to reclaiming Tephra, and their acceptance of her ordinary form had all taken her by surprise. Despite her inferior differences, she was treated well for being an intruder - something she couldn’t say if the situation had been reversed. Perhaps this fueled her desire to aid the two in their venture - or at least it fueled her ever-expanding curiosity.

    Opium listened as Phoebus spoke of his home. His description of his lost homeland sounded vastly different from where she fled, though similar in temperature—at least, that's what was presumed. The Red mare was accustomed to arid heat burning down from the sun above and radiating upwards from the sands below. However, she was curious if she could withstand the violent heat of volcanic terrain. Would she even have the privilege to attempt it?

    For some reason, the petite mare of red felt a solid longing to try.

    Opium’s curiosity about Bequanna, its mystical lands, fantastical beings, and unfathomable wonders captivated her and grew with each passing moment. What else was there to do, leave? Why? Red Opium had nothing to lose in her exploration of this foreign realm. Therefore, it only made sense for the delicate desert damsel to follow suit when the darling Fifi darted off with Phoebus close behind.

    Upon reaching the river, she slows, taking in her new surroundings and searching for the fishcat. Sure enough, her ears catch the boisterous tones of Kreation. Red follows as Phoebus approaches the struggling mare with a chuckle that fades quickly into inquisitive concern. The realization of Kreation’s condition struck Red with ice-cold fear. The Faries did this? The blood bay mare could now see a little sample of their capabilities.

    Try as she might, she was unable to utter a word. Even if she could, what was there to say? All she could do was stand there and observe.

    . Red Opium .


    Apologies for the delay! Life threw me a curve ball. Things seem to have settled now!

    Within the white wall world I now reside I struggle to gather my bearings.  The vision I just had replays in the stark white of my mind and breaking through the static of white noise is soon a voice I recognize as Phoebus.  I say his name aloud, my head turning awkwardly as I hear his voice coming from my left side, "Phoebus?"

    His comments are enough for me to confirm that it is indeed him and I snort in vexation at his questions.  "Ha ha ha.  Laugh it up chuckles..."  My tone is of obvious annoyance as my head turns once again.  "I didn't SAY anything...  I was just looking for my family, hoping to find the others gathered to bring them back, but then there was this bright light and... Well. Ya."  

    I lower my head cautiously, unsure if there is anything below me.  My nares flare attempting to scent the fish cat, "Where is Fifi?  You didn't lose it did you?!" I snort before I can hear a soft meow and the pattering of webbed feet on my back.  "Thank fucking God!"  Finding another piece of Tephra blind would have been the highlight of my existence... 

    With a wide berth from the snickering of the fire boy, my legs reach forward, drawing myself farther from the river's edge.  Not having heard the others voice I inquire, "You scare Red off?"  It would have been the least shocking thing in my last couple days if he did, being as warm and fuzzy as the armored stallion is.

    Say What You Wanna Say

    //Equus Ferrum-Wings-Glowing-Immortality\\
    :||: Physical Appearance :||:
    See reference. Occasional glowing lines that look like lightning in reference.
    Will at times have iron armor or iron trinkets
    Phoebus stares at Kreation for awhile as she vents, saying nothing but filling with rage. How could the fairies do this now of all times?  He looks over to Red, looking for some kind of confirmation this was no dream and he was indeed not going crazy. All of this happening so quickly made him feel as though his head was spinning. Red Opium's face gives him some kind of reassurance that she, too, was witnessing the chaos, and he breathes a short sigh of relief before turning back to Kreation. 

    "Who's fucking laughing?" He says, rolling his eyes. He watches as Fifi rushes towards his companion, and his expression softens if only for a moment. "You're lucky you have him. He's the one that led us back to you." Phoebus says matter-of-factly, watching the fish-cat curl into the small of Kreation's back. 

    At the metal mare's insinuation he scared Red off he snorts, glancing at Opium and smiling slyly. "No, she's here. Just not sure what to think about..." He looks Kreation up and down, snorting. "All this shit." 


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