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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    [complete]  he flies on the wings of a dream
    kraken image by yishinimmo

    Is there something, someone laying in wait for him, ready to erase the stamp of loneliness upon his heart?

    He drifts lazily in the saltwater that is his second home. Naturally, they had been raised mostly earthbound, a compromise between sea and sky that respected the limitations of their blended family. Once his own aquatic tendencies had been revealed, he’d spent hours in the water alongside the men that he so admired, the men with whom he shared a singular similarity.

    Their color starts as a shimmering grey that gradually transition to pitch black, the tentacles that undulate where his hind legs should be. They are what remain to link him to his dead brother and his missing father. A sharp pang rips through his chest as he remembers them and their parallels to the mighty krakens of the deep. He misses them terribly.

    He’d heard tales of ancestors that were very nearly krakens in their own right, fearsome creatures of considerable size and moderate magical power. His father and brother retained only small echoes of such magnificence, but he could only conjure the handsome tentacles he swims with now, and then they only manifested when he was in the water.

    As he allows the currents to govern the path he cuts through the brine, he finds himself longing for something that better represented the blood he shared with them. Though he had never coveted the stropped beaks that dissected the prey ensnared by their curling appendages, he wishes for one if only to magnify the physical resemblance. Truthfully, that is all he really wants.. the enchanted qualities, he could do without.

    Realistically, he knows that this can only remain a wistful plea to haunt the constraints of his mind. But something tickles his imagination, raises the question of ‘what if?’

    The voices of his ancestors do not whisper furtively to him, but their images writhe in his mind’s eye, refusing to let this idea sink into the gloomy depths. Are they suggesting that there is a way to quench this desire? Unconsciously, he surfaces and his Baltian gills automatically transition to draw oxygen directly from the air, just as any normal horse.

    Unable to resist the siren song in his heart, he completes his metamorphosis and begins the slow trek over the still unfamiliar lands. He slips quietly through the forest until he finds himself at the base of the large mountain that dominates the background of almost every inch of Beqanna. He does not know why, but he feels compelled to scale its peak. And so he does.

    The task takes far longer than he expects and he is nearly spent when he finally reaches the crag’s zenith. A shiver runs down his spine, generated not only by the wintry climate but also by the intangible energy that surrounds him. His bright blue eyes scan the area, revealing that, physically, there is nothing, no one here waiting, but something tells him that this is where he should be. Without knowing if he will receive an answer, he speaks into the void. ”May I have a moment of someone’s time?”

    Eddie would like to quest for an upgrade from aquatic form [2] to kraken mimicry [3] :)
    so sorry, I couldn't figure out if we're suppose to tag @Officials or not? (I've never done personal or auto quests)
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    “Just a moment?” The Cloud Fairy appreciates the irony, or karma, involved with her being the one to answer this request. She appears, wreathed in silvery clouds, an amused smile on her face.

    “I admire your attachment to the past, but do not let it take over the present. Come back once you've made some effort in making a mark in the world you're living in now.”


    Eddie has successfully rolled for a quest!

    He must meet 2 characters that are not Baltian or Stratosian and learn something about them. You don't have to complete the entire thread before returning, just enough to meet the prompt. Reply here with links to the posts once you're ready! You can tag the Cloud Fairy or Squirt in your reply

    (and just for the future - you can either tag Officials or not, we try to keep tabs on the Mountain!)
    don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years

    It has been a very long time since he had been visited by the Cloud Fairy, but he is not really the most proficient in social endeavors. But at last, he feels as though he has done just enough to fulfill the requirements of his mission, and if he is quite honest with himself, he is grateful for the gentle prodding. He has genuinely enjoyed meeting a few new faces; perhaps the encounters hadn’t been the most positive, but he’s noticed that his loneliness seems to be diminishing somewhat. In addition, he’s also learning to give others a chance to show their true natures, rather than making rash decisions (usually isolating himself) based on hasty presumptions.

    So, it is with a touch of confidence that he returns to the Mountain, to see if the Cloud Fairy is pleased with his efforts, or if he still has some work to do.

    for Ian
    image by hel-gi

    @Cloud Fairy, here are his threads:

    https://beqanna.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=31536 and https://beqanna.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=31590
    Deiti: misses her home, Ischia, and has a dark secret that she’s unwilling to talk about

    Hourglass: her paternal ancestors were some of the first Glass horses in BQ
    Eddie is left for a moment by himself on the mountain, as if it is in thought, before the same silvery clouds that had surrounded the Cloud Fairy on his last visit begin to swirl around him. She does not appear physically but her magic does it's work - pleased with the roots he has begun to place in Beqanna - and the changes that occur to him will feel pleasant.


    Congratulations on successfully completing your quest! Please post in Updates with a link to this thread to have Eddie's traits updated and include the mimicry characteristics you'd like.

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