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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

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    I wanna love easily
    You are young. The youngest of your siblings and the first to be born alone. Alone. That is a strange word to you because since the moment you were born you have been anything but. Your world is small, it is Icicle Isle and Icicle Isle alone. You have heard whispers of Hyaline and the brother that lives there. You hear too of Taiga and a place with Pampas, but you hear little else beyond the world your parents have built for you.

    You think the world sounds nice. But your family, they are all that you need. Of course, you do not know how far your roots run. You do not think of roots at all, only because you have never thought about what sits below the soil of the trees you love to run through.

    You find your father exactly where you believed you would. He is predictable in the best way possible. (Your father is also brave, and bold, and funny, and loving.) Your father is all things good in the world and quite possibly one of your favorite things in this world. You are invisible, the glowing footsteps are the only clue to your existence.

    “Dad,” you say as your body becomes visible once more and you say it with the endearing whine only children with bright, innocent eyes can hold. “You said we could go see the lights tonight.” There is a drop of your green eyes and your wings shuffle closer to your body. “You promised.”

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