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    Firion -- Year 217


    "She approaches the cave and there is nothing but that anticipation and her ever-present fire inside her. No fear, no flickering echoes of love. It’s all been consumed for now. She is a wildfire contained only by the thin layer of her flesh." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    who can resist a last minute baby - x
    Silver black (EE/aa/nZ)
    Sandstorm creation
    tegteg [SANDSTORM CREATION 2][fire mimicry 2][immortality 0]

    Blue roan sabino (Ee/aa/Rr/nSb) - Breeding as azurite with gold markings
    Storm magic, stars
    tegteg [STORM MAGIC 6][STARS 0][tactile hypnosis 2][twilight manipulation 4][shadow camouflage 1][shapeshifting wings 2][panther shifting 2]

    We are requesting twins!

    The first one is a colt named Asteros to be played by Jenger. Requesting that his color is azurite with gold markings, and if Luster’s magic mutates that it be to something starry or something stormy!

    The second one is a filly named Aios to be played by Laura and she apologizes in advance for the requests. If Luster’s magic happens to pass/mutate, requesting storm entity (trait below). Requesting that her color also be azurite with gold markings unless she gets super lucky and gets storm entity. If she does, please make her color “storm cloud.” Thank you!

    Storm Entity
    User has control over storms themselves. Users can manipulate weather—controlling storms and inducing inclement weather in their immediate area such as strong winds, torrential rain, hail, lightning, and thunder. User appearance is usually dark grays, blues, and purples with white hair. They have sporadic lightning appearing beneath the surface of their skin, lighting them like a storm cloud. They are surrounded by perpetual fog and mist and can often begin to feel sick during pleasant weather, such as a sunny day, where their natural elements are more suppressed. Their power can often be tied to their emotions and if they are upset, difficult for them to control.
    --, --, 13, 65

    Name: Asteros
    Breed: Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Color: azurite with gold markings
    Traits/Defects: tegteg [EQUUS AUSTER 4][TWILIGHT MANIPULATION 4][FIRE MIMICRY 2][SHADOW CAMOUFLAGE 1][STARS 0][sandstorm creation 2][tactile hypnosis 2][panther shifting 2]
    Parents: Fenris x Luster
    Played by: Jenger
    Due date: November
    Breedable by: March

    @jenger The roller loved you guys so please pick what you'd like to stay genetic and what you'd like to move to non-genetic and what should move to carried!

    --, --, 71, 21

    Name: Aios
    Breed: Hybrid
    Gender: Female
    Color: storm cloud
    Traits/Defects: tegteg [STORM ENTITY 5][TACTILE HYPNOSIS 2][SHAPESHIFTING WINGS 2][SHADOW CAMOUFLAGE 1][STARS 0][fire mimicry 2][panther shifting 2]
    Parents: Fenris x Luster
    Played by: Laura
    Due date: November
    Breedable by: May

    @laura please pick what you'd like to stay genetic and what you'd like to move to non-genetic and what should move to carried!
    don't mind me SCREAMING. they are so beautiful!!!

    please keep storm entity and shadow camouflage genetic, shapeshifting wings non-genetic, and move tactile hypnosis to carried.

    thank you!!
    they’re so perfect!!

    please keep equus auster genetic, make twilight manipulation non-genetic, and make fire mimicry and shadow camouflage carried. thank you!!!

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