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    Mazikeen -- Year 214


    "“Content to admire you from afar.” Well that’s just bullshit. She wasn’t *content* to be admired from afar. She would rather not see him at all then be tortured by a buffered distance." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    [open]  Wolves that eddy out the corners of his eyes || Any


    There is an edge to Aela's smile - like the gleaming edge of a sword that knows it's about to strike - as she glances to look at her (unknown) sibling. Oh, she could make him feel plenty and the palomino certainly considers it. But she has already shown him images of the Pampas, taunted him with her glowing stripes and it seems better (at least for the time being) to wait with this particular skill. Enough emotions are writhing in him to distract her for a moment: (some distant memory, something buried deep enough that Aela can only feel it; loneliness) the Wolf doesn't want to be left alone.

    That was something unexpected but then, perhaps even the sulkiest beasts of the Moorlands need companionship.

    But not mine, Aela thinks cooly as the pegasus mentions her voice. Her blue eyes watch him and then she smiles at the dappled brute. "Very good," she says with a saccharine voice, "did you think of that one while you plodded here from Nerine?" She pointedly glances at the dark brown wings by his sides, wings that she has never seen him use. The smile on her face curves a little more and then she looks back to the black stallion, who surprisingly hasn't left them yet.

    He tells her that what grows in the Pampas might surprise her and Aela's head tilts slightly. She might have asked if they all grow like him in the Pampas - tall, dark, and handsome - when one of those useless wings strikes out at her. The Pangean is quick to react with a curve of her slender shoulder away from him and a brief aura of flame, another reminder that Aela is not as simple as she seems (though the false-wing had managed to shove her). If the duplicate receded because of singed feathers, it isn't there to ask. Aela simply rolls her shoulders and gives her head a small toss so that her flaxen mane smooths out against her neck again.

    "Pretty", she counters dryly back to Wherewolf, "is so much better than boorish." The other brute - Obscene - states his intent to return to the Pampas to get blitzed and this piques her curiosity, so much that it might felt in the air around them. Aela studies his dark gleaming coat and those burning red eyes (who put her in mind of someone else, of Skandar) while an ear carefully tips back to Wolf, "Unless you'd like to prove otherwise?" She challenges to her half-brother with another coy smile.

    Wherewolf Obscene
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