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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    [PQ] called my demons but gave them back

    This was a trip she had thought about making for a few years now. The feeling of helplessness after she had been attacked in the forest had faded, it had been soothed by the idea that she had been young and still had so much to learn. And while she did not feel entirely helpless now, she couldn’t shake the idea of coming here and just trying.

    Befriending Gale had taken some of the sting out of losing in the alliance but not all of it. She’d gained something there and yet she had still lost, still failed.

    And now, with the world in darkness - with monsters crawling around causing havoc, Mazikeen was willing to take some steps to do whatever she could to be more. To become better equipped to help protect her home and her friends from this and whatever other threats might come their way.

    The climb up the mountain is a difficult one and Mazikeen shifts into a snow leopard, utilizing the broad, strong paws to help her navigate the tricky pathways. When she thinks she’s gone high enough, she shifts back into herself - only keeping the feline eyes so she can see more easily. It seems right that she should be (mostly) her natural self as she waits. The words to describe what she wants do not come to her, it is difficult to describe the idea out loud but she holds it in her heart as her orange eyes flicker across the slopes of the mountain and she waits.


    Mazikeen would like to quest for upgrading shapeshifting to self manipulation

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    Shifting into a cat to climb the Mountain is cheating, dear child. The whole point of the trek is to earn the right to even be there, to stand before powers a mortal cannot truly comprehend and ask for something you do not deserve. If you want to be more, prove it.

    Wysteria comes though, looking tired and dull, as if the darkness is quietly sapping the magic from Beqanna itself. Perhaps it truly is. But has anyone actually bothered to stop and ask? Of course not. Instead, they seek only for themselves.

    Wysteria says nothing at first, reaching out with her magic to snatch away the shapeshifting that Mazikeen seems too keen to rely on. ”Go, learn what it means to be truly yourself for a while. You were given a true form and you ought to respect that form above all else. While you are at it, try doing something useful for Beqanna before you ask for more.”

    She disappears as quickly as she had come, leaving Mazikeen to find her way back down the mountain without any aid of other animal parts.


    You have received a quest, but in the process, lost your shapeshifting. You must have 3 threads learning to appreciate your equine form above all else, and 1 thread where you do something useful for Beqanna (i.e. go kill a monster or something).
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