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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    Hello I am new! -x
    Horse's Full Name: KAMALI 
    Breed: American Quarter Horse/ Mustang Cross
    Age: 5 years
    Gender: Stallion
    Color: Sooty Buskin Tobiano
    Player Out of Character Name: RedBird
    How did you find Beqanna? (optional): Searched for a horse Rp Website
    Anything else you'd like to include: I have Rp'd before and am excited to meet everyone!
    Hello and Welcome to Beqanna!

    A few things just to get you started:
    - You'll need to make this character his own unique account to post with. You cannot post using your ooc account. If you want this account to be his account (as I see you've already filled out a lot of the profile fields, which is great!) then you can just change the name of this account and create a new, strictly OOC account
    - Is this character's name just Cheveyo, or is it Cheveyo Spirit Warrior?
    - Our game Discord is usually pretty active (current pandemic nonwithstanding!) and socializing is encouraged. Link is here: https://discord.gg/SnMAsH
    - If you have any questions feel free to message either myself, another officer/moderator, or the Officials account any time

    Welcome again! Smile
    Thank you Kahzie!! I'll change this account to his!

    -His name is Cheveyo but it means Spirit Warrior

    thanks for your help! I really appreciate it Smile

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