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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    Looking for a Male
    Hello Smile

    Before I decide to carelessly breed next breeding season or create a randomly new character, I thought I would reach out to see if anyone had any stallions they wanted to lend out instead of having them in their closet Smile Just preferably no ponies LOL

    I would love if they had a little more backstory or history, or even if their family has something I can build off of then great. I am totally cool with putting activity conditions on the PMP and whatever else you see fit!

    Let me know who you have, and thanks in advance Smile
    I have Name: Islande
    Breed: Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Color: Indigo with teal mane/tail
    Parents: Kaladin x Irk
    Twin to Cainell
    Due Date: January -2018
    Breedable by: May -2018

    I play his twin, parents and niece.

    or I might if vanilla is okay with it then you can play Odinokiy (MALE) Silver blue roan appaloosa - Player: SecondChances - Breed: Hybrid - ColorGenetics: Ee/aa/Rr/Zz/nLp - TraitGenetics: TEGteg [ICY APPEARANCE][IMMORTALITY][DRAGON MIMICRY][WINGS][DRAGON VISION*][equus ursus][twilight mimicry][telekinesis][dragonice][bone bending] - Other: Twin to Dharya

    Or I can give you the next Carwyn x Aodhan or Cawyn x Ivar baby who will have lots of siblings and lots of family drama
    Active Characters:
    okay so I have a repossessed one with no traits but hella backstory

    Anglo-Arabian Hybrid
    Silver with purple mane/tail
    Carnage x Perse
    tegteg [empathy][glowing hooves]

    he was played by berber briefly, but I put him back under my name when she left. anyway the Backstory - Perse is Cordis x Spyndle aka the greatest BQ love story ever (in my completely unbiased opinion). Cordis was once upon a time held captive in Carnage's lair forever, she eventually escaped, but was very scarred by the whole thing. unbeknownst to Corids, Spyndle had made a deal with Carnage awhile back, basically promising him a "favor" in exchange for getting her memories back (i think). anyway, they had their babies, perse and elecktrum, and carnage came to collect his favor and took Perse when she was a baby. Perse lived a similar lair life to Cordis, except she was into it and was sad when he cast her out. ANYWAY Pentecost is the result of her getting to bang her idol/captor.

    so anyway perse isn't that active BUT id love to play her with her kid, and even more so, cordis would love to interact with her grandson because she'd hate the combo of her kid x her captor.

    he has no real personality that I recall, so pretty moldable.

    he DOES have activity/breeding requirements...basically semi active (i literally mean like...a month every month or two, I know we're adults, I just want him cared about because his lines [one his mother's side] are so special to me). and like, limited kids...probably no more than 3-5 that make IC sense?

    anyway if this sparks your interest you're welcome to take him for a trial run and if not no worries, i've been meaning to post him in PMP and keep forgetting so you've let me write this shit out finally!!
    Thanks guys <3 I will contact you to see who would be the best fit for both parties!! Thanks Smile

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