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    version 22: awakening


    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    write with me?

    Plot Status: OPEN AS OF DECEMBER 29, 2019

    I have been slowly getting back into writing and would enjoy having a few more threads. Please note that I can be abysmally slow in the replying department because of work, though I do expect wait time to lessen after the 10th of January! If you have ideas, just want threads, etc. Please let me know and drag me out of my hermit shell. I would really love to write with everyone ♥

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    Available Characters

    Gluttony, Pangea

    ALEXIEL X ANABEL, Eagle Shifting, Phasing, Glittering, Fangs

    Gluttony is a very strange little thing. She chose to live with the hawks of Beqanna for the first three years of her life (aka, i was away, so. i needed a good excuse for what she's been doing this whole time) and because of it, she is very naive, immature and childlike. She has been recruited by Ghaul to live in Pangea and is currently teaching him to fly! She loves to meet new people and isn't aware of dangers that exist yet, and all that. So while wanting more friends, she probably also needs other faces to teach her that she can't be an idiotic child her entire life and needs to grow up. She is currently pregnant with a tarnished baby, Decline, and I don't see her pregnancy and having to raise a child encouraging her to grow up the way that needs to be done. I see a traumatic event being more appropriate, so any ideas are totally welcome!

    Rehu, nomad

    NO BEQANNA LINES, Bee Manipulation

    Rehu is another strange one. He is "rough on the outside", a soft marshmallow on the inside. He Really takes things to heart. Mean things can be like a punch to the gut, and his anxiety can get pretty severe. Sometimes says things without thinking or realizing there could be negative consequences. He wishes he were "normal". Normal to him is natural colors, no traits. Etc. While he thinks he doesn't carry any traits and is just explosively colored at the moment, he will be coming to discover his bee manipulation in the spring! Someone willing to help with that would be awesome! He's also up for romance, making enemies, whatever. I'm not sure if I'm going to attach him to any lands. He may remain a nomad, unless he finds someone he can trust enough to follow home?

    Decline, still cooking in the oven

    TARNISHED X GLUTTONY, Telepathy, Phasing, Immortality, Glittering

    Decline is going to be an overly confident little shit that likes fucking with people. At least, that's where I see him going. This could change though as he isn't born yet. If you have ideas, upcoming babies, etc. that would enjoy being his friend, fucking with him, whatever, he'd probably enjoy it all. I haven't completely fleshed him out the way I typically do with my characters so any sort of influencing type of personality is always welcome!

    Voracity, still cooking in the oven


    Here is a plain boy who is going to grow up alongside his great grandaunt, and great grand uncles wishing he could be as "badass" as they are. He's going to be a very envious type, always trying to discover what power he may have, getting hurt by his attempts at discovery and then growing into a deep resentment as he grows and realizes he doesn't have anything "special". Friends that try to help, maybe a love interest, etc. would be cool. Enemies probably wouldn't pan well for him as a child just yet as he'd probably wouldn't even give those horses a time of day or entertain it as he'd be too invested in himself. I almost see him pretending at one point that he does have a trait and then being discovered and bullied because he lied about having one to the point he becomes mentally distressed, so if you have a character up for that, please let me know!

    ♞ status: active, slow
    currently: trying to remember how to write the words.
    always working. never slowing down.

    I'd love to thread with you. Maybe Decline and Odinokiy can meet once they are born?
    I'd like to throw Valorino or Makara at Rehu. I'd like to throw Dharya or Yuletide at Voracity once they are born.
    @[secondchances] I would love for all of your pons to meet mine! Decline and Odin can definitely meet, as well as Dharya or Yule with Voracity once everyone is born! I'm up for whoever with Rehu! Either would work! Let me know who you prefer and I can write up a starter for you! :]
    ♞ status: active, slow
    currently: trying to remember how to write the words.
    always working. never slowing down.

    Awesome I think I will go with Makara for Rehu.
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