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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    On the edge of two worlds; birthing, Flamebrand, any.
    It had been a bitter winter that was for sure. She had spent her time in and out of Loess most days now, the rolling hills and open sky called to her by nature, it had been the most freeing land aside from Pangea that she had been to so far. She had spent many days with Flamebrand, his chivalrousness was a breath of fresh air and had lead her to feel affectionate towards the stallion which eventually lead to them conceiving the child that was almost too large for her womb now.

    How did she let herself get into this predicament again. She hadn’t been good to the first child she bore would it be any different with this one? What if Flamebrand didn’t want them living in Loess? Would she spend more time in the skies once more just like she had with Felicitey, only coming back to solid ground at night to check on said child?

    For days as winter let its reign end and spring to rebirth she knew it would not be long before her child would make their appearance. She had found a comfortable spot along the border of Loess and Taiga. A comfortable enough spot she supposed.

    When the contractions started early that day while she had taken to the sky Nimue dipped close to the ground as she made her way to that spot nestled against the border of two lands. Maybe all of her children would be destined to be apart of two worlds. Felicitey of the meadow and pangea, plentiful and baren, and this child of Loess and Taiga, claustrophobic and open.

    It had only taken a couple hours for the small chesnut, winged filly to make her appearance. The girl was as dark she had once been as a child, and her wings unlike Felicitey’s, were rather large and would be a strong pair. Nimue cleaned the girl off gently, the most affectionate she would probably be through her childhood. Her wings shimmered a brownish red as the sun filtered through to their small clearing. The girl quickly took to Nimue’s underside to drink the sweet nectar of life. Her lips frothed milk bubbles and a small smile caressed the beautiful girl as she shoved her soft head into Nimue’s side, behind her front legs.

    What should be call you? she asked staring down at the small girl as if she would get an answer.

    Adisa stared up at her mother, she was large and light with shiny, beautiful wings. Her pale blue eyes mirrored her mother’s though her mothers were a couple shades darker as if the sky was mixed with the water. She cocked her head to the side as a simple giggle escaped her lips and she went back to the sweet, sweet milk from her mother.

    Adisa, then. Nimue said matter of factly. Her eyes traveled across the sky that was visible from their small spot against the trees, would Flamebrand come today? His visits were sporadic, but she didn’t have one doubt that he would want to meet his new daughter. She let out a call towards the cloud filled sky above just in case.    
    Lady of the Lake Sky
    Nimue Isolde


    Flamebrand had been on his way towards Loess in hopes of watching the birth of his first born. He hopes that he makes it in time. The winged male ran towards the border of Taiga and Loess. He arrived just in time to see the chestnut filly come into the world. He heard Nimue's call and stepped into Loess giving the dappled mare a smile. He gave Nimue a little kiss on her cheek and apologized for not having visited as often as he wanted to. He looked at the winged filly and said "Hello my little dove. Adisa is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

    Nimue Isolde

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