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    version 22: awakening


    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    It's the season
    Breeding requirements for all:
    -Please don’t use silly names, singular names (one-word) are by far preferred. I also love love love looking for names so don’t hesitate to ask if needed
    -Please intend to actually play this baby at some point, or if you want to PMP, consider me?
    -In case of multiples you don’t want/didn’t intend, I don’t mind playing them.
    -No ‘whoring’ the baby if you use one of my active played characters please, unless that makes a lot of sense IC (if it was a closet breeding I don’t really care as much what you do with it so go ahead)

    Basically a freebie 
    I would prefer something happening IC before/after breeding with either mommy or baby, but it’s not a hard requirement.


    Knabstrupper hybrid
    Leilan x Breckin
    (Silver bay roan) leopard appaloosa, metallic gold spots, blue shell markings 
    Icy appearance, Equus mutatio. Fire Mimicry is nongenetic.
    TEGteg [-ICY APPEARANCE-][-EQUUS MUTATIO-][-FIRE MIMICRY*-][DRAGON VISION][TWILIGHT MANIPULATION][immortality][dragon ice][dragon mimicry][empathic echoes][telekinesis]
    Icy appearance is manifested as tiny snowflakes clinging to his body, not enough to fully cover him but rather scattered so that in the right light, he sparkles a bit.

    Be aware that, due to his one TEG, he only expresses the [-TRAITS-] and this is a possible outcome for the baby also.


    Brelan baby, thus a Scortoni grandkid, and brother of Eurwen. Is the kind to shower everyone in love who wants/needs it, and if multiple girls want him this season or any of the next, he would love to start a herd somewhere so he can see his kids and help the mothers raise them. However, not clingy. Clearly smitten with Eva but they’re having... an open relationship? Will take in his kid(s) if mother doesn’t want to raise them.
    Up for anything non-malicious. He’ll try to impress the lady, not force them; but he can be anything they want for the night. If he needs to change colour, he can only do this once per season.

    Free to use whenever, girls only once per season ofc.
    I’m up for doing a thread if you want things to make sense IC or want to have a parent/foal thread, but I’m not playing these actively and threads are not needed per say, for my part.


    Lupei x Iskeli
    Viridian green, bay base (Ee/Aa)
    tegteg[wolf shifting][white fire manipulation][immortality]


    She’s a bit of a bitchy woman (understatement), so a sweet innocent boy probably would not be a match. Would wean the child early. She was an ‘orphan’ so dropping them with the fairies is less likely, unless the baby totally freaks her out. Will be a distant/uncaring momma most of the time.


    Carnage x Winzy
    Anglo-Arab hybrid
    Yellow-gold (#dbb302) with sunrise mane and tail on a palomino base (ee/aa/nCR)
    tegteg[LIGHT ABSORPTION][immortality]

    Pretty and cute, she needs someone persuasive or perhaps someone she knows (or rape, ahem). Roams the Meadow mostly. Loves her babies and weans all her foals. No Carnage breeding, since she is a direct daughter of his.


    Brennen x Diekplous
    Arabian hybrid
    Chestnut roan (ee/Aa/Rr)
    tegteg[MEERKAT SHIFTING][wings][immortality][bone-bending][mediumship]

    Resides in Ischia and/or Island Resort as a meerkat (mostly burrowing and such), so he needs someone who would hold his attention long enough to shift back I suppose. Definitely a sweet boy at any rate.


    Clayton x Tähti
    (Smokey) Black with silver eyes (Ee/aa/nCr)
    tegteg [ADDAX HORNS][CLOVEN HOOVES][WINGS][TELEKINESIS][serial immortality

    Nälkä means hunger and he’s together with his triplets and mom based off apocalypse horses. Representing famine, he’s always short of something, and will attempt to take it all from you. He’s not nice but he can be manipulative and thus pretend to be for an hour or so (long enough for a girl not to be able to get away). If you’re looking for some mental or physical scars; he’ll do both.

    Rajanish OCTOBER ONLY

    Carnage x Lillith Elvira
    Anglo-Arabian hybrid
    Bay appaloosa (Ee/Aa/nLP) (spotted blanket)
    tegteg [TRANSLUCENT APPEARANCE][DISEASE ACCELERATION][ghost shifting][reverse ghost shifting*]

    Rajanish is dead. Literally. However, he died during Rhy’s quest of Dia de Muertos, and so he received “reverse ghost shifting”: he can visit the land of the living in ghost form, once per BQ year (usually autumn). Only around the October breeding season can he solidify enough to produce offspring).

    Raj is a creeper and would bide his time, though perhaps he’ll be less patient once he realizes how little time he has on Beqanna before being pulled back to the Afterlife. He’ll try anything from sweet talking and manipulating to downright attacking and raping (if you want, he can also use his diseaseacceleration to make the girl weaker than usual). Lived in Pangea before he died so he’s most likely to be found there, doesn’t mingle with politics; would roam to common lands also.

    Requires a plot and IC interaction, please discuss with me before use.

    Andalusian (PRE)
    No lineage
    White, genetically a cremello (ee/Aa/CRCR)

    Former queen of the Silver Cove (out of necessity since she didn’t really want to nor liked it particularly, but felt she couldn’t yet leave it to untrained heirs - passed it over after a year’s time). Ilma is a diplomat, teacher and peacekeeper to her bones, and peacemaker at maybe not any cost, but close enough. Has a temper when challenged too much/often. Retired to the Meadow, ‘the only true neutral place’, but can occasionally be found roaming to other places or even making social visits in kingdoms. Ilma has been played by me extensively, but never came to be a couple with the only love she really had, and has tried to move on several times since. Has three kids by three fathers (one was a rape plot). Needs some form of an IC reason to breed (or if you want to play the baby with her, that’s fine), would probably also do one night stands but not every year.

    Knabstrup hybrid
    Leilan x Breckin
    Leopard appaloosa with baby pink spots and metallic rose-gold mane and tail, golden broken rock marking

    Note she has a TEG so only the “-“marked traits are expressed.

    Eurwen is cute, but rather serious, and very introverted. She tries hard to make friends though, as this does not make her want to be alone.
    She spent her first year son Icicle Isle and in Nerine as princess of Nerine, snuck out to do one or the fairy’s quests to help find the Cure for the Plague, went back when all Cure ingredients were found and basically almost died from that ordeal. Spent years on the Mountain to recover, recently ‘returned to life’ and back in Nerine. Would need a plot and a true love to breed I think, let me know if you have someone interested! She’s about 6 by now although in my head she still acts as younger since she missed out on a big part of her teenage and YA years.

    Hybrid (has draft/baroque/spanish lineage mostly; takes mostly after a friesian hybrid or warlander)
    Scorch x Hestoni
    Silver bay roan with metallic golden mane/tail
    Traits: ice dragon shifting, immortality, ice scales
    tegteg [ICE DRAGON SHIFTING][IMMORTALITY][ICE SCALES][glowing tattoos][twilight manipulation][dragon vision]

    Leilan... trickster, joker, charmer, savior, home-wrecker, honestly depends on his mood. I need a plot for him to breed. He might not be willing to make kids this season, idk. Really depends on how things go between them IC. Has a maximum of one, maybe two per season.
    Could I use Aodhan for Cael? Happy to do some sort of plot! Is the name ‘Intoxication’ alright?
    Alvorr | Anninux | Aziz | Caelestra | Castaneis | Rouhi | Ruinam | Sidereum
    Awesome! Do you want me to pop a starter up? and if so where do ya want it?
    Bump - I’m gonna add Leilan to this list, but he’ll need some form of plot/thread with him, to use.
    His stats are in the database I just haven’t got the time right now to put it all in this thread Wink

    This is so tempting! I might have an idea for Ilma, but maybe for next season?
    Next season would suit me! Then I can use her now (hehe)

    Bump! I cannot delete all the old posts here (only mine which disrupted the conversations I see so I stopped) so sorry for the clogged thread,

    Would Aodhán and Carwyn breeding work maybe?
    That’d be fine with me!

    Updated (finally) for those who’re getting more desperate itches as the breeding season progresses. ^^


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