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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    Looking for Female Adoptable
    Hello! I am new and active. I am on everyday and am looking for a female adoptable. I open to any type of horse and personality and if they are involved in plots... Im fine with that too. My one request though is that the sexuality be straight please. Thank you! <3
    Anglo-Arabian Hybrid
    Bay Appaloosa/Will Gray (Ee/Aa/Gg/nLp)
    Brennen x Galilee
    tegteg [WINGS][bone spikes][immortality]

    Taeryn has a rather large family - 8 full siblings, plus 6 half on her mother's side and ?? a lot of half siblings on her father's side. Galilee and Brennen were living a 99% monogamous relationship with their whole family in Ischia, until Taeryn's younger sister was murdered by an evil stallion from Sylva. During mourning Brennen and Galilee started to grow apart and even though Taeryn has 3 living younger full siblings, they no longer live together. When the Plague hit Brennen took the youngest, twins Qaen and Maertin, and moved to Nerine because that's where his new lover and their daughter live. Galilee also has found a new relationship.

    Taeryn would have been raised in Ischia by Brennen and Galilee when they were still very much in love and Brennen was King of Ischia. Some of her older siblings and half-siblings would have been very involved - I could give you a list of who she might have been close to. She would have been between one and two when Khaeli was murdered, along with their older half-sister Alonwy, so that's when her parents might have been a little distant but still loving and left the last bit of her raising to other siblings.

    Basically there are a TON of active family members out there for her to meet - and up to you how involved she'd be with them or if she'd go her own way, though I'd love to post with you! Galilee is a Good Mom and Brennen is a very loving, if sometimes absent minded, father who wants the best for all his kids even if he has a bajillion of them.

    She has a rich history in my head with all this family but she's never been actually played, so moldable by you.
    Pazuzu x Aya
    Black (EE/aa)
    tegteg [wings][liquidification] (so she carries these traits, but does not express them)

    She has some siblings, but I don't think any are really active right now. Voros is played by SecondChances. I have the other two (Vlyx and Volkan). Vlyx is the oldest and most developed out of any of them, and that happened on another site. Aya would have raised them all to be self sufficient. Probably not overly doting, but not hateful by any means. She would have wanted her children to go on and do great things with their lives. She purposely has bred with powerful males in an effort for traited children. Only one ended up traited, and that was Volkan (he's also the youngest). There could be some jealously there. Vlyx was a queen for a time, and Aya probably bragged about that until Volkan was born. Now he is the favorite of the lot. No one else has done anything. I would also love to have a reason to bring Volkan out to play. Visare would not have known her dad. You can play her at any age as long as she is older than Volkan, who, if I bring him out to play with you, will just be a colt.
    Vlyx, Voros, Visare, Volkan is the order they go in.

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