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    version 22: awakening


    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

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    Horse's Full Name: Lux
    Breed: Arabian
    Age: 3
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Black to white ombré with wax drippings
    Player Out of Character Name: Elle Belle
    How did you find Beqanna? (optional):
    Anything else you'd like to include: Joining with approved birthday trait, fire mimicry. She will have flames along her spine, able to burn others at will flames, and alluring like heighten attraction from others (moth to a flame reference? Best way to describe what I mean).

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