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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    Just like you, only prettier // Reia
    And just like that, I was here. Mary Mary, quite contrary had welcomed me with a tight lipped smile and a promise of work. It was well enough. I'd need something to do if I wanted to stay out of trouble, and if it got me in good with the locals, well that was a bonus. 

    For the most part, the landscape had proven dry and craggy, not to my tastes at all. But every so often I'd come across a pool or a stream, and get my feet wet just long enough to feel a bit more at home. The little trickles and rivulets converged in some places, making pretty little ponds and lakes where the rocks were interupted with thick plant life. Much better, in my opinion. 

    It was slow, at first. I hadn't been called on to do much of anything, warlike or not. Which made it that much easier to just linger in a little pond I'd dubbed my own and just get comfortable. The complacency wouldn't last. Sooner or later someone would come by and tell me to do something or other, and what the hell, I might actually do it. So this little bit of peace and quiet was as welcome as could be. 

    I hadn't been this alone in a long time. It was just me and the newly emerging bullfrogs lurking among the waterlilies and the cattails, not giving a fuck about the world in general. I was going to get bored soon. I always did, and it didn't usually end well. But so far, no one but a hapless garter snake had fallen foul of my path. That little bugger now lay coiled up in the brush, several feet from his head. 

    Maybe I'd go find another one later in the afternoon. Or maybe I'd go for a little fly. It wasn't something I'd indulged in much since coming here, as my shiny ass flitting through kingdom air would probably bring in more attention than I felt like dealing with at the moment. Decisions, decisions...


    no one really knows what the ocean hides
    but you and I, bird, we’re gonna find out


    The scent of it draws her in, captures her.

    A small amount, she notes, hardly anything to concern herself. Animals die almost daily here with predators scouring for weak and vulnerable prey. As enticing as it is, Reia has never intervened. She pursues more fascinating things and hovers at the edge of Taiga where Pteron lurks within.

    There have been developing changes throughout her body, and it has heightened her sense of smell. Like a shark, she is drawn to that drop of blood where a serpent lies decapitated in the brush. She nudges the corpse and still it writhes. Fresh, her thoughts grasp onto the observation. Quickly, her sapphire eyes slip past the scraggly foliage to see the girl in the near distance. Fascination blooms in her gaze before it narrows with suspicion. While Reia is composed of fire and scales, the girl is water and fins. A low, territorial growl crawls from the depths of her throat. Intruder? Or prey?

    A dull ache constricts, but never stops, her. With a bounding leap, she abandons the serpent’s resting place and feverishly trots toward the stranger, stopping once in front of her. The flames across her crest and tail hiss and crackle. The light reflects from her scales, marbling across her as she reacts with an edged voice. ”Did dad bring you home for dinner? I can’t see why else a fish would be here.” A jagged sneer tugs at the edges of her mouth as she slowly begins to circle, scrutinizing each delicate curve and fin with a curious (hungry) gaze.

    and I'll be next to you when the lights go out

    Ironic, really. Think of a thing and it's so much more likely to occur. Out of seemingly thin air, my solitude is rudely shattered by the entrance of another female. Lithe and light on her feet, she prowls nearer with more feline grace than most horses can manage. I lift a brow, unimpressed as her growling tone breaks the silence I'd been bathed in until now. 

    "You Loessians aren't big on saying hi, are you? Straight to the chase. How savage." I sigh in mocking disappointment. Whatever, if she hadn't been so abrasive, I certainly would have. As it stands, I fix the shimmering mare with my own hard stare, a faint smile dancing on my lips. She's predatory in nature, that much would be obvious even without the dinner comment. 

    A scent lingers on her, similar to my brother's own odor. My nose wrinkles in disdain, despite being accustomed to the smell of burning. "Aren't you a little old for your parents to be feeding you? Perhaps your daddy thought you needed help with your hair. Nothing a splash of water won't fix, but you really should be more careful next time you try doing it yourself." 

    I examine her from where I stand, paying exaggerated attention to the flickers of blue heat that ripple along her neck. The flames lick along her haunches in similar fashion, so I tilt my head aside as though I'm sincerely concerned. "You may also want to consider a change in diet. Shitting fire can't be good for your ass." I click my tongue a few times in disapproval, rolling my eyes as she paces like a starving mountain lion around me. 

    I hope she's enjoying the view. We share wings and scaled skin, I notice, but little else. Similar enough to be interesting, even if I can tell her scales are not of a piscean sort. I toss my head and flex my own wings flirtatiously, as if she were examining in appreciation of my figure instead of my protein content. I don't take my eyes off of her though, as she moves around me. I wink saucily as she walks behind me, hoping this lurid display puts her off balance. 

    "Like what you see?" I quip as she comes around the front of me again, sarcasm dripping from my tongue like blood from a wound. Let her wonder at my purpose here. I'm sure I've got as much right to this pool as anyone. More, even, than some flaming girl with hungry eyes. 


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