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    "He watches her, noticing first the way she moves beneath moonlight, and he is reminded of a time before magic ran rampant as it does now. How back then there were some that simply seemed to be magic without actually having it, the kind that could capture your attention and keep it." --Eadoin, written by Colby

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        Thread: Holiday Present Pick! - now with results
    Post: RE: Holiday Present Pick!

    After way too much deliberation, lets do 6A.
    Star Mountain 28 1,832 12-31-2021, 04:09 PM
        Thread: asterion - rhysander - baelor - carwen
    Post: RE: asterion - rhysander - baelor - carwen

    keep please!
    Star Name Reservations 1 847 09-23-2021, 07:34 AM
        Thread: as of 9/19
    Post: RE: as of 9/19

    Star Away 1 507 09-19-2021, 09:35 PM
        Thread: whats one more baby -x
    Post: whats one more baby -x

    Sire: Name: Shahrizai Gender: Male Breed: Hybrid Traits/defects: Darkness Manipulation, Glowing Markings, No tail Color: Blue Roan Color Genetic Code (if known): (Ee/aa/Rr) Trait Genetic Code...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 350 08-23-2021, 10:14 PM
        Thread: bippity-boppity-babies -x
    Post: bippity-boppity-babies -x

    Sire Name: Carnage Gender: Male Breed: Anglo-Arabian Traits/defects: God Magic Color: Nebula colored (dark teal blue base with orange/green/purple swirls, star/celestial markings, etc); origina...
    Star Breeding Archives 3 482 08-21-2021, 06:49 PM
        Thread: woolly wailers -x
    Post: woolly wailers -x

    Sire: Rannoch Male Mealy bay pintaloosa Mustang hybrid Cloven hooves, invisibility, equus mammuthus tegteg[CLOVEN HOOVES][INVISIBILITY][EQUUS MAMMUTHUS][blight][immortality][tornado creation] ...
    Star Breeding Archives 5 741 06-23-2021, 09:35 AM
        Thread: as of 9/19
    Post: as of 9/19

    i should have been on away for the last week (i literally worked every day but today) so apologize for the delay in posts! im still slow, but replies should be coming quicker now.
    Star Away 1 507 03-05-2021, 12:49 PM
        Thread: noshels, no shoes, no problems. -x
    Post: noshels, no shoes, no problems. -x

    Sire Name: Nashua Gender: Stallion Breed: Arabian Hybrid Traits/defects: Glowing Markings, Wings, Malleable Anatomy, Moon Halo, Invisibility, Healing* Color: Flaxen Chestnut with glowing gold/whi...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 603 02-23-2021, 06:36 PM
        Thread: Activity Check!
    Post: RE: Activity Check!

    Brienna is still here, probably thinking that Aodhan is still their biggest thread ;)
    Star Nerine 5 943 01-14-2021, 01:58 PM
        Thread: twas the season -x
    Post: twas the season -x

    Sire Name: Ion Gender: Male Breed: Hybrid Traits/defects: Twilight manipulation, Immortality, Panther shifting, Companion Animal* Color: Blue Roan Color Genetic Code (if known): EE/aa/Rr Trait ...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 516 12-23-2020, 07:40 PM
        Thread: Happy holidays!
    Post: RE: Happy holidays!

    present #3 please
    Star Mountain Archives 40 4,261 12-23-2020, 07:26 PM
        Thread: ugh
    Post: RE: ugh

    hi wow i thought i replied to this already but alas- so wild idea. you. me. words?
    Star Plots 10 1,119 11-23-2020, 10:42 PM
        Thread: ROUND TWO: Tarian v. Mazikeen
    Post: RE: ROUND TWO: Tarian v. Mazikeen

    Using my extension.
    Star Plains 7 1,713 10-25-2020, 05:15 AM
        Thread: and who can resist wednage? -x
    Post: and who can resist wednage? -x

    Sire Carnage Male Anglo-Arabian Pure white with a rainbow sheen, black mane/tail (Ee/aa/Gg) God Magic tegteg[GOD MAGIC] Dam Celeste Female Hybrid Black tegteg [fire manipulation] ...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 602 10-23-2020, 10:58 PM
        Thread: spooky halloween baby -x
    Post: spooky halloween baby -x

    Sire Name: Nerve Gender: Stallion Breed: Anglo-Arabian Hybrid Traits/defects: Self-Manipulation Color: Black Color Genetic Code (if known): Ee/aa Trait Genetic Code (if known): tegteg [LIMITLES...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 586 10-23-2020, 07:55 PM
        Thread: double trouble -x
    Post: double trouble -x

    SIRE Name: Nashua Breed: Arabian Hybrid Gender: Male Color: Flaxen chestnut with glowing gold/white okapi stripes Color Genetic Code (if known): -- Traits/Defects: Glowing Markings, Wings, Malle...
    Star Breeding Archives 1 463 10-19-2020, 07:31 PM
        Thread: ROUND ONE: Nashua v. Titanya
    Post: RE: ROUND ONE: Nashua v. Titanya

    Using my extension.
    Star Plains 7 1,940 10-04-2020, 10:55 PM
        Thread: puttin some feelers out hahahaha
    Post: RE: puttin some feelers out hahahaha

    hi, i have nothing helpful to add other than that nash to elio is next on my to-do
    Star Plots 4 895 09-21-2020, 07:59 PM
        Thread: baby things
    Post: RE: baby things

    hi! maybe aela and lumos? she is technically two but i play her as youngish (my heart isn't ready for her to grow up yet). she'll be heading to pangea soon but has grown up in taiga. she's mute an...
    Star Plots 4 869 09-21-2020, 07:57 PM
        Thread: drown me
    Post: RE: drown me

    i don't mind waiting until the fireworks are over for lilli. but i can do a starter for desire and nash soonish?
    Star Plots 5 969 09-11-2020, 05:02 PM