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    "He watches her, noticing first the way she moves beneath moonlight, and he is reminded of a time before magic ran rampant as it does now. How back then there were some that simply seemed to be magic without actually having it, the kind that could capture your attention and keep it." --Eadoin, written by Colby

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        Thread: A lil something
    Post: A lil something

    Hey there! It’s been a while but I’ve decided to come back and play one of my favorites, Davina. And who knows maybe some of my others will come back. Anyways Davina is kind of a wild card, she’s ope...
    Lena Plots 1 181 12-21-2021, 12:34 PM
        Thread: Arranged Marriages
    Post: RE: Arranged Marriages

    I can’t promise she’ll like him. She’s also not the most relationship type but hey we could try lol
    Lena Plots 5 1,540 08-08-2019, 05:42 PM
        Thread: Arranged Marriages
    Post: RE: Arranged Marriages

    Davina could meet Vox she's a chameleon shifter too she's a bit of an odd ball and needs someone to keep her on the rails....She's also kinda of a carnivore soooooo things could get interesting lmao
    Lena Plots 5 1,540 08-08-2019, 04:07 PM
        Thread: To-do!
    Post: To-do!

    Davina: Starsin :idea: Chemdog :idea: Aten :idea: Myrkari :idea: Corban x Phaetra Pony x
    Lena To-Do Lists 0 708 08-07-2019, 02:39 PM
        Thread: Something for this girl
    Post: RE: Something for this girl

    @[phaetra] Yep! Only D! I figured I should restart slowly with only one character so I could fully develop her... .anyways I'll throw a post up for you! I don't mind who responds! [hr] @[Nicole] Yes...
    Lena Plots 13 3,060 08-07-2019, 02:31 PM
        Thread: Something for this girl
    Post: RE: Something for this girl

    @[phaetra] yesssss!! Just lmk who
    Lena Plots 13 3,060 08-07-2019, 02:01 PM
        Thread: Something for this girl
    Post: RE: Something for this girl

    @[GamerGirl63] no worries!! And you are definitely not late lol! I can throw another D post in the meadow for Aten!! She needs friends!
    Lena Plots 13 3,060 08-07-2019, 12:27 AM
        Thread: Something for this girl
    Post: RE: Something for this girl

    @[Chemdog] I’m sure D would love to meet him! I know this is kinda late and delayed but it’s fine everything is fine lol @[Anodyne] A million times yes!!! Myrkari sounds fabulous! @[Colby] ooooo...
    Lena Plots 13 3,060 08-05-2019, 01:01 PM
        Thread: Valan -x
    Post: Valan -x

    Name: Valan Breed: Anglo Arabian Hybrid Age: 1 Gender: Stallion Color: Flaxen red bay with darker spotting(almost like an appy). His mane and tail have cobalt highlights and are relatively short. ...
    Lena Join 0 731 07-08-2019, 02:48 PM
        Thread: Something for this girl
    Post: Something for this girl

    So I posted Davina in the meadow she's kind an oddball and a massive mess but its all fine lol. Anyways she needs friends or at least acquaintances or something lol. I'm down for whatever with her, sh...
    Lena Plots 13 3,060 07-08-2019, 12:48 PM
        Thread: One... maybe two...
    Post: One... maybe two...

    Lewana Naga x Celeana Mare Compact pony like build, about 15/14.2 Hands  About 5 or 6? Slick black with a very angular crescent star Leopon Shifting, Twin to Jamjali She's the daughter of Celea...
    Lena PMP 0 972 04-07-2019, 03:31 PM
        Thread: Frands!
    Post: RE: Frands!

    Hey there! Davina is a yearling(I think??) , anyways she doesn’t have many friends cause she doesn’t want to infect anyone with the plague, even though she really wants to make friends(she’s super se...
    Lena Plots 6 2,039 03-24-2019, 09:53 AM
        Thread: Love is Weakness; Loess or Taiga
    Post: RE: Love is Weakness; Loess or Taiga

    No worries! I’m just gonna throw Heda in the pampas and maybe even Jump her into the big Loess meeting! I had so much fun wording with you!
    Lena Field 4 1,899 01-18-2019, 01:07 AM
        Thread: To-do!
    Post: To-do!

    Heda [ x ] Lepis - finished [ x ] Loess Meeting [ ] Brilliant Pampas [ ] Loess Davina [  ] Anninux
    Lena To-Do Lists 0 744 01-17-2019, 07:51 PM
        Thread: Empathic Projection
    Post: Empathic Projection

    Hey! I've always played Heda with empathic projection as this: (From SuperPower Wiki) Users can share sensations or emotions with other people, either by augmenting mutually shared emotions or exerc...
    Lena Questions and Suggestions 1 1,406 01-14-2019, 05:55 PM
        Thread: Anyone wanna adopt?
    Post: Anyone wanna adopt?

    Davina Female Hybrid Canine Teeth, Skeleton Vision, Color Changing, Immortality, Transparent Wings, Chameleon Shifting Anyone wanna adopt this lovely? I see her as an innocent little trouble m...
    Lena Plots 3 1,197 01-14-2019, 05:38 PM
        Thread: please help me torture
    Post: RE: please help me torture

    He can kill off one or two of my ponies that I can bring out of the closet like Daey or Clarisse? Also! I have a lioness shifter, Celeana that I could bring out and maybe help him to learn control ove...
    Lena Plots 1 915 01-07-2019, 01:05 PM
        Thread: On the move lol
    Post: On the move lol

    Electra Rocky Mountain Horse Hybrid Female Color: Royal Purple and iridescent pearl tobiano Genetic Traits: Color changing, Ghost shifting, Immortality Trait Genetic Code: tegteg  [COLOR CHANGING...
    Lena Plots 0 771 01-02-2019, 04:51 PM
        Thread: new year, new me; holiday quest
    Post: RE: new year, new me; holiday quest

    I will be taking an appearance trait for this girl! Appearance change: Flowers in mane/tail for Davina Thank you!!
    Lena Mountain Archives 42 7,692 01-01-2019, 05:24 PM
        Thread: need some things
    Post: RE: need some things

    Casmir could hang with my new baby Davina in the playground, they could stir up some trouble or something.
    Lena Plots 7 1,016 12-22-2018, 07:15 PM