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Fear Controls You {Divest} - Vita - 02-11-2020

She had left for a while, years....had it really been that long? The friends she had visited were all grown, just like she was, some even have had kids!

There was one friend she had left that she wanted so desperately to find. Divest, the pale green girl, the sparkling silver and diamonds...she was so full of life when they had last met and in all honesty she wishes she hadn't taken so long to visit her.

Vita uses the wings on her back, rather than her bird form, gliding through the sky. It was a fast trip from one island to another and she gently lands in the heart of the resort, close to the spot she had met Divest last. It was hot, even humid on the resort, she wonders if Divest is used to it.

But thats just her mind wandering, instead she pushes through the heat, quietly trekking through the rather deserted island. Divest! She calls out, her voice is gentle and she didn't care to hide from any other equines that may live here...they all fall under Tephra anyway.

Fear Controls You

@[Divest] so sorry this took forever!

RE: Fear Controls You {Divest} - Divest - 02-12-2020

There had only ever been a few others Divest encountered when growing up. Living on an isolated island, far away from the rustle and bustle of politics and the mainland did that. She had never minded meeting so many few during her childhood, especially when her mother came and went, but she never forgot about Vita and Leilan.

Vita had especially stuck to her memory. She often thought about the winged teal tobiano yearling she had met on her favorite part of the Resort. Instantly, Divest had found herself intrigued about Vita and where she was from. She remembers the once yearling had invited her to visit her home—another tropical island called Ischia. However, she had never gotten around to see her friend’s home.

Time has passed since then. More years than she can imagine. Divest was no longer the gangling pastel filly that pretended she was the queen of the Resort. She was transformed into a mare with a graceful silhouette and harmonious proportions. Her appearance as a young filly had been eye-catching, but many would describe her now as breathtaking.

It was certainly a good guess to come all this way to find Divest. The tropical island was still her home and she frequently stayed on the small island, especially since she came back down from the mountain. Divest wasn’t the only one to call the small island their home now. Blue frequently was found here as well. Anyone else that came was rather a rare sight.

At the sound of her name being called, echoing across the Resort nearby, her ears flicker instantly in registration. Divest glances in the direction she hears the voice coming from. It is soft and gentle, but she recognizes her childhood friend’s voice anywhere.

With one heartbeat, the pastel mare quickly finds her way to the familiar spot she had met Vita. “Vita!?” Divest calls out as she turns around the corner of the island. The spot they had first meet each other was just ahead. Quickly her silver gaze lands onto teal tobiano pegasus. “Vita!” She yells with excitement.

Her pace quickens, powerful strides carry her forward towards the other mare. Excitement quickly lights up her silver eyes and her lips beam with a warm and welcoming expression the closer she comes near Vita. “I can’t believe it’s really you!” She confesses as she stops directly in front of her childhood friend. Divest presses her warm pastel muzzle onto her friend’s neck. “I thought I'd never see you again. Where have you been?” She asks cheerfully and curiously as she pulls away to meet Vita’s gaze.

@[Vita] No worries! I'm happy to get them together again! Smile

RE: Fear Controls You {Divest} - Vita - 02-20-2020


Vita didn't worry about running into someone unfriendly, the resort was a rather quiet land, and she was able to see that from the sky view.

Alas, it did not take long for her to find Divest. The familiar face grows closer, as the green girl quickly recognizes Vita. Excitement was detected in her tone and with a smile Vita quickly meets her.

Divest! she shares the excitement as she reaches the sparkly girl. She offers kind words and presses her muzzle to Vita's neck and Vita didn't hesitate to place her own on the girls shoulder.

Awh, It has been a while, but I thought of you quiet often! Adria leaving Ischia was too much for her to handle...she fled her home and like many of her friends Divest was a grown mare now, not the foal Vita had left behind.

I traveled a lot of beqanna! I have seen it all! from the sky at least...her eyes nearly dazzling from the thought. I live in Tephra now! She leaves out the part that Aedan had asked her to live there...and thats solely why she agreed. How have you been!? You look just as beautiful as I remember. She smiles as she glances to the girls sparkly diamond hooves.

Fear Controls You


RE: Fear Controls You {Divest} - Divest - 02-21-2020

Hearing the two-toned winged mare’s excitement makes her smile ear to ear now. The pastel mare’s joyous expression would widen further if it could. She couldn’t contain the excitement to see an old friend, especially Vita!

Sharing a warmth embrace for a moment fills her heart with comfort. It was not every day that someone came to the island she was not expecting. Vita was surely a pleasant surprise to have considering she only ever sees new faces these days. Most of the time it is just guest visiting their island for business reasons with Ruinam.

“I would be ashamed if you had forgotten about me, Vita!” Divest says with a gleam of humor in her silver eyes. She couldn’t forget about Vita though. When she had met the yearling, she had been fascinated by her. They quickly bonded together, securing a friendship that definitely last throughout the years they had been apart.

Divest takes a moment to look over Vita. Her friend was no longer the long-legged yearling that came to explore her tropical home. While she was no longer the queen of the small central island that they stand on now. Although Divest would beg to differ to that matter still with her friend.

The pastel mare listens with interest as Vita tells her about what she has been up to the last few years. Vita had gone to explore the rest of the world and move to an entirely different place. Divest simply remained the same, still living in the small island. Her recent conversation with Blue (Gale), asking if she will always live in the Resort, comes to mind. Maybe she should see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Her focus snaps back to Vita when she compliments her appearance. A warm laughter of chimes passes through her lips. “Oh, shush!” Divest tells her as she feels a hint of warmth on her pastel cheeks. “It sounds all so wonderful! Tephra must be amazing. I always love to admire the huge volcano from our shores. What is it like over there? Is there actually lava?” Curiosity of Vita’s new life fills her with so many questions.

“As for me, I have been well. Not much as really changed since I last saw you.” Divest considers what her life has been like for a moment. The events are few, but she is fond of the memories. “I explored some of Beqanna a couple years ago for my first time. That was pretty exciting. But I still live here on the Resort. It still quite as ever!” She says with a soft laugh. At least she had Blue here now for some company.


RE: Fear Controls You {Divest} - Vita - 02-28-2020

How could she ever forget the diamond encrusted girl? If Vita hadn't seen her with her own eyes though, she may have not believed this mature mare to be her.

Aside from the equine who lived within the island, it seems not much else had changed. The island was still chilly on this fall day, and the birds still chirped on the trees that surround the island. If you listened hard enough, you could even hear the waterfall roaring.

When Vita mentions her new home in Tephra she notices the sparkle in Divest's eye grow. She wonders if Divest had done any traveling herself, or if she was a poor soul trapped to the island.

Yes! She quickly responds, her thoughts racing back to when Aedan had brought her to the springs. All the slow moving lava they had seen. It's very warm there, you should come visit! We have a hot spring that will warm every bone in your body! She says with a giggle.

Divest continues on, noting that she had in fact traveled beqanna...but still resides in this quiet sanctuary. Vita scans her blue optics around the island before finding Divest once more. Perhaps you will inherit the island, and than you will really be queen! She laughs, remembering the first time they had met and Divest had played the role of queen. Wil you live here forever? She asks, opening the door for her to move to Tephra with her. Had it not been for Aedan she most likely would never have left Ischia.

Fear Controls You


RE: Fear Controls You {Divest} - Divest - 03-24-2020

The two-toned tobiano mare was quick to respond to her question about lava actually being in Tephra. Divest giggles softly at her friend’s enthusiasm. She was happy to see that Vita was enjoying living in the volcano territory.

When Vita mentions what Tephra is like, the pastel mare listens eagerly. “Lava and hot springs, huh?” She says curiously. It certainly sounded grand. Her friend offered her to come for a visit too. “Maybe I should come see Tephra then. I would like to feel every bone in my body warm in these hot springs and see this lava you talk about.” All of it would be new to her, but she definitely liked the idea of travelling after Blue mentioned it. “I did promise I’d come to Ischia before, but it looks like I should come to Tephra for a visit instead.”

Divest laughs as Vita makes a humorous comment about the first time they had met. “Well, that would be something wouldn’t it!” The pastel mare had never thought about inheriting the island. Was that something in her future? The idea certainly sounded strange. Divest never thought of herself leading anyone, or even an entire territory itself!

The question of living on the island forever comes up. Her recent conversation with Blue comes to mind again. “I don’t really know,” she answers again for the second time. The Resort was all she had ever known. “Maybe some day if I am called away or finally get sick of this place!” She adds with a laugh, but the thought of Blue saying he will stay here comes to the forefront of her mind. Divest didn’t want to leave him all alone on the island.