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I wish I could feel it all for you; - Kellyn - 08-14-2019

I wish I could feel it all for you, I wish I could do it all for you

Here lies Kellyn, the girl who walked in time and talked to ghosts.

Second child and only daughter of Cagney, the Brother who walked in time, and Elite, the girl he loved who tried to set the world on fire to impress a dark God.

Raised by her grandfather Brennen, who thought she could be more than her mother. Haunted by her aunt Bethanie and her uncle Sorenson, who tried to mold her into someone who could do good in the world. They all failed.

They might have succeeded if she'd never gone questing for her other grandfather Carnage, the aforementioned dark God, but he has a way of getting to all his offspring. But then again, they wouldn't have been haunting her if she hadn't.

She might have loved Rhonen, if she was less of a coward. She might have loved Ivar, if she was more - or less - sane.

Womb-provider for Cassady, Carwyn, Cleary, Noah, Casimir, and Cygnus. Not truly a mother to any.

In the end she succumbed to Ivar, but died a pleasant death, which is as much as such a girl could ask for.

the girl who walks in time and talks to ghosts
daughter of cagney and elite