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Litotes babies? - phaetra - 02-06-2019

Hi does anyone want Lie babies this season?

It’s in line with a plot. He’s stupid but sweet with a mean streak. Wouldn’t be mean to the baby momma unless that was how they interacted, and would be a part of the child’s life (and would probably insist on it).

Andalusian x Akhal Teke
Silver snow markings that can be rolled for
Companion animal is a sand cat, so if rolled for it would probably have to be something feline.

Also he’s half of the leaders of hyaline. Idk if that tempts anyone more LOL

RE: Litotes babies? - Nyxistaken - 02-12-2019

I’m very tempted to send someone your way...

RE: Litotes babies? - phaetra - 02-12-2019

@[Nyxistaken] i am open to any and all < 3 if you do and want to thread them, they'll have to come to loess while he is in prison :~)

also dont mind me, i'm making a list of bbs he's getting this season

lie x astral
lie x dawn
lie x jackel
lie x agave

RE: Litotes babies? - phaetra - 02-18-2019

hi just a little quick bump for this before breeding season starts : )

RE: Litotes babies? - Nyxistaken - 02-19-2019

Eh I cannot resist, what about a Caelestra and Lie baby?

RE: Litotes babies? - phaetra - 02-19-2019

@[Nyxistaken] fine with me !